Sunday, June 9, 2013

Folk Art at Vista House

Yesterday I packed up my trade bead collection and headed to Vista House to participate in our Folk Art Program.  We have a series of demonstrations by wood carvers, rock collectors, artists and craftspeople.  My friend Sally, who coordinates the program brought her bead collection and we set up together.  Below are my favorites, the blue ones were found near the Columbia River in places where First People had their trade camps - and very well could have been brought here by Lewis & Clark and traded to the Native people here.  The colored ones also were found there and were in a museum before the people I got them from bought them when the museum was selling some of it's items in order to buy new things.  I traded for the beads by making a website for the traders.  :-)
I also brought about 6 or 7 beaded necklaces that I made myself.  The one below won 1st place in the jewelry division of a national art contest for the Daughters of the American Revolution. :-)
This was my view from my table, of Vista House's interior.  It went through 4 million dollar restoration 10 years ago, the interior is clad with Kasota limestone, which had been painted over.  Now it is stone in all it's grandeur.  I was one of the founders of the Friends of Vista House and was it's first Executive Director for 15 years.  I *love* this building. 
The inside of the dome and the original stained glass windows.
Don't you love the graphic look of the beams on the dome interior? 
Here is my display all set up.  I always use my Pendleton Blanket - "Chief Joseph" under my bead collection. :-) 
Sally brought a small part of her arrowhead collection, 2 stone artifacts, one a grinding stone called a mortar and a fun stone that has a carved face in it with applied handmade paint, but it's very hard to photograph.  She also brought her beads - I think she likes blue! 
My trade beads were made in many places around the world.  I have old amber, carnelian stone beads and mostly old glass beads. 
Here is one I made using the peyote stitch method, it's "She-Who-Watches" a famous petroglyph found in the Columbia River Gorge on a huge stone overlooking the water.   
I made this long necklace, a replica of a necklace my uncle found in my grandparents old farmhouse and gave to my sister.. I loved it so much that I made one for myself, so now we both have one!  The family that lived across from my grandparents in Oklahoma in the countryside were native American and would ask my grandpa if he wanted to buy their beadwork when they needed some money and grandpa ended up with one, they would usually buy them back.  See the bird in this one? 
My display cases of beads.  The ones on the right are called Chevron beads and were the most treasured of trade beads. 
Also a favorite are the "Russian Blues" on the left.  They were actually made in Europe, bought by the Russians, who would bring them to the Northwest to trade to the Indians for furs. 
I made the ones in the middle. 
This image is of another petroglyph found in the gorge of a mountain goat.  I also have one of the Speedis Owl somewhere.. :-) 
My friend Sally brought a frame of arrowheads that her parents dug out of the riverside before the Dalles Dam was filled in.. which would have buried these things forever.  They were given permission by the Oregon Historical Society to dig, as long as they reported their finds.  The small ones are called "bird points". 
Here is the rock item with a face on it, you will have to use your imagination to see it, but there is a nose, mouth, 2 eyes, eyebrows.. and I have no idea what it was used for. 
On the way back home I saw that my beloved Columbia Tiger Lily was in bloom.. my favorite wildflower.  It's very hard to photograph these for some reason. 
Aren't they wonderful? 
Here is one just opening up. 
At home we have a bearded iris open.. it wasn't a good year for them for some reason. 
But the roses are happy!  My "Scentimental" rose. 
This wonderful golden orange one. 
Kristi helped Dayle get this far on putting the pergola together.  She is back today to help with the rest, and our 2 sons will arrive later to help, also.  Then they will all work on the play structure!  Hayden brought in the eggs out of the henhouse and Dayle cooked up 6 eggs with some cheddar cheese grated over the top for Hayden and Caleb.  I even got a bit of it.  
We are having a hard time getting used to the structure.. I'm used to a full vista of green.  I hope we didn't make a mistake getting this.  Hopefully we will learn to like the new look.  Thanks for the visit and have a great week!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa, this looks like such an interesting event. The work you've done is beautiful and fascinating! I had no idea you were so skilled with beading (not that I didn't think you could, I just didn't know!). Your work is so intricate. I am sure the pergola will take some getting used to, but you'll enjoy the shade and can probably even use it in poorer weather, not terrible rain but maybe some shelter from wind or drizzle? I've never had one but I would love to have one someday. We are always thinking about ways to make our backyard more comfortable and this kind of thing is very popular where we live. Hope you're having a nice weekend. :)

  2. You are such a talented person. I love the bead work that you do and also the history of the trade beads. I also think you will like the pergola, but I am sure you will have to get used to it.

  3. Wow! Your bead work is amazing ... As for the pergola it will soon be the backdrop for so,any plants growing vertically you will wonder how you ever managed without it.
    Love linda

  4. The bead show at the Vista House looked very interesting. I also think it's a beautiful building and thought the view was amazing when we visited. Would you believe I used to eat the tiger lilies in our yard when I was a child?
    I can't wait to see your pergola and play structure. I'm sure you'll be very glad you bought both of them.

  5. Oh, your bead display is beautiful! You certainly are a woman of many talents. I think the pergola is looking very nice. Just keep thinking about how nice the table will be without that umbrella pole in the middle of it. I think you're going to love it when it's finished!

  6. WOW your bead work is most lovely.. Vista House is very grand and beautiful. It is nice to see that old building are being restored to their glory. Those Tiger Lilies are very bright and beautiful.. I look forward to seeing your new pergola and play structure. Hugs Judy

  7. hello Teresa and what a wonderful post. The beads etc are stunning. The building is wonderful. I still hope to get to see it one day. DH and I keep discussing a visit :-) I could see the face in the rock!!! Beautiful blooms as well . I am sure that once the pergola is in place and you have added bits and pieces you will absolutely love it. |Wish we hd a garden big enough. Though I do love my little garden and DH has been working hard in it just lately making it look more how I would like it. Love and Hugs Anne x

  8. Talented Teresa, Wow Wee those beads and necklaces are stunning. Also love the Russian blue beads and the one next to it with the multi colored(dots) string of beads. Looks so cheery and interesting, each one different. Those tiger lilies are amazing and great close up shots. Now your pergola will be so neat, I have always admired them. I think you will love it and you have plenty of areas for green views!!!! You will be HaPpY : )
    Enjoy, xoRobin

  9. Hi Teresa, What an amazingly talented lady you are!!!Wonderful event and so very, very interesting!!!Soon your pergola will be covered with plants and you'll enjoy the shade and the space to entertain and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!!! Hope you have a beautiful sunshine week!!!

  10. It might look odd at first but if you grow plants up it I'm sure it will start to blend into the garden.

    Last year my dad built a smaller version and at first I think he was wondering the same thing, "what have I done!!" but now it looks great :)

  11. Hi Teresa, what a very interesting post today. I was just soaking it all in admiring all your lovely work, YOU ARE SO TALENTED! I noticed you brought your shawl with you, I see it peaking on the back of your chair ") I am sure the new pergola will look really nice, enjoy all that lovely shade you are going to have.
    xx Shari ")

  12. Your bead work is wonderful! I really liked the ethnic touch, and the one with the rose. What thread did yo use for all your works? Capron? I'd love to try to make such too!
    Have a wonderful week on your lovely farm!

  13. Vista House is wonderful and I can well understand why you love it and have enjoyed being a part of preserving and sharing it. I enjoyed seeing your beads and beadwork again and learning more about them. Your blooms are so beautiful, too...and as for your new structures...well they offer different views and different opportunities to recognize fun and beauty around you, yes?

    On the way from Sonoma to Burbank on Friday I did all the driving, but on the way back today my sister drove some, too and I took camera shots whizzing along I-5. I hope I got some I can post :-)

    Hope you are having a happy week, Teresa!
    xx, Gracie

  14. Fascinating post, so many beautiful and interesting beads. Your flowers are looking stunning..I'm sure you will like the pergola once it is finished and your eyes get used to it. And will you grow something pretty round it? You are so good at growing lovely flowers and plants!
    Wishing you a happy week, Teresa.
    Helen x

  15. Wow...train rides, beautiful beadwork and gazebos. Lot's of wonderful stuff. Through in a couple of cute little boys and life is good :)

  16. Oh I love beads!! Fantastic necklaces ♥. And soo beautiful flowers, wow!! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Have a lovely day!!
    xxx Nata

  17. Your flowers are the colour around this time of year. Not to mention the lovely colours in those beads...stunning. Happy day my friend.

  18. Congratulations on 500 posts! That's amazing and your pictures are lovely as always.Take care my fiend and enjoy your weekend.


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