Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A New Garden Pergola

On our visit to Costco the other day to get some roasted chicken and fresh veggies.. we wandered by this little beauty.  It's a combination trellis/gazebo/pergola... outdoor covered space.  We'd been looking at a shade canopy for the deck, and this one spoke to me.  And after much encouragement on my part.. over the last 3 days, it spoke to my beloved, too. :-)  
Beloved has also been combing craigslist for years, actually, for a play structure.  After showing me multitudes of them, some of them pretty old and rough.. we saw this one there and again.. after 3 days of my encouragement, we decided to get this one.  SO.. after I got home from my girl's lunch (I had grilled salmon and broccoli) I called to see if they still had both and the guy on the phone said they were sold out, not only there, but in the whole Portland metro area. I had asked hubby to go back and get them when we'd seen them 3 days ago and of course he had to THINK about it and see what he could find on CL for 3 days.  ARGH!
But then.. he called a Costco in Salem.. and THAT guy checked the computer and said.. hmmm.. they should have 11 of them.  SOOO.. D called back and sure enough, they had them.  SOOO.. off we went in the Dodge pickup and got them. 
Now we have boxes and boxes of parts which the mister will need to put together.  This should be interesting, if not downright comical.   
The gazebo. 
I did a garden walkabout to check on my newest blooms.  This is one of my Heirloom Roses - so pretty and fragrant. 
The rose next to it, it's more purple-y. 
Our bush of Mock Orange is in bloom and it was full of buzzing insects when I was taking these photos. 
I took this photo of the blooms in the shade against the wall of the Garden Shed - and it reminds me of 30s bark cloth, don't you agree? 
An arching branch of Mock Orange with a cloudless blue sky backdrop. 
My "Scentimental" rose has lots of blooms.. I adore this rose.  It's extremely fragrant and beautiful.. se the little bug on it? 
Another newer bloom.. each one is so different.  These smell amazing. 
Then over to see how the roses are doing that our son planted for us.  Kristi didn't like the roses at their house so she dug them up - Travis saw them in the trailer to go to the dump and he thought.. hmmm.. my parents love roses, so days after they were dug he brought them out and planted them here while we were away on vacation.  He's still amazed that they've flourished here.  I love them!  This golden one is stupendous! 
This is the pink rose that starts out orange as a bud.   
Here is the bud.  EDITOR'S NOTE:  Did you know that it's WAY better to photograph flowers in shade or on a cloudy day?  I learned that from a professional photographer named Steve Terrill.  So, I stand in front of the roses to shade them when I snap an image. 
When standing in front of the roses I snapped this shot of the garden shed, Dayle's Kubota tractor, the apple tree, the hillside and the chicken coop and run.  There is not a cloud in the sky today and it's warm - we have all the doors and windows up and are enjoying birdsong and chicken operas. :-) 
Here is the deck where the pergola will go, I can't wait to see it up.  I know this is silly, but I don't like the umbrella in the table as I can't use a tablecloth - having the table under the pergola I will be able to dress the table more to my liking!  I can see a table set with a lantern and fairy lights inside.. :-)  Dayle plans to power wash the deck and re-stain it, too. 
I'm heading off to the pool in a bit.  What are you up to today?  Tomorrow is the train trip!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Of course I'm at the lake until tomorrow. On Friday we head eastward to Montana to see our two grandbabies there this weekend. Beautiful flowers Teresa!
    Whoo boy!!!! Dayle has got his work cut out for him doesn't he? I like how you encouraged him to get the pergola. It will be beautiful and the boys will love the play structure. I'm going to do a small pist tomorrow when I have a computer- my iphone still won't let me post pictures. :-(

  2. Wow, you're going to have the best yard in town! I love your Costco purchases because I feel like we went shopping together; I always see the same exact things in my Costco! The pergola is going to be wonderful. I hope to have one someday too. And your grandchildren are never going to want to go home once that play structure is in! Grandma and Grandpa are pretty awesome. :)

  3. Hi Teresa, Love the pergola, but it looks like you are getting a play set too?!? Dayle sure has his hands full. It will be so nice and a pleasant spot to sit. Love all your gorgeous roses! The smells must be heavenly : )

  4. Dayle is going to be very, very busy :-) my DH has to think about things as well and we once missed out on a holiday while he was 'thinking' Love both of your purchases and how your grandchildren are going to love that play structure. Beautiful photos of roses etc. Thanks for the tip re photographing the roses. Today I took my Aunt to hospital for results. Tomorrow I hope to go to my knitting group and then have a few cards to make. Love and hugs Anne x

  5. I do love the pergola, but your poor hubs! What a job to put these thing together!

  6.'s going to be so nice!!! Can't wait to see it. I am sure it will be one touch project to tackle but it's going to be so lovely. I see many wonderful restful days under your new pergola! Love all your flowers, they are all so pretty. Garrett was looking at them them with me and he asked me why his yellow truck was in that picture??? I had to take a second look at your last picture and I saw a little yellow truck on porch....he spotted that really fast! I had to laugh.
    Hope you have a nice swim. Our public pool opened yesterday and it's open to the older crowd from 10:00 to noon so us grown up can swim without being splashed by a bunch of neighborhood children...which is not so bad, but the best part is that it's at the corner of our street!

    xx, Shari

  7. I wanna come and play at your house! It is going to be fun watching those getting built. xxx

  8. Great tip for taking photos of flowers Teresa .... thanks for that. Love that golden rose - what a beautiful rich colour. Can't wait to see your new look deck - bet the boys will love it too. xox

  9. Sounds like Dayle won't be bored at all for awhile! Love the new pergola (been thinking of getting something like that or building one) and the kid's play set too:)
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  10. Hi Teresa,
    I have been trying to comment several times, and no dice. I am here to try again. Love the pergola! Can't wait to see it in place! And the playset for the kids is going to be great!!!
    You asked whether I give the hens oyster shell. Yes, I do. I am not so sure the egg is soft always. But it is found broken in the coop, and so the shell appears soft because it has been sitting in goo. Hopefully it will stop soon!!!
    Are you doing pics for IG? I never see any of yours.
    xo Kris

  11. Hi Teresa, Oh It's going to be wonderful!!!Can't wait to see it all setup and decorated!!!Enjoy your train ride and have a happy weekend!!!

  12. Love the new pergola you've picked out. And your roses -- absolutely stunning.

  13. Well, now I want to drive home so I can come check up on what you are up to :-). Instead my oldest sister and I are driving down to Burbank to visit our other sister for the weekend. It looks like my oldest sister, Carolyn, will be riding north with me at the end of the month and I am eager for you to meet her!!! Loved your photo tip, flowers, and Dayle's construction projects!!! Xx Gracie

  14. Dayle is going to be a busy, busy man. He sounds a lot like my Hubs. It takes some convincing to get him to see the "light" sometimes. : )

    Your deck will be so inviting with the pergola up and those grandkids are going to love that playset.


  15. Wow... I've never gone to Costco and found two HUGE things like that when chicken and veggies was on my list ;) It's going to be a fab pergola and those grand kids are going to LOVE that new play structure... And I know what you mean about a tablecloth vs. an umbrella!

    The variegated rose is beautiful... I may need to make a bit more room in my gardens for one. And the mock orange... any tips? Mine NEVER blooms.


  16. Oh my, you are always so very busy...I have been so busy haven't evn had the time to read and comment is my favorite blogs.. But here I'm and it ill be Friday tomorrow... Love the play structure ( the grad kids will be so excited) and your roses are absolutely gorgeous my friend . Miss you:)

  17. Phew, that stock check saved someone's bacon. Look forward to seeing them being built.
    You do have some gorgeous roses, the photos are lovely and the mock orange does indeed look like 30's fabric.


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