Friday, July 20, 2012

New Hens & Farm Goodies

We have new hens!  The black one is a Black Copper Maran and lays dark brown eggs.  I've already named her "Hershey".  The Gold one in back is a Buff Orpington which lays a pinkish brown egg.  The one in front is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte which also lays a brown egg. They range from 2 and a half months to 5ish months old.  They begin to lay at around 6 months.  Aren't they cute?  We stopped at a farm stand on the way home and got them a couple of ears of corn as a welcome home treat.  So far they are still recovering from the excitement of the day and are resting.
Their feathers should grow out prettier, they look kind of rough right now.  
Getting to know their new home. 
Who is the human with the camera? 
On the way to meet the chicken seller in Sandy we passed a farm stand so on the way back we stopped and bought the corn, a cantaloupe, 3 zucchinis and these hallocks of fresh picked raspberries from the field behind the stand and some plump juicy Bing cherries.  YUM! 
YUMMY.. and so pretty! 
A little bouquet of our own roses.
We got some rain today.. and boy last night we had a thunder and lightning storm.. hubby and I had the window open in the bay window behind our easy chairs and the room lit up like the 4th of July and BOOOOOOOOM CRASHHHHHH.... it sounded like a cannon went off in the room.  It was the loudest crash of thunder I've heard in my long life.  Quite a storm.
And lo and behold, but last night I actually sold something in my Etsy store!  LOL!  Someone from New York bought one of my crocheted hearts.  I've got it ready to send today.  Do you like my new nail polish?  I love the color.. I did it myself. 
We got some birthday presents for our grandson Gabriel while we were out and we're heading to their house to celebrate.  He's turning 8 years old!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Congratulations on the new chickens! They are so pretty. I can't wait til you begin to get eggs again! Nothing like it, as you already well know.
    Your mani is flawless! You have a very steady hand! I could NOT do that!!!! I do love the polish.
    All of the fresh fruit and veg look and sound wonderful!
    Happy Birthday to the little one! Enjoy the celebration!!!
    PS Yea for the sale!!!

  2. I think I've seen 2 of your hens at a farm store I go to sometimes (or maybe their identical twins--LOL). I bet they are telling each other how they have lucked out to have such a fine house and such good adopted parents (even if one of them has a strange clicking thing in her hand a lot) :)
    Happy 8th birthday to Gabriel--enjoy your celebration.
    PS: I LOVE thunder and lightning storms!

  3. Love your new chickens!! Your pictures are always great. Waiting for my new camera to arrive as old one getting a bit off. Going to be taking shots of 2 steamtrains coming my way on sunday so hope old camera does not let me down.
    Beautful nails, wont show mine lol. And neat re your heart ♥♥

  4. The new chickens are gorgeous!!!!

  5. That is some lucky chickens!! What a nice home! Love the nail polish..I am not that brave..I keep mine clear... but not my toes! Always have to have a pedi!!

  6. Ah, nice to see the girls have arrived!

  7. Love yr nail color n the chickens too.own hey look so happy in their new home! How fun to sale something on yr etsy's so encouraging. My daghter's name is Gabriella ! Like yr grandson's ':)

  8. Such happy chickens in their lovely new home! Congratulations on your Etsy sale :-) xxxx

  9. Your chickens are lovely Teresa....they already look very much at home!
    Beautiful cherries and raspberries too...I am off to buy some myself this afternoon as I'm baking with my girls....
    Your table looks so pretty with your roses decorating it and congratulations on your ETSY sale...there will be a very happy recipient.
    Wishing you a happy birthday weekend celebrating with Gabriel!
    Susan x

  10. Well...YAY! Yay for pretty new hens and double yay for selling something in your Etsy store! I keep toying with the idea and everyone around me is encouraging me to open a store...I just keep dragging my feet. I continue to believe that it's just so hard to be seen on Etsy. There are so many crafters selling beautiful things...ugh...I just don't know! The thunder and lightning...that seems to be a topic of conversation for many of my friends this week. From family in Oregon, to friends in Nashville, to you and me...we've all been feeling the effects of wicked summer storms. My all time lifelong loudest thunder was a couple of summers ago. The lightning quite literally hit the tree across the street, cracked it down the middle and sent pieces of that tree flying in every direction. The thunder was, as you can imagine with its proximity, instantaneous! Things fell off my mantle, shelves fell off the was terrifying! My little dog was the most affected by the whole situation. She hasn't been ok with storms since. =( Have a good weekend! Hugs, Annette

  11. Hooray for a sale, and those gorgeous hens. I swear if I ever become a hen I would like to live with you or Kris, you are both doting hen Mother's. 8 is the best age in the world, they are still sweet as can be and old enough to really have a wonderful relationship with. Have a great time.

  12. Mrs. Teresa, your new hens are beautiful! I would love to have chickens but I'm just not allowed. (I wonder if my mom would let me put a chicken run at her house? Hmm probably not.)

    Also, your farm stand finds...OH MY they are lovely and yummy looking!

  13. I adore your sweet new ladies! I have always wanted I count you as one very blessed gal. Your red heart is so lovely! Thank you for always leaving me such sweet comments to read. xoxoxo

  14. Your new chickens look so lovely in their pretty painted house! Love your photos of the bright fruits too, and the sweet red crochet heart.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Teresa!
    Helen x

  15. Congrats on the new chickens and your Etsy sale!!! I love how you painted the chicken house!!! and the look of your new laptop! that'll be fun!

  16. At last I'm able to get in to say hello here. Had so much trouble yesterday I gave up. Anyway, your new hens look adorable - so pretty, and having beautiful fresh laid eggs again will be wonderful. Their new home is a credit to Dayle. Your pictures of the fruit and flowers are great - wish I had your talent in the photography department !! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xoxox

  17. A quick catch up not quite back to daily blogging yet.
    The garden and flowers look fabulous as ever, sorry to hear about yur hen loss and hope the new hens and house are safer in their new home
    Love that little heart too
    Hugs X

  18. Hello Teresa...I have an award for you on my blog..go check it out when you have a minute!
    Eileen :)

  19. Hi Teresa, I have a little surprise for you...go check it out on my blog :) Taci

  20. FAB hens,nails,flowers and that fruit is delicious-looking. Also, did you know you've won a giveaway over at Shari's blog. Congratulations and have a good week, Teresa.x


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