Sunday, October 28, 2012

Molten Glass

When we got home from our trip, I couldn't forget the pretty handblown glass pumpkins that I passed up.. so I remembered that there is a little glass shop on the property of McMenamin's Edgefield - a wonderful place not far from us in Troutdale.  It was the old poor farm and also an "old folks home".  Now it's a winery and brewery and restaurant and inn and gardens and convention place and.. you get the idea.  I gave the glass blowers a call and they had a few pumpkins there.  So, in the midst of a cold downpour, my long-suffering husband accompanied me there so I could get one. :-)
When we arrived the glass blower was working on a project, so I snapped some photos with my iPhone.. I would love to try this one day. 
They had kindly set all the pumpkins behind the counter for me to choose from.  Here is a bowl of paperweights.  I just love the sparkly swirly iridescent colors! 
Hand blown Christmas ornaments. 
Lampshades and bowls. 
Wine corks! 
And here are the 3 little beauties that came home with me. :-)  One is a gift.. shhh.. don't tell.
Well.. I have some bad news.. when we arrived home on Friday there was a casualty in the hen house.  Beyonce, the Ameracauna hen, had passed away.  We have no idea why, as no predator had gotten in the well-protected enclosure.  I did a Google search and many people have had un-explained losses of young healthy chickens.  The only way to find out for sure is an autopsy and those are expensive.  I just hope it's nothing that will affect the other girls.  Wish us luck on this.  

OK, better subject, we're off to spend the afternoon with our 2 sons and their families.  This will cheer me up.  I've been down in the dumps since we returned.  I hope you are having happy times today and for the coming week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Sorry to hear about the chicken Teresa :-(. Hope you have fun with the family.

  2. Oooo, I love blown glass and your pumpkins are amazing!So beautiful! Sorry to hear about your chicken that is some sad news she was so pretty! Take care,hugs Shari!

  3. What beautiful glass creations! Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your chicken. Hope you feel more upbeat after time with family! Enjoy the week ahead.

  4. Oh. I am sad about Beyonce's death, too....I appreciate all the more that you made the effort to show us such beautiful photos of the glass! I love the wonderful colors and the way light interacts with the glass. I am amazed each time I watch a glass blower. One time Louis and I were able to tour the Corning Glass Co. in NY and see so many fascinating
    pieces of glass. I hope you are able to try to form some yourself, too! Wishing you and yours a happy week. xxx from Gracie

  5. Glass blowing is so beautiful! Those items for sale are gorgeous. I really like the iridescence/sparkle of the paperweights and the bottle stoppers :) So pretty! On the other hand, I'm very sorry to hear about Beyonce. I hope your other hens will be okay! Try to keep your chin up and enjoy the time with your family!

  6. Dear Teresa-my condolences on losing Beyonce. Isn't it crazy how we get attached to our animals? Even chickens. I'm hopeful that nothing else will affect your other girls.

    On a brighter note, the glass blowing is fabulous. What gorgeous swirly colors! Your pumpkins are so pretty.

    Have a wonderful evening friend. I hope the time with your boys helped.

  7. I am so sorry you lost Beyonce. I know how that goes, and it is frustrating, and sad. That blown glass is lovely. I so wish I had bought some when I was in Italy.
    Hope you find yourself feeling better tomorrow.

  8. I'm so sorry about Beyonce. I know we get so attached to our animals they r a part of our lives...hope you feel better soon. I bet seeing your family helped you. Feel better soon ! :) The pumpkins are beautiful!

  9. Sorry to hear about your Beyonce. Hope you feel better and have lots of fun. Beautiful creations on the glass blowing!

  10. Poor Beyonce, sad news to come home too. hugs x

    Love the glass, recent visit to a glass blower myself, i didn't buy anything 'cos I couldn't make my mind up and choose one from all the beautiful works of art, so hard unless you know exactly what you want.
    Hope you had a great time with your sons and families
    Hugs x

  11. Lovely glass pumpkins, I too love watching glass blowing being done and seeing the colourful results. So sorry about the poor chicken, hope you are not too sad and the other chickens are ok.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  12. So sorry to hear about Beyonce, she lived a good life at your place that is for sure. Love the pumpkins and I don't think Dayle is long suffering from having to take you to a fantastic place to get really unique pumpkins.
    Hugs to you both,

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your chicken. I hope the others remain healthy and happy!

    As for that hand blown glass...I love the paperweights!!! I actually have a piece that was handed down to us by my husband's dad. It is a hand blown swan that hubby's dad had given to hubby's grandmother. It was actually a set but one swan was broken in a move long ago before I even know them lol.

  14. Sorry for Beyonce, the pretty one.

    It's the full moon today and all the feelings are stronger.
    So be a little bit depressed is probably normal, I wish you and for every one that it won't be for a long time !
    Happy Halloween with your grandchildren and all the family.
    Read you.

  15. Those glass pumpkins are absolutely beautiful. That is such a talent that I don't understand how they do that. Sorry about your Beyonce.


  16. I have always loved coloured glass. My favourite piece in this post is the bowl on the right of the fifth picture...beautiful. I also adore your Pumpkins. My Halloween ornaments tend to sit on display all year round! I think I really should box them away this year and they should all come out on the first of October. I am sorry to hear about need the excitement of another couple now in the Spring. One of mine has not been laying for months and another has gone ridiculously broody and stopped laying! Four is Maxed out in my garden! lol (((Hugs))) enjoy the tranquility around the farmhouse...before the busy holiday season. xxx

  17. Oh, it would be so lovely to have those lamp shades in my house. Have you ever seen the work of Dale Chihuly? Crazy talented's his site...your love it!

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