Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blooming Farm Yard & Front Page News

Goodness, May seems an over-the-top busy month for me every year.  After the bus tour of the Hood River Valley I was wiped out.  On Sunday we made a BBQ dinner for our son and his family after they got home from a camping trip at the sand dunes - we made macaroni salad, baked beans and BBQ chicken and dined alfresco on the deck.  They asked us to run a bath in our antique clawfoot tub for the boys when they arrived so we got them all cleaned up before dinner.  Then on Monday we took our two boys and their families out to the Old Country Kitchen, a steak house that has been in business since before I was a teen.. suffice it to say, a long time.  Ten of us enjoyed steaks and all the accoutrements.  Yesterday we had lunch with Dayle's sister Darlene and her husband Bill.  Today we've taken it easy.  I just took a stroll around the grounds and snapped some photos of our ever blooming spring garden.  This is my favorite magenta Rhododendron.
Before you get bored and start skimming my blog.. :-)  I found that the local newspaper covered our PORTLAND WOMEN'S FORUM RE-DEDICATION ON THE FRONT PAGE!!  CLICK HERE TO SEE.

Here is a cute photo of our littlest grandson Caleb after his bath, he let me brush out his curly locks, I was very gentle.. I love this little guy.
Before I went outside for my walk I snapped this photo of the pretty white blooms on my Shamrock plant. 
I was in our bedroom and we've been enjoying fresh air blowing through the house, this is the view out of our French doors in our room.. I wish you could smell the fresh air scented with pine needles. 
We moved the dollhouse to the left so we could enjoy the fresh breezes through the house. 
I stepped out the back door and enjoyed the new hanging basket that Dayle surprised me with yesterday.  Red geraniums... lovely.
I fed the fish... our 2 koi are getting really big.. I'd guess 10 inches long.
This is our pink rhodie that is behind our bamboo plant.  They poked their blooms through the bamboo.  :-) 
Our first rose to bloom is on a pot on the deck.. the name of this is "Playboy" from Heirloom Roses.
Our first Iris to bloom! 
The white Azalea is in full bloom... so refreshing!  The white Lilac still looks pretty, too. 
To the left of those, the pink rosebud azalea is fully bloomed out. 
I adore these blossoms. 
 There are several of these magenta rhodies on the property.
This variety MIGHT be called "Blue Boy"? 
It's a pure white flower with dark purple throat markings. 
My one full branch of pink dogwood..  
Our poor little farmhouse is dwarfed by the growing things. 
Speaking of dwarfed.. can you believe that this rhodie is as tall as the barn at 25 feet?  That tree on the far left is a chestnut.. the edible kind. 
A zing for your eyes, eh? 
Hubby also surprised me with 2 different colors of calla lily! 
Good news!  Buffy quit being broody!  I'm so happy!  Interestingly, our most reliable layers are the Ameracauna that lay aqua eggs! 
New flowers. :-) 


  1. Congratulations on the article, you're a celebrity! They got some good pictures too. You must be very proud of your involvement in this group, it's a really wonderful contribution to your community. The flowers are all beautiful and it sounds like you've been having a nice time with the family. Once again, your bed is absolutely to die for. Do you like having a door to the yard in your bedroom? We have one too, out to the backyard, and it's nice to be able to go in and out at night if we want to. I love to have the door open all day during this time of year and then when we go to bed, it smells very fresh back there.

  2. What an amazing article. Brilliant work, congratulations on restoring the monument for future generations.

    Your garden is looking blooming lovely!

  3. Teresa, oh my goodness! You have some gorgeous blooms. They look just amazing ! Your bed is really nice and cozy too.

  4. What a busy bee you have been! There is nothing sweeter than kids fresh out of the tub in their jammies. You have so many beautiful flowers on your property! And the view outside your bedroom window is so soothing! Ahhhh!
    Rest up!
    xo Kris

  5. That was a great article. You must be proud of all the work you do for the Gorge and surrounding area.

    As usual, your photos of the flowers are gorgeous. My poor yard looks pitiful in comparison. I'm not planting anything until I come home next Thursday, (after our lunch I'm driving home!). I might do most of my flowers in containers at the lake since that's where I spend the most time.

    I'm so glad you are blessed o spend so much time with your boys and their families. Your daughter is coming to visit soon isn't she?


  6. Wow my friend are so famous. On the front page of the papers. Wonderful, COngratulations!
    Love the pictures of your flowers on yr property, so pretty. And the aqua eggs are the best, so glad they are doi g well. Can't wait to see you next week my dear friend :)

  7. What a great article Teresa, you should feel very proud of your ahcievements. History is only kept alive by people who take the time to cherish it. Your farm is bloooming beautiful ;0) x

  8. Lovely photo in the article! Congrats on being featured ;)
    And the blossoming surroundings of your house also should get some fame! It is just incredibly beautiful! Well done, you take good care of all the living things at your farm :)

  9. I just love the riot of color that is your yard. It's always so beautiful! And look at you, famous lady, making the front page! Congrats!

  10. First of all we never skim your blog posts, they are far to wonderful to miss a single word. Love the article, you saved the day!!!!! See I didn't even skim the article. Love your gorgeous flowers, it is so beautiful around your farm.

  11. Everything is so beautiful at your house!

  12. This world of ours could use more thoughtful, kind and dedicated women like you and your blog is never boring! It is one of my favorite blogs to read. It's always interesting and I'm always lifted by all the beauty that surrounds you there.

  13. Mrs. Teresa, It is so lovely to see all the things in bloom at your house. The weather has been so uncooperative here! We have very sporadic warm days but mostly it is chilly :( Today we have had a lovely nearly 80 degree day but the rain will return and drop the temps to the 60s again. Where is spring/summer?

  14. Many congratulations on your achievement Teresa you so deserve the accolade in the paper. If only everyone cared as much as you the world would be a better place.
    Your 'yard' is looking beautiful! Grandson gorgeous. Hugs Anne x

  15. So glad you are having good times with your family and your community as well, Teresa! Isn't it exciting to be a part of preserving and treasuring the freedom and beauty we are blessed to enjoy? And you KNOW how I am enjoying this time of year :-) The girls brought in fresh bouquets of lilacs this morning. Ahhh~~~~~ Thanks for sharing the fantastic photos: family, friends, fish and flowers...BEAUTIFUL !!!

  16. I bet it smells heavenly around your home....all those gorgeous flowers. We had another cold front move through here this past week, down in the 30's, no wonder all my flowers will not bloom, it's a little strange for this time of the year for us. Warmer weather is coming our way again so hopefully it will stay awhile and things will start to perk up!
    Hugs, Shari

  17. I so enjoyed seeing all your stunning pictures today, Teresa! The blooms there are wonderful and you captured their bright beauty so well. It was great to hear about your happy family times too :)
    wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  18. Always enjoy your spring time around the farm. We are still so far behind and just now starting to see some color pop out. We are suppose to hover around the low 30s this weekend....brrrrrr.....guess I'll be covering the few planters I've started. But, these days we are taking it slow and one day at a time. Have a great Mother's Day weekend.

  19. Hi Teresa, I happened to come across your blog and I hope you don't mind if I follow along? Can I just say what a fabulous place you have, your gardens are absolutely delightful. I am trying so hard to get an established garden, but it is really hard work! I can tell you have spent years to create such beauty. I am in awe of your fabulous plants. I really want to start crocheting too, but sticking with knitting for the time being... I know I will learn lots from your blog! :)

  20. Hi..surounded by such beauty Lucky You
    Hugs x

  21. What a great article, good for you. Your flowers are stunning.


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