Saturday, April 27, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

We are home, but it was not an easy journey to get here.  Shortly after we were on the road north, I heard a clattering through the open truck window, Dayle looked in the side mirror and saw parts of the wheel flying off.  We pulled over and he checked and we'd lost an entire wheel off the trailer!  We drove back to find it and saw no sign of it.  We "limped" into McMinnville and got it fixed, and 3 new tires too boot.. at the cost of a large sum of money. :-)  Backing up a bit, Dayle found two more pieces of sea glass for me.. the big and smallest green ones.  Aren't they neat?
Remember the stone house I showed you, Dayle got this photo of the waterfall that is near it, tumbling into the Pacific Ocean.  Sweet.
Dayle's last collection of agates were wonderful! 
I think of each of these as a natural work of art. 
In my copper lantern my daughter gave me, they just glow in the sunshine! 
His last "haul".  I have probably 3 quarts of these beauties from this trip, the most we've ever found.  Thanks, Kristi and Dayle! 

Dayle took me to "Tidal Raves" restaurant in Depoe Bay for my birthday dinner - they make very nice items and have a beautiful view. 
I had grilled wild salmon with shrimp salsa atop fingerling potatoes and fresh vegetables. :-)  Artistically arranged, wouldn't you say? :-)
The windblown pine trees out the side window look like a natural painting. 
I took this outside the restaurant, just beautiful. 
How would you like a house here? 
I spied some interesting architecture off Hwy 101, so we did some looking about and I was charmed by these rainbow hued Adirondack chairs on this deck looking out to sea. 
Cute beach house, huh? 
Some neat rocks in Siletz Bay - there was a history sign there and 1700 this area was filled with Indian villages and were all swept away by a 50 foot Tsunami.  Imagine how awful that was! 
Our last night at the beach.. it was a wonderful week. 
Day is done.. gone the sun...  
Friday morning brought all the stowing of things for the trip, me helping Dayle back the truck up, I drop the trailer onto the hitch, and then off we go.  While I was waiting for D to unhook some things I spied this squirrel that I'd seen several times scampering along the beach.  He didn't mind me taking his photo. 
When we got home the tulips that we bought at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm were in bloom.. pretty!   
And all the lilacs are in bloom and ready to be picked for a huge bouquet.   
My white one is getting nice and big, I also have 3 lavender colored ones and 2 dark purple ones.  Heaven! 
I have sunk my face into these and breathed in the exotic perfume.  Love! 
The 2 varieties of tulips we bought. 
And our yard is all lush and green and wonderful.. the chickens did fine while we were gone, Gracie came to check on them and picked up 5 eggs, thanks, Gracie! 
When Dayle brought in the mail there was a birthday gift from my Daughter, Amy in Ohio, this wonderful bracelet made with 2 old spoon handles connected with a ring with 3 pearls on it.. isn't it neat?  I love it, thank you Amy!!
 Well, time to jet off to my DAR chorus practice in Happy Valley.  Then later we're invited to a birthday party for my oldest grandson, Michael.  Life is full.  Oh, and it's another sunny day here.. I hope your weekend is wonderful!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely bracelet, I am an April baby too. I am a bit jealous of your lilacs, I love them and don't grow them, and I like the house with the 6 Adirondack chairs. So good your losing the tire didn't cause an accident.

  2. Beautiful pictures again Teresa!! It is early morning here on a sunday with sun just coming up. Love the colours of the stones and a pretty bracelet from your daughter. Lucky Gracie getting those eggs ☺☺
    wendy in oz

  3. Oh no, that could have been dangerous, glad you got home safely.
    I love your sea treasure, later this week we are going to Whitby, wonder if I can find just one small piece of jet. Beautiful bracelet. Carol xx

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the wheel! That's too bad. I hate when things like that happen. It doesn't sound like it daunted you two a bit, though; your trip sounds like it was wonderful overall. Your birthday dinner looks delcious and that bracelet is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. It looks like it was a beautiful trip, I am so glad you had a lovely time celebrating your Birthday. The views, the agates and sea glass were such a treat, thank you.

  6. Hi sweetie! I am so happy you had a wonderful Birthday....such a gorgeous outing you all had!
    It all looked "perfect" to me! You surely deserved it! Looking forward to your next little adventure....where ever that may be!
    Hugs, Shari

  7. Love those tulips with the white edged leaves.

  8. Gorgeous photography, Teresa! The Captain and I both enjoyed them!

  9. So many great pictures! I especially enjoyed the picture of all the colorful chairs, the coast shots, and your new jewelry. I'm still amazed at how many agates you found too. And, they are all so interesting and unique.

  10. Wow! That sunset is amazing! Love Love Love the bracelet! And now I'm hungry for grilled salmon! :D Sounds like this trip was a complete success even with the tire bummer. But you're right about home....there's just no place like it!

  11. Thank God you were all OK and made it safely home!
    Beautiful flowers Teresa and the agates -- LOVE!
    Glad you had a great week in a gorgeous location with awesome weather:)
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    PS: Did you know that you can climb down to those rocks at Siletz Bay?

  12. This is another post packed with beautiful photos Teresa. I'm so glad you made I home safely. I still can't believe how beautiful your weather was this week. So unusual. I think if we lived as close to the coast as you do we would be there at least once a month. The oceans seems to recharge our batteries.
    We used to have lilacs at our old house but haven't been able to get them to grow here. There is no smell like it and when I catch a whiff it transports me back to my childhood.
    How sweet of Gracie to check the chickens for you. Good friends are a definite blessing. Welcome home!

  13. What a wonderful trip Teresa (minus the tyre incident!) and to come home to such a beautiful present from your daughter and your garden in full bloom...what bliss.
    Jane x

  14. Stunning photos Teresa you are so talented. The bracelet is beautiful. I am so glad that you made it home safely losing the wheel could have been so dangerous. Your birthday dinner looked so delicious. Hugs Anne x

  15. Welcome home, what a wonderful time you had, so many lovely memories Im sure.


  16. Teresa!!! Run-away tire!!! Yikes!!! So glad you made it back safely and all is well with your chickens and flowers. You are most welcome for our chicken check :-) The grands and I ate the last two yummy eggs yesterday morning and I crushed the pretty shells and put them out around one of my Joseph's Coat rose bushes. Thanks for inviting us to visit! What a wonderful b'day gift from Amy to greet you when you got home. The photos you and Dayle got at the beach are sooooo BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for posting them. I'm going to go look at them again while you are celebrating Michael's birthday!
    Love with hugs from,

  17. WOW Two wonderful posts in a row you have. With the exception of the flat tires ... it looks like you have been having a lovely time!

  18. Wow wow wow....fab Birthday Bracelet
    You were lucky with the lost wheel....someone looking after you glad you are both safely home again.
    The tulips are so pretty my 'black ones are out now now it has warmed up a teeny bit.
    Great post...the trees remind me of my Dad
    Hugs xx

  19. Hi, Teresa! Wonderful vacations! Those views of the beach and cliffs is awesome, really, It must have been so pleasant to sit in that restaurant and witness nature...
    Your garden seems doing really well, we have many lilacs in my native country, so I was so pleased to your photos.
    Have a fab week ahead!


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