Friday, March 8, 2013

Glorious Weather!

We are having a run of gorgeous weather!  There is not a cloud in the sky and it's warm!  Wheeee!  I returned home from a Portland Women's Forum meeting yesterday and enjoyed a "yard safari" - walking about and enjoying the sunshine.  Isn't it fun when you see something coming up in a pot that you forgot you put there?  Here is a returning Primrose, and pushing up next to it is a Hyacinth!  
See?  BLUE SKY!  :-)
New Chicken UPDATE!  Here is Betsy Ross.  The poor new girls are completely being bullied by the old group of 4 hens.  They have been hiding out in the coop since we got them.  I insisted that Dayle put some water in the coop for them, but he thinks they need to come down to eat out of the feeder that hangs below the coop.  Yesterday we staged an intervention - he shooed the new girls out of the coop and then spread cracked corn down for the old girls and we blocked the old ones from the feeder and the new girls ate like crazy.  Dayle put a wood pallet up against the building to provide some shelter and a place for the chickens to climb on.. the new girls climbed up to the top to get away from the "mean girls".  
On the right is Bella - she has a grey tail which I love - Bella is the name of the heroine from the Twilight series and it's set in grey Oregon and Washington so I thought it would be a great name for a grey tailed hen.  Right?  Do you see the funny feathers pouffing out of her cheeks?  That's the Ameracauna trait.  And green legs. 
Another returning Primrose.  That color just blows me away.
You know it's nice weather when the fish come out from hiding.. and eat.  Here are our 5 fish.. 3 pond fish and 2 koi.  The koi have gotten HUGE!
As of yesterday this is the daffodil in our yard that is closest to opening - I think it might be in full bloom today, what do you think? 
Here is Flipper - he's my favorite of the 2 koi, with more gold on him. 
Our neighbor has 2 horses in the pasture next door.. do you see this one?  I called to him and he raised his head from grazing.   
See all the daffodils?  Hurry up, kids!
I think we need to pull some moss out of the waterfall.. oh HONEY? 
Dayle was outside watching the chickens and came to the back door and told me to bring the camera.. the woods were bathed in alpen glow..  
The orange light on the big birch tree bark. 
Our 80-100 foot tall Douglas Fir trees in our woods. 
 Pretty pinkie-orange cloud.
Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hills, from the sky.  All is well, safely rest.  God is nigh.
It's another sunny day here - and I am heading off soon for lunch with Gracie, Taci and Betsy!  We're going to Boccelli's Ristorante.  Shall I take my camera?  I hope you have a fun weekend planned.  We have a clear calendar - and sunshine - oh YEAH!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Belas imagens.

  2. I guess girls can be mean no matter if they are of the chicken/hen type or the human type. Hope all settles down quickly in coopland. Have a wonderful lunch with the ladies, I think you should name your group something like the lovely ladies that lunch club.
    Have fun,

  3. What a joyful post Teresa. Your chooks are fab and I am glad that the new girls are being looked out for by you and your Hb...some girls are just so bossy aren't they! The sun looks amazing in your photos, such a glow. Sadly our spring weather looks like it is being replaced by winter again and would you believe snow is forecast on Sunday..eek. Enjoy the weekend, Jane x

  4. How beautiful Teresa ... How perfect and wonderful are your pictures. Thank you for sharing such magnificent pictures from God :)

  5. How beautiful Teresa ... How perfect and wonderful are your pictures. Thank you for sharing such magnificent pictures from God :)

  6. Yep its been a couple of fabulous weather days here in P-town. I just noticed a blooming daffodil in my yard this morning.

  7. Hi Teresa, Oh I love your life!!! And thanks so much for sharing all its beauty with us. Your farm is looking so beautiful, I'm so amazing you are so into Spring. I think I'm a little jealous, I want the sun so badly. It will come I know BUT.....
    I hope things settle down with the chickens, poor new comers.
    Have a fun lunch and a great weekend, xoRobin❤

  8. Such a beautiful, happy post! I hope the chickens start being nicer to each other. Your primroses are gorgeous. Your whole yard is beautiful!

  9. It looks warm and wonderful! I excited for warmer weather to come back and stay a while. Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh yes! The sunset last night was captured it perfectly!
    Your koi look wonderful...they are fun to watch,.especially when it's feeding time :-)
    Yesterday we transplanted strawberries and some herbs, redid all the planting barrels and went to see some baby chicks...maybe next year!
    Hope you all had fun today!

  11. Hi Teresa,

    I'll try this posting thing again. I hope you got my email.... Gorgeous shots here!


  12. Weather today awful. Forecast v cold poss snow. Gorgeous photos. Naughty girls being unkind to newbies. :-) have fun with Gracie,Taci & Betsy. Lv Anne x

  13. Ah, everywhere the spring is seeming to arrive. Gorgeous photo's you made. Those mean chickens. Nice word, Alpen glow, and beautiful pictures!! Groetjes, Gerda

  14. Your pictures are stunning! Love the chickens..Our neighbor have chickens that wake me every day, I love the sound. The coy or is it coi fish are so pretty.

  15. A lovely tour of this day in your little corner of the world. Your posies are all gorrrrrgeous!

  16. Oh my goodness!! Love all your pictures spring is gorgeous in your part of the world!!

  17. Your poor girls. Why do they have to be so "hen pecked?" Lunch was great today. I hope we see each other again soon. I can't wait to see both of your finished shawls.

  18. Always such pretty photos here! Too bad that the new girls are getting bullied. I haerd putting vicks'r run them will keep the other chickens from pestering the new ones.
    Good luck!
    xO Kris

  19. Glad to see you are enjoying such beautiful weather. And were able to meet up again with the girls for lunch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Tammy

  20. lovely spring photos! you have given me something to look forward to!

  21. I'm so enjoying the spring through your blog. Just lovely!

  22. Hi, Teresa!
    Your blog is the best place to see beautiful views and things!
    Yes, it seems like the weather there is lovely and everything is filled with spring power!
    Have a wonderful day!


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