Friday, June 7, 2013

Train Trip & Surprise!

We were up early yesterday to head off up the Columbia River Gorge for the yearly train trip for the volunteers for the Vista House and Multnomah Falls.  We invited our DIL Kristi and our two littlest grandsons as our guests, and they arrived before 8 am to ride with us.  We were thrilled that our run of wonderful weather continued yesterday.  My friend Shirley and her husband John also joined us, the photo below is one I took of them by the train engine.  (NOTE: I forgot my Lumix camera!!!  So all photos are from my iPhone 4S.)
Here are the wiggly little guys goofing off with grandpa on the train.
The train goes through a lot of deep forest on it's way up to Parkdale, OR.
Once in Parkdale we walked over to the Apple Valley BBQ for lunch and I saw this amazing bush covered with these red flower buds with a few of them open, it's a Mountain Laurel and I would love to have one of these!
Hayden and Caleb LOVED this vintage log truck in the park at Parkdale! 
I mourned not having my great Lumix camera with terrific zoom.. but this isn't bad zooming from the iPhone.. just not as much detail.  Mt. Hood from Parkdale.
Lunch at the Apple Valley BBQ - BBQ Chicken Salad.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This is the best thing I've eaten in a month.. and I still lost another lb. - down 19 lbs. Dayle also lost more, now he's at 12 lbs down.  You should try this one at home.. crispy romaine, tossed with ranch dressing, sprinkled with 2 kinds of grated cheese, crispy julienned bacon, sliced RIPE cherry tomatoes and cornbread croutons - topped with freshly bbq-ed chicken breast with some bbq sauce on top.  The flavors all melded wonderfully.
Caleb and Hayden enjoyed hanging out with Shirley and John.  Grandpa gave them each a lollypop.  This is on the way back down the mountain. 
The train passes by mile after mile of Apple, Pear and Cherry orchards.. I tried to get a shot of these young pears from the moving train. 
The train also trundles alongside the beautiful Hood River, I love babbling rivers. 
When we got home at 3 pm, Dayle brought in the mail and there was a mysterious padded envelope in the pile of mail.  What could this be???  OH WOW, it was from my blog friend MEREDITH from Mereknits blog!!! Remember, Meredith really helped me with my bunny dress knitting.. thank you again, Meredith!!  I opened the package and what do I see?  She knitted my bunny an apron in the most lovely denim blue wool!!! OMGoodness!  I promptly brought Miss Maggie Maria out on the deck and tried on the apron and it fits perfectly!  
She also included a note with a cute alpaca on it, and a sweet note - she also included some tools that I did not have when I was doing my project, some stitch markers shaped like tiny sheep and 2 stitch holders.. how thoughtful, sweet and generous!  Also included were some cards for adding to crocheted gifts! 
See the little sheep stitch holders?   *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!*  Meredith!  
The boys posing for a photo.. goofy kidlets!
And lastly... I started a group on Facebook, called "We Love Lucy II" - we now have 597 members! (We'd love to have you join us.)  We are all fans of the blogger Lucy at Attic24 - be sure to check out her colorful crochet and fun English lifestyle.   AND SO.. in the group there is a member who is having health challenges, and another member, named Lee, came up with a neat idea, that we'd all crochet a few granny squares using Lucy's "Summer Garden" design, then send them to her and she'd sew them together and send them to our friend.  SO.. I made mine last night, following Lucy's pattern, with the dog on my lap.. :-)
Next I need to take a photo of these 2 in front of a local landmark.. I'm going to use the Columbia River Gorge from Portland Women's Forum, which also includes Vista House.  :-)  Isn't this a neat worldwide project? 
So, today I will do that, and then go swimming.  What are you up to?  Do you have fun weekend plans?  Tomorrow I'm going to do a Folk Art Program at Vista House with my friend Sally - we both have Indian trade bead collections to share.  I'll take some pix.. :-)  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a nice trip you had. It's beautiful there. Your lunch looks delicious. I think the iPhone took pretty good pictures, but it's probably more the photographer behind it, right? :)

  2. what a fun train trip Teresa, the boys must have loved it. Your crochet parcel was such a sweet thought, this blogging world is such a friendly place ;0) Enjoy your sunshine and see you after my holiday x

  3. A train ride!!!! what a fun day. I bet the boys just loved that. Your phone camera takes wonderful photos...would have never known if you didn't say any different and don't you just love Meredith...she is the sweetest!
    xx Shari

  4. Wow, that is one big engine! Looks like you had a great day.
    Your bunny is very sweet in her new pinny, love the sheep stitch markers.
    Have a lovely weekend, Carol xx

  5. Fabulous trip and such wonderful photos. Great rabbit and squares too

  6. Very beautiful trip-just have to do that one of these days! Congrats on your new weight loss:) What great gifts from Meredith--love that blue! I also LOVE how you all are trying to brighten your Facebook friend's day with the "Lucy" project.
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Yes, I have some ideas for this weekend--we'll see (Facebook can be a very 'dangerous' place--LOL).

  7. So glad you got your little package, I was afraid that little apron was not going to fit! You are so lovely to your grandkids and now to your friend on your I love Lucy Facebook page. Sending you a big hug,

  8. The train trip sounds like it was lots of fun and your iPhone still takes pretty good pictures. Love the idea of the blanket for your friend in the FB group - really nice idea and I'm sure she'll treasure it. Have a great weekend. xoxox

  9. What fun Teresa! And way to go on the weight loss!! You and Dayle both! That salad looked amazing!! And that sweet Meredith!! She is just a peach! Your Miss Maggie Maria has a Pinny!!!
    Have a good weekend!!
    xo Kris

  10. Hi Teresa great photos even with your iphone you have the knack.What a sweet lady Meredith is sending you the apron & other goodies. I tbink it s such fun taking the the kidlets out on trips like that. It s good seeing things through their eyes. Lunch looked delish. My weekend is to be spent recovering from a little op. DH taking care of me! He does it so well. Am off to look at your Facebook Group. Will join in if I can. Love & hugs Anne x

  11. Such a fun day on your train ride!...Your iPhone has taken wonderful pics Teresa! Gorgeous crochet too and you have a very well dressed bunny there...she really is so sweet! (the little chair is just perfect for her too)
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  12. Fantastic Teresa and you know I LOVE trains.... lol
    Love all of the pics, especially boys having fun with grandpa ☺
    Great going on the weight loss too, me and my man doing similar and
    his sugar level is dropping as well as looking great ☺

  13. Hi Teresa, Such a fun and lovely day you all had on your Train trip. I wish I was part of your family events and now friends too! Wow that was so sweet of Meredith to surprise you with the apron for Miss Maggie Maria. It looks so great together. Congratulations on weight loss, that salad looked wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend, xoRobin

  14. You have such a busy and fun life! I will check out Lucy's blog, although I am only a sometimes crocheter! How sweet and generous of Meredith to send you the gifts!

  15. That sounds like a fun and very full day! The gifts from Meredith are so very sweet. Congrats on the weight loss. Keep it up. Best wishes, Tammy

  16. If I could be two places at once, I would be with you as well as my sisters, Teresa :-). The train trip was awesome! And Meredith is awesome, too! What wonderful gifts she sent you! I am not familiar with using stitch holders and am thinking a Miss Maggie project that requires them would be a good way to learn. I would love to be part of the Lucy Project....time!!! :-(. Family gathering today, steak BBQ. Tomorrow breakfast out and tour of my nieces workplace...she does sound work for tv/films...otherwise trying to keep things calm and quiet so my sister can get some extra rest. Looking forward to your next post :-) xx Gracie

  17. Hi Teresa,
    The grandbabies are in bed so I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Your train trip looked like so much fun and your iPhone pictures turned out great. You know from my last post how much I love trains. How sweet of Meredith to send you the goodies. I'll have to check out the Lucy project.

  18. Hi Teresa,What a lovely day you must have had!!!And your photos were just beautiful!!!And how about that lovely surprise in the post???!!!Bloggers are just the best!!!Congrats with the weight loss and keep it up girl!!!So very proud of you!!!Have a happy weekend!!!

  19. I made my squares this morning. I love that we all are doing something to brighten someone's day. I love those little sheep and I am going to make that salad for supper. It looks so good. Congratulations on 19 lbs. That is fantastic! Talk to you soon. XOXO


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