Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bursting with NEWS!

I have soOOoo much to tell you.. first, I decided to do the reverse side of the crocheted pillow that I've had in the works for way too long.. the first side is the granny circle that I did a while back and it's been sitting on top of the pillow form so I wanted to get the other side done so I could put it in the trailer for our upcoming "glamping" trip to Waldo Lake.  I am using KnitPicks wool/nylon blend Chroma in the color "Lollipop".  Next photo I show you it will be done.  
And not long ago one of my favorite bloggers and artists, Emma at "Silverpebble" did a giveaway to celebrate her 3rd year of blogging and below are the 4 necklaces she so generously gave away.. and I won the one on the far left.. isn't that NEAT!!  Thank you, Emma!!  You may have read that Lucy from "Attic24" had soooo wanted to win in that drawing and did not win, so she and Emma struck a swap deal where Lucy made Emma a crocheted bag and Emma made Lucy a necklace.  Isn't the blogging and internet world just amazing?  
We got some new plants yesterday, here is the foxglove and we need to get this planted. 
And then.. I feel SOOOOO lucky.. as today I found that I am the winner of the giveaway at my new friend's blog - Shari at "Shari's Crochet".  Look at the great gifts below.. I'm very excited about the bag she crocheted!!  *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* Shari!
And then I wanted to show you my grandson Gabriel as he makes a wish and blows out his candles on his 8th birthday cake.  He loved the toy car and stuffed bear we got for him.
Yesterday I did a volunteer project for the Friends of Vista House - an art review that is held at Rooster Rock State Park, and saw these cool flowers as I left the office.   
Also this huge bush of lavender, you should have seen the bees buzzing around it. 
Here is my handy dandy husband working on the chicken yard enclosure.  We decided to cover it with clear plastic panels to keep the run dry for the chooks.  We're about to make our 3rd run to Home Depot to get more supplies.. the plan has been evolving as he works and getting more complex and time consuming as the hours go by. :-) 
We also got two pots of Crocosmia yesterday.. must get them in the ground... 
I just love these bright red-orange flowers! 
I was out there "helping" Dayle figure out how to build the cover... :-) 
So... our flock got bigger yesterday.  We had planned to get 4.. a Cuckoo Maran which lays dark brown eggs, a Buff Orpington, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and an Ameracauna.  The guy we got the first 3 from did not have the colored Ameracaunas, only a white one.  So, yesterday hubby found 2 Ameracauna's on Craigslist so I made the arrangements and off we headed to Oregon City to meet a woman at 8 pm last night and brought home these two "characters".  They are very pretty and should be laying blue/green eggs!
I'm calling the one below "pouffy head" right now... lol!
I had to photograph this beautiful Stargazer Lily that is blooming in one of our pots.
And last but not least, I want to thank my blog friend Eileen at "Crochet Attic" for nominating me for a "One Lovely Blog Award".  She's a very nice blogger and I hope you check her out.  The way I honor other bloggers is to have them on my "Blog List" - so please do check these out, Eileen's blog is there!

I hope you had a fun weekend!  It's never dull around here, I will say!  Have a great week, my friends!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Congratulations!! I love blogland lol. Beautiful pics again and love the new additions to the family too. Had exciting time with steam train yesterday and blogged about that, much fun for me lol

  2. Congrats on winning the giveaway! That is always fun and unexpected! Looks like the hen house is coming right along!

  3. I love your crocheting! I am going to try to get a pattern and try that myself! Congrats on winning the blog giveaways and as always, I love the pictures of the lovely flowers that grow around your home. Enjoy the coming week.

  4. So much news Teresa! Love those necklaces! I saw the post on Lucy's blog, and went to visit Emma's blog. Lovely creations!
    Happy Birthday to Gabriel! Cute little guy!!!
    LOve the new Hen's quarters! Dayle is so handy. You lucky gal. Looks like they will be all set in no time. Your two new girls are so pretty! Having 5 or 6 hens will keep you and your family in eggs just fine!
    Pretty new flowers!!!
    And such pretties from your blogging friend!!! much going on!!
    XO Kris

  5. Ooh congratulations on winning those lovely giveaways! And on the new chickens, I love the "pouffy head" :-) Gorgeous flowers as always, and I can't wait to see your cushion finished! xxxx

  6. How lovely to win the giveaways.
    I love the sounds of lavender bushes full of bees, I always make the girls stop and listen!
    Great cushion, those colors are full on sunshine.

  7. Congratulations on both your wins, Teresa. Emma was featured in the June issue of Country Living and her work is indeed special.
    Hope the hens settle in quickly and start producing those lovely eggs soon. Can't wait to see pics of the different colours.
    Love the new cushion too.
    Have a good week. x

  8. Teresa~
    I absolutely LOVE the colors you used in your most recent project--they are beautiful together and just speak to me of sunny days, pretty flowers and summer!
    Congrats on your wins--a very talented group of bloggers! Enjoy:)
    Yea--you got them! You will love their beautiful eggs; I always thought the colors on them were very, very nice.
    PS: Saw a lot of wild foxglove and more this weekend when we were on our latest adventure!

  9. What a lot of news you have! And...such a lucky lady to win all those lovely gifts. I think the necklace you won is my favorite of all of those shown.

    I'm so jealous of your chickens. Do you think Corbett is too far away from Spokane for me to drive for fresh eggs? :-)

    Where is Waldo Lake? And do you "glamp" with other ladies or your dear husband? Aren't I just chock full of questions?

    Thanks for a beautiful post of wonderful pictures.



  10. Yikes Teresa, So much happening in your neck of the woods. Where do I begin, I don't know but I love it all!!! New chickens and then eggs how wonderful. I can't way to see the colored eggs. Gifts and birthdays and flowers oh my......Have a great week, I'm on vacation and shouldn't be blogging. I'm being sneaky......xoRobin❤

  11. Hi Teresa, I know you have already gotten this, but I left you something on my blog. You are one of my faves. XOXO

  12. I have been so slack in keeping up with everyone's blog posts recently. Just been reading about all your adventures, and wonderful flowers. I love the new hens, I hope they settle in quickly. And your picture of your crocosmia reminded me that mine is budding for the first time ever, so I'm looking forward to a nice fiery display. Hope you have a wonderful summer, ours is just starting weather wise, and it has been a long, long wait!

  13. I think I can smell that Stargazer lily...right through the monitor!

    And...if that purse you won goes missing...don't come looking at my house. (Just sayin'.) Greeeeeeen with envy, I am! That's adorable!

    And your new family members/characters...I love it. What a fun project!

  14. Hi Teresa, what a lot you have happening at the moment! The new arrivals are very sweet and I'm sure they are settling in well to their new home. Lovely photos of your flowers - I love the bright orange flowers ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  15. Oh you are tooooooooo lucky! Congrats on your wins, those are so lovely giveaways!
    Love all your photos, the flowers are so beautiful!!!
    Love, LS x

  16. Wowsers!!! So much fun to view your news!!! I am so happy you have so much to celebrate!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your joys. I enjoyed them, too!
    Hugs to you from Gracie =)

  17. LoVe your bright crochet cushion, Teresa....such vibrant colours and perfect for summer! Congratulations on winning that lovely necklace by Silverpebble too, what a treat!
    Helen x


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