Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Laptop & Banty Roosters

So... I'm the techie of the two of us.  When a new Apple product comes out, I get the "wanties".  Hubby has the dubious distinction of getting my "last best thing".  :-)  He's happy with that.  So, please don't think I'm a meanie when I get the new "toy" and he gets my old one.  OK?  Now that THAT is settled... hubby's laptop has been giving him a bit of trouble, such as being slow and taking a long time to shut down.  And then I had heard of a new MB - which had the new "Retina Display".  I didn't think much of it.. but then my friend Gracie from the blog "One Saylor's Log" told me of the troubles she'd been having with her old laptop, so being the helpful blog "mentor" that I am I said.. "You need a new MacBook laptop!".  
SO...... I started doing some research for GRACIE... and saw the NEW MB... and the "wanties" went into full raging force!  So... I discuss the issue with dear husband Dayle.. and he seemed amazingly positive about it all.. so I email Gracie and say, do you want to meet hubby and I for lunch and then go on to my favorite Apple retailer.. "MacPac" tomorrow?  Oh yes, she goes.. yay.. wheeee!  A girl after my own heart.  :-)
So, we go to lunch at Francis Xavier's and have a nice salad and Gracie and Dayle get to know each other.. and I go.. ok ok.. let's go!  LOL!  Gracie followed us to MacPac and we went in and I introduced her to my old buddies there.  They know me.. well.. we go over and look at the new machines and it has the new operating system called Lion on it and Mountain Lion is coming out very soon and we'll get it for free.. and I go.. I'll take THAT one while Dayle looks helplessly on.. :-D.. and Gracie goes.. I'll take THAT one.. and Tom writes us up.. and they come in next week.  More talking and looking went on but that was the condensed version.  Oooooooooh BOY!  Now to wait!
I'll let you know how it goes when the box arrives.   
When I got home from swimming the two littlest grandsons were here with grandpa while our son and DIL helped out her parents with a project.  They were climbing up on the chicken house so I snapped this photo of our two little "Banty Roosters".  They also were climbing over the 6 foot fence that grandpa was securing for the new chicken yard.  This time our chicken housing and run will be VERY safe.  

One of my blog friends, Pammy Sue, over at "Scotty's Place" just had back surgery, please keep her in your good thoughts.  She just finished a gorgeous shawl.. check it out on her blog.  I was so inspired by it that I just ordered 4 skeins of that yarn, I love how hippie colorful it is!  

We just talked to a guy with the kinds of chickens we're looking for.  I'll let you know what we do.  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  We have the luxury of no plans.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa, you make me laugh, and I love Gracie. I just sent her sugar free, gluten free and dairy free recipes. I hope she tries them. I bought Mr. 18 year old a MacbookPro when we were at his orientation. It has all the bells and whistles needed for school. He was thrilled. The boys look so happy helping Grandpa out.

  2. Well told story, Teresa! I sat here and truly laughed out loud at several parts of the story...enjoying the fun we had all over again =). Waiting is hard!!!!!!!!! I am going to have my family look at all your posts about how you are setting up the chicken house/run. Hosting hens is high on my want list, but I need fellow hosts on board with the plan to make it happen. That I want hens is my parents' fault I am certain since they started my life on Flying Feather Chicken Farm =) I am going to check out your latest yarn project at Pammy Sue's blog and will be praying she makes a speedy recovery.
    Hugs to you from Gracie <3

  3. One word. SPOILED..ok, I'll make it too. SPOILED ROTTEN. You are one lucky gal. I can't wait to see what fun you will have with this new gadget. Word from Pammy is she is doing pretty well, but my have a rough week this week. Her leg is already feeling better which is the good news. Hey, don't/didn't you just love that shawl and it's colors. Time for some DASH diet fixin's here.

  4. Lucky things! My Apple laptop has served me well for several years, we are big Apple fans in this house as well.

  5. Oh I'm so jealous! I can just see you and Gracie and your poor hubby! I would have liked to be there for the show. I tried so many times to post this past week and my iphone just plain wouldn't cooperate. No internet service so the ipad was not an option. I can't wait to see whay you two do with the new computers.

    And your chicken coop! It's so cute. I'm jealous of that too! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend Teresa.



  6. You make me laugh. Wish I lived closer, you could teach me a few things about computers. Lol. And chickens. Talk to you soon. XOXO

  7. HAHAHA Love the grandbabies on the chicken coop! My lil ones would be in it, especially Noodle she would have her blankie and a book in with her. Shooting over to Pammy Sues blog now. Hugs!

  8. You are so funny! I am loving your laptop! You know..I just got a new one myself but it's not a Macbook Pro..I am really wanting one of those myself..does that sound terrible since I just got just a simple Gateway laptop computer? I know, I could get the macpro for myself and give this one to my daughter..yeap...sounds good to me... Hope your friend has a speedy recovery...will say a little prayer for her tonight...Kids look cute hanging around the chicken coop!

  9. LOL Teresa .. I can relate to you and your 'wanties' but I don't think I'll run out an buy a new computer. Well, not today anyway !! Actually I was going away for a few weeks this time last year and bought a new laptop to take with me - used it lots in the 3 weeks and its just been sitting in its bag ever since. I feel a bit bad about that and am thinking I should get it out and at least let the battery run down or something ?? Your new MB looks ever so 'flash'.. so thin. Those little boys of yours are such little imps - the chook house is looking good. Have a great weekend of relaxation. xoxox

  10. I hope you get our computer soon . I made a table cover/ center with the same yarn even same color and I love it! You can see it in my lg ! I'll blog about it soon! Feel better.

  11. Love your henhouse, Teresa. How exciting about your new MacBook. We've recently treated ourselves to an iPad and the retina display is just fabulous. Digital photos look amazing. Have fun!
    Hen x

  12. I am not too computer savvy Teresa! I have never used Apple products at all......I have a Samsung smart phone and tablet and the home computer is over 8years old! Your wantie looks cool. Love how the chicken house is coming along..looking forward to seeing to seeing the new occupiers! Have a great weekend, we are just tying up last wedding bits....8 days to go now!
    Jane x

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  15. Love your "Banty Roosters!" You and your "wanties!" I am so jealous! Have a great weekend!

  16. I was hooting with laughter at this post! Your enthusiasm is infectious! My son has a MacBook Pro and I have to tell you, it's very lovely!!He was selling his old one but I couldn't afford to buy it!!!Lucky you and Gracie getting brand spanking new ones! Love the pics of the little 'uns......boys and climbing go together!Have a good weekend, Teresa.
    ps have you done anything with that lovely handspun which used to be in your header?

  17. Now aren't you just so sweet to mention me here? I'm doing great! I love your new chickens. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say. Heh-heh.) But I do, and I know you had your heart broken with the last bunch gone missing so maybe these will help your heart heal. And how exciting to get new new computers. You're a lucky girl!


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