Monday, January 14, 2013

Vintage Lace and Snowflakes

My daughter-in-law, Kristi, gave me a bag of lace items that she inherited from her Grandmother.  While working on my office over the weekend I opened the bag to look through what she'd given me and found 4 wonderful vintage hand knit and crocheted doilies.  I gave them a hand wash in the sink and then stretched them out flat on a towel to dry them.  They are beautiful!  I wanted to share them with you - this first one is knitted.  I've never had a knitted one.  
I am fascinated with the pinwheel design in the center! 
The second one is a nice oblong centerpiece or dresser scarf done in crochet. 
This is a smaller, round crochet one - they are all done with tiny thread and a fine needle, very fine work! 
I think they will all look very nice on my baby grand piano!  They will all find a very nice home here.
This one amazes me!  All those pinwheels.. isn't it something? 
I wonder.. who made these?  I'll have to ask Kristi if she can find out more information on them. 
Thank you, Kristi! 
A close up of the swirliness. 
I laid them all out on my lace tablecloth so you could see the different sizes. 
It's been snowing here all day.. tiny, icy flakes.  I went ahead and drove in to Portland to attend my DAR meeting (Daughters of the American Revolution).  Our speaker, Kate, gave a compelling presentation about the Declaration of Independence - and how all the signors realized that they very well could be signing their death sentence.  How they were hunted down and their families were captured and tortured and most if not all of them lost their fortunes.  I learned a lot today.  
And now, I am happily sitting with my dear husband by the fire and am writing to you. :-)
I called hubby to tell him I was on my way home - and told him that our luncheon was a cold salad on a very cold day and we both suggested at the same time that we go to dinner at Tad's Chicken n' Dumplin's.  :-)  Yay!  I hope you are warm and happy where you are.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow. Once you know what it take to make one of these, they become all the more beautiful. Stay warm and your dinner sounds perfect for a Monday night.

  2. Those are amazing. My Grandmother made quite a few dollies, I have several, I am thinking a post is in my future. Interesting about the Declaration, not info I knew about. Have a wonderful, warm, yummy dinner.
    Hugs to you,

  3. What beautiful doilies- isn't it sad that the young people now don't use them? I think they look very elegant. Always great to go out for a meal - hope you enjoyed it.xoxox

  4. Beautiful doilies. I've never seen a knitted one either.

  5. I miss eating at Tad's.

  6. Oh...You are so lucky!!! How beautiful are those doilies!!!
    I know you will find just the perfect place for each one of them. Hope you are warm and cozy this evening,
    xoxo, Shari!

  7. Neat doilies! Lucky girl. They look so pretty on your table. Can't wait to see the crazy cat.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful! I love crocheted items--especially in white or light ivory! Enjoy them:)
    Ahhh! I am always worried about taking my DSLR outside in these sub freezing temps so I'm happy to see your photos of the beauty to be found there!

  9. Your doilies are beautiful-I especially like the swirly one. I crochet lots of doilies but have never knitted one. I may have to try that soon.

    It took Mandy over an hour to get from I-5 to the Clakamas mall exit in 205 this afternoon. I hope you didn't get caught in that traffic. I have to say, I much prefer Spokane over Portland for drivability. Now if we could just stop getting so much snow!


  10. My neighbor's sister lives up in Canada and she came down when we were having a bazaar and offered up some of her knitted dolls for sale. She also had knitted doilies. Amazing. I bought one and now wish I had bought a few more.
    Of course, at that same bazaar, my other neighbor's girls offered up some of their crocheted doilies in teal/turquoise-varigated thread and I bought some of those too.

    Glad you got snow. We had floaty things down here. No snow clouds and it didn't smell like snow either. Just weird floaty things.

    Hope you ate well at Tad's Dumplings and didn't hit any ice.

  11. Amazing and sooo beautiful...every photo, Teresa. Thanks for making the time to post. We had lovely little flurries over here today, too. So glad you were able to enjoy Tad's again... and I am looking forward to seeing your latest crocheted creature : )

  12. How nice of Kristi to gift you some of those lovely doilies!
    It has been SO cold here too! We have ice in the morning, and it is breaking records!!!
    Hope you two enjoyed your chicken and dumplings!!!
    Stay warm!
    xo kris

  13. Teresa,
    Don't you just love vintage doilies??? I have quite a stash of them myself!!

    Yours are lovely!


  14. Chicken and dumplings sounds so good to me right now....our weather outside is frightfully cold! Those doilies are just beautiful!!

  15. The doilies are beautiful Teresa. I have a few different sorts. We had snow yesterday and it is very cold here. Chicken and dumplings sounds yummy and great for this cold weather. Take care. Love Anne x

  16. Good morning Teresa, what lovely doilies;as you say it would very interesting to find out who made them. Keep snug, we had our first dusting of snow yesterday,
    Jane x

  17. Very pretty. I like that last swirly one. Very unique. When my uncle did our family tree, he found out that I could be a member of the DAR. He did a whole book on our geneaology (he was married to my dad's sister) but since they've both passed away and my dad no longer speaks to me, I have no idea where all that information is. Interesting stuff to say the least. Sending warm hugs and wishes your way, Tammy

  18. Funny how I once thought of these little doilies as old fashioned and outdated! I collect them now... mostly from the thrift stores which makes me sad because someone lovingly made these and they end up being tossed :( But at least I can "save a few".


    PS love that knitted one too :)

  19. Wow, your lace is beautiful! I've heard all about Tad's chicken and dumplings but have never been. I think a need to change that! :) Happy, snowy day to you!

  20. Chicken and Dumplin's.....great comfort food! I hope your find out some info on the lace items. They are so beautiful.

  21. Those doilies are gorgeous. I've always been fascinated by them. I eventually want to be able to knit one. We've finally gotten back to more seasonable temps around here but still no snow. *sigh* Would you send some my way?

  22. Such pretty doilies Teresa. My mom used to make lots of them. All in different colors. So pretty. Such a vintage pieces. Hope you are staying warm there. We have been freezing here. :)


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