Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crochet Bunny & Apple Pie

I've sure been enjoying my daughter and granddaughters.. right now they're playing with my collection of Sweet Streets doll houses and families and furniture.  Amy is visiting with us over coffee.  And we're packing up to leave for the coast for a few days.  When Jenna saw my crocheted kitty she loved it so I offered to make her something - she wanted a pink bunny.  So here is what I came up with. :-)  Now I'm working on a purple one with blue stripes for Paige.
This is a freshly bathed Paige posing with her sister's bunny. 
Here are the girls ready to go visit with their old friends from before they moved to Ohio.  Jenna took her bunny and slept with it.  
Yesterday Dayle BBQed chicken for dinner and we were sitting on the deck after dinner and the girls were up swinging away and having fun.
Jenna is teaching Paige how to swing.  :-) 
Visiting and enjoying the perfect summer weather as the sun dips low.   
Amy's apple pie she made for us.
It was yummy!   
Would you like a bite? :-) 
OK.. time to get packed and head to the beach for a family vacation with all our children and grandkids.. yay!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Scrumptious apple pie!! Have a wonderful time at the beach. Hugs Anne x

  2. What a great bunny! Your little grand-daughters are adorable, I hope you have a wonderful trip. X. ps. I would looove a slice of that apple pie, yum yum.

  3. The pink bunny and the blanket are darling, as are your granddaughters. Your place looks very charming and country and a fun place for the girls to hang out.

  4. That bunny is just so perfect. Looks also like you are really enjoying those grandbabies :)

  5. I'd love a bite but am not going to intrude on your lovely visit. It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time, love the bunny, you are a wonderful Grandmother my friend.

  6. Excellent idea...Dayle's BBQed chicken and Amy's perfect apple pie to fortify you as you pack up to go have fun days at the beach :)
    Pink Bunny is a lovely new companion [and G'ma is a FAST~~~crocheter !] Thanks for sharing your happy days, Teresa.
    Gracie xx

  7. The girls are adorable! And, the bunny you crocheted is super cute! I love all the pretty colors in your crochet behind it. How wonderful that your bunny creation is receiving so much love. :-)

  8. Wonderful, beautiful times with your kids. I am just SO HAPPY for you Teresa. I know how much you've missed your girls. Have a great time at the beach. Your usual place?

  9. This is so full of happy things! I am thrilled to my toes that you have all of your kids and grands there with you. I wish I could see that ear to ear grin, that I know is on your pretty face!!!
    ENJOY the trip to the coast!!!
    xo Kris

  10. Hi Teresa,What a cute little bunny!!!That apple pie looks really yummy!!!Enjoy your little break at the sea with your family!!!What a privilege to all be together on holiday!!!

  11. Oh I am so happy for you my dear friend! Although I have to say I really do miss you and our lunches. But I am so very happy to see you enjoying such a great time with your kids and grand kids. What a privilege. Soo we will get together and I'll tell you all about our new adventure and our new house :) miss you. Enjoy your time at the beach :)

  12. Enjoy every minute with your lovely family xx

  13. Enjoy your time at the beach :) Our heatwave here has finally broken so we'll be able to enjoy more outdoor summery times too. So nice that the girls got to visit with old friends :) Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, DianeM
    P.S. - the apple pie looks delish!

  14. What a lovely time you're having. The bunny looks adorable and I am sure it will be cherished. Your daughter must be a fantastic pie baker because that pie looks incredibly good!

  15. So lovely to see your sweet grand girlies sounds like you are all having a great time. Love the crochet bunny...what a lovely gift to take home with them. The apple pie looks very delicious! Wishing you a wonderful vacation with your family, Teresa.
    Helen x

  16. Those bunnies are the sweetest! You are so talented. I love how she snuggles it!

  17. That apple pie is gorgeous! I can taste it from here! Does she have a special crust recipe? It looks marvelous and I would love to have it if she'll give it up. :)

    1. This is a great and easy recipe... it's called "4-2-1-1". 2 Crusts

      2 cups flour
      1 cup shortening
      1 tsp salt
      3 1/2 to 4 TBS of ice water

      Measure the flour and salt into a bowl, stir around, add shortening and cut it into the flour with a pastry blender until it resembles pea sized crumbs. Start with adding 3 1/2 TBS of ice water and blend with a fork until just blended - the key is not to overwork or add too much water - try not to add the extra 1/2 TBS of water. It will not look like a big ball of dough, it will still be crumbly. Gently press it down in the bowl into one mound. Cut it in half with a butter knife - makes two crusts. Roll out and use. Take a piece of plastic wrap and form each 1/2 of dough into patty shape and place in fridge for at least 1/2 hour.


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