Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue Skies & Lighthouses

My weather App had predicted a sunny day for Dayle's birthday - and as we peeked out our caravan window from the cozy bed we were delighted to see blue sky over a calm ocean for as far as the eye could see.  In late October.  In Oregon!  :-)  After we all had our morning coffee, our plan was to meet up with Shirley, John and sister Denise and go to see our beloved Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  What a perfect day for a visit!
We arrived there at 11:30 am and enjoyed a walk around the lighthouse and looking over the cliff on the oceanside to watch a group of pelicans diving for fish.  A period dressed lighthouse keeper (interpretive volunteer) was walking along and I asked him if he was going to open the LH for us to see inside and he was, at noon.  :-)
I saw a V of Canada Geese flying overhead and quickly snapped this photo, hoping I caught the birds in the lens.. and I did! 
Here is the big rock island right off the point.  This and the coast is what the sailors were being warned not to hit by the lighthouse! The rock is a sanctuary for many breeds of sea birds, we saw several Cormorants.  In the past I'd seen a Puffin here!
This is the view South towards Newport, Oregon from the LH.  I love seeing the sun sparkle off of water. 
The Lighthouse Keeper is welcoming us to come in. 
I snapped this photo of the date above the door - 1872. 
The keepers office. 
These are the containers in the Oil Room. 
A beloved Lighthouse. 
The keeper telling us historical facts. 
I love this shot up through the spiral staircase to the top. 
The beautiful crystal lens in the top of the LH. 
On the north side is this great rock outcropping that has a tunnel worn through it, do you see it?
As we headed out we pulled off and I got this shot of the LH and ocean beyond.  :-) 
We then drove through the historic Nye Beach area of Newport and on to our lunch destination - Georgie's Grill.  It's a very good restaurant that is right on the ocean.  We all had a delicious lunch and just chatted away and had the best time.  After lunch we took everyone to see Newport's 2nd LH - Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.   
This is the view from the lighthouse parking area. 
Looking to the left, you see the picturesque Yaquina Bay Bridge.  We have sailed our boat  under this bridge several times out into the Pacific Ocean while we had our sailboat moored at Embarcadero Marina for one summer years ago. 
We then drove over that bridge and South to visit a glass blowing shop.  After that, Shirley, John & Denise bid us adieu and headed back to Portland.  Dayle and I visited one other glass blowing shop where I snapped this photo of some colorful glass floats they'd made.
I was very very tempted to get one of these pumpkins for my Fall decor collection, but alas, did not. 
Dayle and I then drove down into the Historic Bay Front and I snapped this shot of the Coast Guard Station from our moving car.. love my Lumix!   
We *always* drive down to the commercial fishing yard and snap this photo - I never get tired of it, I hope you won't either. :-) 
We then drove down to the Embarcadero Hotel and Dayle hopped out of the truck to snap this photo of the marina we spent a whole summer in, we were at the end of that 2nd dock and Dayle would catch crabs off the dock by our boat and cook them for me in the boat galley.  I'll never forget the breakfast he made me one time - he buttered and grilled an onion bagel then spread it with cream cheese and covered that with a thick layer of fresh cooked Dungeness crab.  :-D 
Some of the sea lions that hang out in the bay front. 
Here is our collection of agates from this trip.  They are tiny, but pretty.  Dayle found these on the beach right here in front of our caravan.
I will leave you with a shot of Buddy.  We are beginning to pack up to head home.  Dayle does the outside stowing and I do the inside.  
I hope you've enjoyed visiting the Oregon Coast with us!  See you on the flip side!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a lovely post Teresa, I really enjoyed being part of your trip without the travelling! You had such gorgeous weather..wonderful.Have a safe journey home,
    Jane x

  2. You have sure shared some beautiful photos of your travels these past several days. I have to admit that my very favorite one is of your sweet dog lying on your lovely blanket.
    Hugs, Susanne :)

  3. Wonderful photos as always, Teresa. Thank you!

    Abi x

  4. Loved, loved, loved all the photos. You have some very beautiful scenery near you. How wonderful that is. What a great day for Dayle's birthday. Be safe going home.


  5. What gorgeous and fun pictures! I enjoyed them so much. I haven't read any blogs in the last couple of days at least. I'll have to go see what else you've posted! Hope y'all had a great time!

  6. I meant to tell you that picture of Buddy is great too! Love your blanket underneath him. :)

  7. Wow!!! That blue sky is so amazing. We also enjoy both of those lighthouses but have never managed to be there when the keeper was there. I've never heard of Georgie's, but maybe we can check it out sometime. I'm glad you have had a wonderful week at the coast. Be safe driving back home Teresa.


  8. thank you teresa and dayle and buddy for sharing your lovely trip with us...what glorious weather and sites...have a safe trip home and we will definitely read your news on the "flip side"...hugs all-around, deci

  9. Thanks so much my dear friend for spectacular photos, amazing scenery, mouth watering descriptions of food, beautiful lighthouses, and crystal clear water moments...This trip was awesome even though I was not present! ") Have a safe trip home, love Shari!

  10. Teresa!!! Thank you. Have you ever been moved to tears because someone was able to share their appreciation of beauty with you in such a way that joy welled up within you and overflowed. I am sitting here in that state. I am grateful for your giftedness, and your willingness to use it in such wonderful ways so that we can enjoy life with you.
    xxx from your friend Gracie

  11. I love your photo's so much...thank you for taking us along on your adventures. :)

  12. Teresa,
    I always learn so much when I am here to visit! Today was no exception! Your photos are stunning. You really do have an artists eye! I would have loved to have gone inside that light house. The ocean photos are spectacular! I have always thought the coastline of CA,WA and OR is magnificent! Such beauty!
    I am glad Dayle's birthday turned out to be such a great day! You always have the best adventures!!
    XO Kris

  13. I've enjoyed the trip to the Oregon Coast so much! If I ever get to the US, Oregon is on top of my list! :-) Have a safe drive home xxxx

  14. How lovely, what a Happy Birthday. Reading this post it made me think your Grandchildren would love the book 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' by Ronda Armitage and David Armitage...there must be a copy on Ebay. You would love it too. xxx

  15. What a beautiful trip, so glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Welcome home.

  16. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics and memories! ~Hugs, Patti

  17. We have a glass pumpkin very similar to the ones you show. Our daughter got it for us last year. Lovely photos of the lighthouse.

  18. Oh how lovely...I really do love this area...have been here many times. Thank you so much for sharing the jOY..xoxo

  19. What a lovely set of posts Theresa, fabulous scenery and that little dog is adorable.

  20. What a wonderful birthday celebration. Sounds and looks like lovely times indeed and perfect weather to boot. I've never been to Oregon -- sure is a beautiful place. Best wishes as you settle in back home. Tammy

  21. I like the new look of your blog and your header, too. :)

  22. Wonderful photos, as always! I really enjoy them! So glad you had a wonderful trips to such a wonderful place! :)
    Hugs to you,

  23. I love the blue sky in the Lighthouse Keeper shot. Just beautiful.

  24. Just catching up on your lovely posts, Teresa! I so enjoyed the lighthouse photos, they are stunning!
    Helen x

  25. When I was younger, I had dreams of living in a light house. Such a romantic child.....


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