Saturday, July 27, 2013

Last Two Days

I took my daughter Amy and my two granddaughters, Jenna and Paige, to the airport this morning.  We had a great visit with them.. they should be nearing Ohio now.  On Thursday we gave Amy the keys to our 2002 Thunderbird convertible and she headed off for lunch with an old work pal at NIKE, then had a pass for the NIKE employee store where she got to shop for herself and the girls.  She had a nice long day to herself which she loved.  Dayle and the girls dropped me off at Multnomah Falls for me to volunteer with my friend Shirley - and then he took them sightseeing and for ice cream, playing in a park and finally McDonalds.
First a hike up to see the falls.  A perfect day for it.
It's so nice and cool up near the falls as there is always mist up there. 
Then he took them to Bonneville Dam to the Fish Hatchery.. they have a wonderful sturgeon pond where you can walk down and watch them swim by.. the biggest one, an 8 footer, is named Herman.  They used to have a 12 footer but someone stole him! 
They also have a trout pond with huge trout.. aren't they neat? 
Dayle said that he saw a pond of rainbow trout and that they were all about 2 foot long
They have a neat bronze sculpture of salmon leaping up rapids to lay their eggs and spawn in our rivers. 
Then they headed East to Cascade Locks where he got each of them a big swirly soft ice cream cone at the old fashioned drive in there and then drove them to the park to eat them and play on this wonderful playground structure that resembles a Sternwheeler boat.  It was so warm that the ice cream melted all over the girls and grandpa had clean up duty with paper towels from the restroom.  :-)  Here is Paige in a tube on the play structure.   
Canned Jenna.  :-) 
When I was downloading my camera I was surprised to find this one.. I thought it was so funny I had to share.  My LUMIX has a touch sensitive screen where if you touch it it will take a photo.. we always find a "clunker" photo when I download them. :-) 
Windsurfing is a very important activity in Cascade Locks, Hood River and the gorge in general.  They made a neat play installment so kids could see how it is that you windsurf. 
Yesterday the kids and grandkids came to visit to see Amy and the girls one last time before they flew home.  It was a busy, crazy day.. we ordered pizza and had dinner on the deck.   
The kids had a blast all afternoon.. swinging, sliding, running through the woods. 
Paigie on my lap. 
I wanted a group photo of my 6 grandkids, so I asked them to climb up on the big old stump in the woods... aren't they just adorable?  I love them so much!
Then I asked them to have a group hug.. and this is what I got.  Awwwww!!! 
The kids all came running back from the woods all excited.. Gabriel had found a 4 leaf clover!  I told him that it was very good luck for him! :-) 
Gabriel and his 4 leaf clover. 
After Gabe got so much positive reaction to his clover.. they went back to the forest.. and here is what Hayden brought to me. :-)  This boy is so sweet. 
Caleb also presented me with a handful of clover.  After I praised them and admired them, I asked them if they would give them to the chickens, telling them it was their favorite things.. which they promptly did.   
Jenna brought me a bouquet of the most lovely, tiny flowers.. I have no idea what they are, but they are beautiful and have this interesting twisted center.. do any of you know what this is?
I was wearing a pink tie-dye t-shirt and they looked very pretty against the fabric. 
3 of the boys decided to cool off in the blow up pool.. or what's left of it.  Grandpa was emptying it to clean it out and refill it when the wind caught it and flung it into the rose bushes and the top blow up ring now has a thorn hole.  :-)  Look at that cheeser face on Caleb?  LOL!!
Last night I decided to make a yo-yo hair clip for Jenna.  She wears one every day to keep her hair out of her eyes.  So, I let her pick what color she wanted and I sewed it onto one of her plain pink clips and added a neat metal button - isn't she cute with it in her hair?  This photo I took this morning.. she's a little sleepy!
We got up at 4:15 am this morning to take the girls to the airport.  Have I told you lately that I'm not a morning person? :-)  Dayle wondered why the girls hadn't come in yet and went out to check on them.. they didn't hear the alarm and were still asleep!  Departure for the airport was 5 am and he woke them at 4:37!  They stayed all week in our nice roomy trailer, so they came in and finished getting their bags together.. I brushed both of their hair and we were on the road right on time.  I drove, no room for Grandpa with all the luggage.  I got them there in just under a half hour - unloaded them, hugged them all and waved them goodbye.  We won't see them for another year when we will fly the 3000 miles to Ohio to see them.  I must say, seeing my girls once a year is not enough.  ::sigh:: Well, onward and upward.  We are resting today and then have a Friends of Multnomah Falls Volunteer Picnic.  Fun!  Have an awesome weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow Wonderful pictures. Looks like they had a great time it is so beautiful where you live! I just saw a show on National geographic about herman!

  2. I have been thinking of you, wondering how the final flurry of The Visit flew by, and am so glad that it was filled with so much fun! Thanks for sharing...precious time that you have documented beautifully :) As you savor the good times of this past ten days it is great that you are already planning the next get together! The hair clip is very cute, and Dayle upside down is far better than my photos of the ceiling...the floor... :)
    Love to you and yours, Gracie xx

  3. Looks like you really made the most of your visit with your daughter and granddaughters. Seriously, how do you steal a sturgeon that big?

  4. Great photos--your grandkiddos are all SO cute! LOVED Dayle's chuckle (surprise) photo:) Beautiful, beautiful pink flowers-love them!
    I hope you will be able to visit your granddaughters sometime this year. My granddaughters are both nearby now--but I remember how it was all too well.
    PS: That is one BIG sturgeon!

  5. Your grandchildren are dears, but the picture of Paige on your lap is so darling. You are going to miss them terribly until you get to see them again. Time flies too dang fast, doesn't it. I am so glad that you had so many good days to be with the ones you love.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. Oh Teresa my friend, you were so blessed on this visit. You can just see the happiness and love shining from those faces. I especially like the group picture. You managed to cram so much into the short time you all had together and your girls will remember how you made the time special for them.
    How sad to see them all leave but it's good you're already planning the next visit. Our family will begin arriving in a short time. Grandma in 10 days. Alex in 11 days and Mandy and Jamie's families in 12 days. I'm so excited as you well can understand. Thanks or sharing your fun times.

  7. Hi Teresa,Aww!!!I love your header today!!!They are so sweet!!!!!I know how you feel because my brother lives a 1000km away and we only see him every 2 years and every time he leaves my heart is just shattered for days!!!!But as you say,onward and upward!!!Enjoy your picnic!!!

  8. Kiss,kiss,kiss. .... Just for you as I know these next few was will be so hard. But what a wonderful time you all had and you gave your whole family such a wonderful time. It will never be forgotten.

  9. What a wonderful visit your girls had Teresa, they must have such happy memories. The joy in their faces is obviously. Your group photo is beautiful, I hope you frame a copy. Take care and enjoy your Sunday x

  10. Love the group shot of those precious grand kids of yours!! I don't get to see mine nearly enough either so I can relate to your sadness at them leaving. But on the bright side at least some of them live close by you. Mine are all on different sides of the country. :-( As for the fish.....I'm still trying to come to grips with how someone could steal a 12 foot sturgeon and better yet why!?

  11. Sad for you today Teresa as I know how much ypu will miss those gorgeous girls. My grandsons go home today and although I will see them at the end of August it's still hard saying goodbye.
    Loved your post of your last dys together. Pretty flowers,lovely gestures from the children and beautiful photos of them. Love and hugs Anne x

  12. Oh my goodness my dear friend.. What a wonderful visit. Your grandchildren are just absolutely gorgeous...I know in my heart, exactly how hard it is to have family so far... But if we cherish and enjoy every minute with them the distance is somehow more manageable ...I am so happy you had such a great time with them :) I'm glad you are having sucha nice summer :)

  13. What wonderful times you had, good for you making the most of every second. X

  14. Love the pic of Dayle, I'm still laughing. Precious time with the grandchildren, you'll just have to Skype a lot.

    CN x

  15. Oh Teresa, I know you are missing them something fierce. So glad everyone was able to spend such a great time together, seeing so much of each other and having fun. I think a picnic is just what you need to keep your mind off them leaving. You are blessed with a wonderful family,
    Hugs to you and Dayle,

  16. You had such a wonderful visit with all of your girls. I know you will miss them a lot. They will have great memories of their time with you and Grandpa and their cousins! I can't believe someone stole that huge sturgeon, that's sad and hard to even imagine. You live in such an interesting place with so much to see and do, I will definitely be visiting someday.

  17. Your grandkids are adorable! Looks like you had a wonderful visit! That bouquet of little pink flowers is so pretty! You took great photos of it too! Have a wonderful day!

  18. You have some lovely memories to treasure, and wonderful photos of your lovely grandchildren to enjoy too! Loved all the happy family pictures here, and seeing what everyone got up to (even the 'clunker' pic...what a great name for those kind! Mine are usually of the ground!) You have also given the children some wonderful times they will always remember, Teresa. Love those pretty pink flowers and the sweet yo yo hair clip!
    Helen x

  19. Dearest Teresa. My Grandmother was a farmers wife. Her husband died when I was 2 and she came to live with us as a family until she died. I had 2 children of my own by then so they got to know Great Grandma. She did have a massive influence on my life but our relationship was not always easy as she really loved boys the best. That goes back to her farming roots as they are more useful. So my 2 brothers subsequently became the apple of her eye.
    I think you have the most wonderful family and know just how special these last weeks have been. I think they will love you no matter how great the difference but I know that does not help.
    Love Linda.... Chalky


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