Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Girl's Lunch at Singer Hill Cafe

Today I met up with my 2 sisters and friend Shirley for a Girl's Lunch at a place that was touted in one of my recent reads of either Sunset magazine or The Oregonian's "Arts & Entertainment".  So, I got this lunch set up and we all met here to check it out.  It was a fun place with good food, a gallery atmosphere with things on display and for sale and the most INTERESTING growing things!  Case in point, the sign you see below is on the outsie and it's all done with living plants!
We all had sandwiches and some salad and it was all good.  But mostly we enjoyed hearing news from each other and catching up on things.  My older sister, Bird, gave us each these funny masks and we had to put them together with glow sticks.. aren't we a funny bunch of ladies?  We posed in front of this whole wall INSIDE with growing tropical plants and ferns on it.  I gave my sister Denise her birthday gift.. she was born on HALLOWEEN!  She loved her handblown glass pumpkin.  
After lunch we went to the gallery area and looked at all these amazing quilts..  
I loved this one with the purple flowers... 
The flowers close up are gorgeous. 
The one below is Oneonta Gorge, I've told you about this wonderful place before. 
They also had several displays of beautifully hand-made artisan jewelry. 
The gallery area with the restaurant part beyond. 
We walked outside in this great courtyard area with all kinds of water gardens and several more wall-mounted gardens.   
Here is another shot of the indoor wall garden.  How cool is this? 
I'm home now and enjoying our warm little farmhouse, my dog on my lap. Watching the news coverage on TV, I want to send healing thoughts and good wishes to all those people who were affected by the huge storm that hit the East Coast yesterday and overnight.  What a disaster!  Also - get out there and vote!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Don't you ladies look dazzling! Nothing like a girls afternoon out and about. The place looks so fun with the garden walls and gallery. Love the quilts and jewelry. Sandy hit us but we had just a bad wind/rain storm, NOT hurricane conditions here, we were very lucky. BUT it's still raining. New Jersey shore and NYCity got hit the hardest.
    Rest up for your next adventures, xoRobin❤

  2. Definitely an interesting and fun place :) I have never seen such creative plantings before and the quilts are amazing! This morning I was able to FaceTime with my oldest son and family who live in Bayside, NY. Their block still had power and they just had a little damage to one window screen although they were close to the the areas that were hardest hit by Sandy and his business in Manhattan is closed until transportation is sorted out. My youngest son in NJ texted us this morning to say he is fine, too, and was told his power might be restored by midnight. I am grateful they are all safe, but concerned for all those who are suffering...[I voted today, Teresa :)] xx from Gracie

  3. OH....MY...GOODNESS! Those quilts are truly amazing. True talent especially the one of the waterfall....G O R G E O U S!!! You all look so cute in your mask. What a fun day. Glad you are back home all snug a warm...it's very cold here, finally, I was sick of the "hot" weather. I am to sending out best wishes for all of the ones affected from that storm...it sounds all to familiar to me as we went through that not to long ago. God be with all of them! love Shari!

  4. What a wonderful day ... Love the glasses and the quilts are beautiful! Happy birthday to your sister!!!

  5. Oh Gosh! Wonderful quilts!!! I hardly believe it's handmade! AMAZING!!!
    Love your glasses, so cute and bet you had a lots of fun together!
    Hugs to you,
    LS x

  6. Happy birthday to your sister Denise! Absolutely love the quilts, and the artisan jewelry would have been difficult to resist for me ;-) Happy Halloween! xxxx

  7. What an incredible place...you always seem to show incredible places!! Love the wall gardens...and...what can I say about the masks "Wonderful is not the word!" Have a good day. Joan

  8. Happy Birthday to your sister, she shares it with my son David. Lovely place to have lunch. I am sure the OSU stands for Ohio State, just kidding. Happy Halloween.

  9. You do find the most interesting places to go Teresa!! I loved the planted walls! Happy Birthday to your sister. I am sure she loved the pumpkin!!!
    Beautiful quilts, and I loved the masks!!
    XO Kris

  10. What a fun place for lunch...and you all look so stylish with your glasses on! I waved to you as I drove past the Corbett exit yesterday on my way back to Portland. My, it was raining!!!! I arrived soggy, but safe and sound to spend more time with little Piper. She's not doing very well and Mom needs some moral support and practical help, (housework, etc,)

    Oh yes, I voted too, before I left home just I case I don't get home by next week. Hubby and I dropped off our ballots Sunday morning before church.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Hello Teresa...Oh my, you do have so much fun!...this has been such an entertaining post and you do visit the most lovely places...you are so lucky too having your lovely sisters to keep you company...
    Keep warm and safe,
    Susan x

  12. What a great time you had, love those living walls!


    PS love your new header, candy corn is just so yummy, but we struggle to get hold of it over here.

  13. 'Funny ladies' are the best ladies is my opinion! xxx If a cat is born on Halloween it is called a Bramble Kitten. i think it is cool to have your birthday at Halloween. I am still trying to work my way through a large bowl of Pumpkin Puree. I have made Pies, cookies and even added it to Mashed Potato (with Roast Garlic, Yum keep the vampires away). The cafe looked a great place and I loved the quilts. xxx

  14. What a cool place! You know, I can almost tolerate "OK" food if the atmosphere is top notch...love the glasses!

  15. That looks like a very cool restaurant and gallery. The art quilts are so beautiful. And the use of plants everywhere is wonderful! Have a great weekend. Tammy


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