Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hood River Valley & Mt. Hood

Yesterday we were up at the crack of dawn for the Friends of Multnomah Falls Bus Tour.  Each year we do something different, this year we went to Hood River and explored the "Fruit Loop".  We were thrilled to have Fruit Loop founders, Lynn & Dollie Rasmussen board the bus when we entered Hood River and tell us all about what we were seeing as we went along.  We were blessed to have spectacular weather the whole day!  This is a shot of Mt. Hood and the Hood River Valley... from a different vantage point than I've show you before, this is the North side of the mountain.  This is from Panorama Point south of Hood River off of Hwy 35.
But I've gotten ahead of myself.  When we picked up our interpreters, we then drove through downtown Hood River, first passing by several blocks of amazing historic houses built in the city's heyday.  Then on to the Mark O. Hatfield visitors center on the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail.  These gorgeous flowers were all in bloom in front of the center.  When I remember what they are, I'll let you know. :-D
The volunteers that staff the center came out and told us some interesting facts about the area.  Dollie and Lynn Rasmussen had tables set up with a bag of goodies for each of us, coffee and freshly made apple juice!  How wonderful are they!  Each bag had a fresh pear inside a re-usable pear carrier, cookies, fruit bar, brochures, etc. 
We boarded the bus and headed to our next stop, Panorama Point.  If you want a good photo of Mt. Hood, this is the place.  The first shot I took was up above, with the valley showing.  Then I zoomed and got this one...
Our next destination was the Gorge White House. It's a beautiful vintage home with unique architecture.  They have wines from many gorge wineries for sale, a tasting room, snack bar, flower gardens, outdoor seating... wonderful.
The side entrance. 
The interior is awesome with quartersawn oak beams and woodwork.
The gardens all around the house are lush and full of flowers. 
The outdoor patio in the garden behind the house.  Lovely!
After getting a tour and talk in the house we walked to the tasting room, they had a bouquet of flowers that took my breath away.. peonies big as a salad plate!
This is the view behind the house of the hills and gardens and orchards.
Back on the bus and heading to Lynn and Dollie's acreage, Rasmussen Farms. We entered the sales shed, we found jam sampling, pears, flowers, etc.
We will be going back to get some of these wonderful pears  and some flowers for our farm. 
Dayle got a jar of huckleberry jam...
 ...and surprised me with 2 unique begonia plants! 
Dollie is proud of her collection of vintage metal chairs, each painted a pretty color. 
One of their greenhouses filled with flowers for sale. 
A brilliant red-orange begonia caught my eye. 
Next stop was Parkdale for our lunch provided by Apple Valley BBQ - they had a buffet all set up and read for us in a picnic shelter - pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, pear cole slaw and baked beans.  There were wooden picnic benches in the sunshine for our group. We were right behind the Parkdale Museum.
This was our view of Mt. Hood from our picnic area!!  After lunch we were shown more areas of interest and our last stop was the Apple Valley Store.  Then off we headed back to the beginning and each of us got in our cars and headed home.  Friends, I am rather tired. :-)  But it was a great day.
Once home we opened all the doors and windows and let the breezes blow through.. I got lots of whiffs of the Lily-of-the-Valley in the bouquet I picked on Friday.    
Have you smelled this amazing flower?
Today.. we rest.  It's another spectacular day here.  And life is good.  What are you doing this weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a fun tour and the views, oh my! I have said it a million times you live in such a gorgeous place, from every angle there is something beautiful to see.
    Hugs to you,

  2. What a wonderful day - you sure live in a beautiful part of the world. Mt Hood is absolutely breathtaking.

    I loved the house, and the sales shed looks just my kind of thing - all that lovely produce lined up! Im sure those vintage chairs looked really tempting after such a day of activity!


    PS thanks so much for your comment, it is so lovely to know that folks I have met in blogland are thinking of me xx

  3. This looks like such a nice event. You do so many fun and interesting things in a civic capacity, I can tell that you are a pillar of your community.

  4. What a lovely day you had Teresa, such great views of Mt Hood with it's snow. It was great to see your hat got it's first outing the other day too. Enjoy the rest,
    Jane x

  5. What a lovely day out. mount Hood is stunning!!! You live in a spectacular area Teresa.Love everything about your post today - such beautiful flowers as well and lunch sounded delish. Hugs Anne x

  6. Wow! What great views of everything! lol I would love to do this "loop".

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and the tour as well, Teresa!!! I loved every bit of it!!! I am so excited, too, because since we moved to Oregon in 2007, we have purchased fruit every year from Rasmussen Farms to send to family and friends across the USA. Last year I posted some fall pictures of the farm which was the first time I had actually visited it. [I order on line from their web site.] Another connection I think that is fun is that my new son-in-law's last name is Rasmussen! He thinks he is not related to them and they think they are not related to him, but we think it is neat coincidence none the less :-) Get rested up so that we can get together and!!! Our doors and window are all open too...I definitely have SPRING FEVER...WOOHOO :-)
    Love with hugs from Gracie

  8. I'm with Gracie! Woohoo! Spring has sprung. Another fun day for you my friend. The White House of the Gorge looks like my kind of house. I adore old houses. We had a 100+ year old house when we first got married. I loved it-hubby not so much. Lots of upkeep on old houses. :-). This was a beautiful tour and your shots of Mt. Hood are stunning. See you next week!

  9. What a wonderful tour! Thanks for sharing. Everything is so pretty there! I hope to some day be able to visit your beautiful Oregon.

  10. What an interesting day my dear friend Teresa. I hope you got to rest a little today :)

  11. Wow, where do I start? LOVED the photos of Mt Hood (I have been to Panorama Point before--incredible viewpoint), the gorgeous old home (LOVE all homes), your lily of the valleys (forgot to plant some here--again)and so much more!
    Got to go--some excitement going on here...

  12. More beautiful photos Teresa. Love that begonia .... It looks like a rose. Must have a google and see if they'd grow in my area.

  13. Hi another fabulous tour, makes us feel like we wee there! of a mountian Teresa.
    A day at the coast for us, last weekend and a minature mountain copared to yours lol
    hugs x

  14. Teresa, those photos are just stunning! Such beauty all around you!!!! I love Oregon!!!
    XO Kris

  15. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures of Oregon. My daughter and grandchildren live in Portland and it helps me picture what is going on in their world. We actually hiked the trail to the top of Multnomah Falls just before my grandson was born, fully intending to take a picture that we could show him and say, "This is the day before you were born." He decided to wait another week!

  16. Teresa, You have a very lovely blog. The tour of the Hood River Valley and Mt. Hood brought back some wonderful memories.. What glorious photos you have taken.. Thanks for sharing them... Mt Hood is so grand and awesome looking but what I remember the most about this area is The "Bing Cherries". Oh how I love them and I ate them like candy..LOL I am your newest follower and I look forward to viewing more of your postings.. Hugs Judy


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