Friday, March 1, 2013

Warm Day

We had a wonderful day today after a really rainy cold day yesterday.  I headed off to swim for an hour and only needed my shawl, not my coat.  When I got home my honey was out raking leaves and cleaning up the yard.  I snapped some photos of our happy little Snowdrops.
Our little sheltered area in front of the house next to the brick walk up to our old farmhouse porch has filled up with these cute little flowers.
Here is a nice patch by the side of our driveway.
Dayle installed some plexiglass panels in the doors of the chicken coop for the winter to keep the hens warmer.  
Dayle had collected the eggs from the nest and laid them on our big maple stump for the time being while he raked.
Our 4 hens, Lacey, Buffy, Hershey and Shelby.  We might get one more tomorrow - that will lay light blue/green eggs.   
The fuzzy buds of my Star Magnolia.. they will open soon. 
The magnolia tree seems to be a haven for all sorts of moss and lichen. 
The fragrant Daphne Odora will be open soon! 
Yellow daffodils are shooting up. 
The fish are happy that it's warmer. 
When I posted this colorful skein of yarn on my last post, my blog friend Pammy Sue borrowed the image  and made it her desktop photo - I thought that was neat, so I did too!  Feel free to use it for your desktop! :-)
I got some work done on my new shawl while I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday with my sister Denise and friend Shirley.  We are training Shirley to be a volunteer there, too!  I also had a visitor join us for lunch, my blog friend Betsy who was on her way to help out with her little granddaughter in Portland.  That was fun!
I am loving how this yarn is working up!  It's Deborah Norville Serenity Garden in the Sea colorway.  
We have no big plans for the weekend, which suits me fine.  How about you?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Great photos....looks like spring is in the air. I love your pond and waterfall. Your shawl is looking great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Swim?.. wow!! That's are awesome. Love your little Garden.. and the sweet shawl too!

  3. Your shawl is looking very PRETTIE! Tomorrow, Me and my older sister Dorothy are taking our mom out for a girls day out. A little shopping, lunch, and maybe a walk on the lake front. Can't wait for I haven't seen them since Christmas!
    Hugs, Shari

  4. So many pretties!! The shawl! The hens!!! The flowers!!!! Isn't Spring so wonderful!!!!
    Heading up the mountain in the morning. Just hubs and I with the two doggins' should be fun.
    XO Kris

  5. I love the blanket of snowdrops in your garden Teresa, they look so pretty. The hens looks very cosy in their coop. Enjoy your crochet. It looks as though the weather may finally be improving here so we hope to take a long walk tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend, Jane x

  6. Your flowers are just gorgeous Teresa, but it dozens t stop there... The shawl, the picture of the yarn and of course I love the chicks... Such a delight to the eye :)

  7. Pretty flowers!! We will not see anything like that for at least 2 more months here!!


  8. So many lovely snowdrops! I enjoyed seeing all your pictures from around the much greening and growing. Love the header picture too.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  9. Loving these signs of spring!


  10. Hi there Teresa, Oh my, I am in disbelief of all your flowers and buds already!! It is so beautiful and I'm so jealous. I want some snowdrops, really one of my favorite first flowers. I put some in last fall but they are still under about 8" of snow! Love seeing the eggs and your hens, hope you get another.
    The shawl is almost done and looks so cosy, it will be fun to wear and get compliments galore!!!
    Have a relaxing weekend, xoRobin❤

  11. So excited to see some spring popping up around blogland. We are still looking at the white stuff here. I haven't even escaped to Florida yet either. But, glad to see we are getting to the other side finally.

  12. Ahhhhh! Spring is springing and your shawl is just perfect. Love linda

  13. Swoooon! Shawls looking even more amazing :) I love your little snowdrop garden, mine don't seem to be coming up this year which is a shame but today I noticed some crocuses are flowering, horray!

  14. Love seeing the snowdrops and all of your blossoms.

  15. beautiful Teresa. We have some snowdrops and primulas. Also have a star magnolia. Had a look out in our back garden today and can see that there are all sorts of signs of spring. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with a gorgeous blue sky felt good to be alive. I bought myself some daffodils at the farm shop, a lovely splash of colour in the lounge. Love and hugs Anne x

  16. Your shawl is looking so pretty! And you know I love your farm with all the flowers.

  17. That shawl is gorgeous Teresa :) And you have the most beautiful garden ... and all those snowdrops, they're glorious!

    LS LANAS ...


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