Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friends and Flowers

I want to thank each and every one of you that took the time to leave a comment on my last post.  Your kind and thoughtful sentiments have brought solace to my husband and I as we grieve the loss of our beloved kitty.  You're the best. 

We are packing and planning and making lists for our annual family reunion at Waldo Lake - we leave in a few days.  (Thank heavens for our state-of-the art security system with 3 cameras.)  My blog friend, Gracie, invited me over for lunch and a visit yesterday, knowing that we'd both be going on vacation.  This is a beautiful hollyhock in bloom by her front porch.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you'd enjoy her a lot - click HERE.
Here is Gracie, what a sweetheart!  She made iced tea and a yummy salad with her own cherry tomatoes on top!  We chatted away for a few hours and had a lovely time.  I then headed out for my swim workout, then ran some errands.  A busy day.   
I've packed my clothes for the trip - now to pack my CRAFTY stuff. :-)  Our begonias are doing extra nice this year, Dayle winters them over every year. 
 And our new orange and unusual begonia basket.
I am so happy with the Lantana - I will get one each spring.  I know it will not make it through our winters, being a southern plant. 
The moss roses are sweet too, I just love the succulent type foliage on them. 
The volunteer bell flower is doing well.. I wonder if it will come back next year? 
Are you familiar with the story - "Jack in the Beanstalk"?  We have our very own variety of it.. the biggest Stargazer Lily ever!  It's growing way up over the eave of the roof!  I think we'll cut this stem and take it to camp with us, as I don't want to miss the blooms.  That red banana is from last year, too.  And it wintered outside!
Dear hubby repotted 3 of my favorite houseplants - he found these great fiberglass pots for only $14.99 at Bi-Mart!  I got the variegated ficus as a 5 inch tall plant for my desk at work 14 years ago.  The Peace Lily was from my Dad's funeral 11 years ago and I treasure it.  They are now safely back in their spots in the dining room - which gets the best light in our house. 
We have tiger and stargazer lilies in bloom on the deck of the garden shed. :-) 
Stargazer Lilies.. a wondrous flower indeed, exotically magnificent and fragrant like the finest Oriental scent.  If you don't grow one, you should try one. 
I have an iPad and love it for my Scrabble, Words With Friends and Draw Something games - but the holder/easel I had never worked very well - and I'd been wanting a wireless keyboard for it - so I did some online research and found this little gem.  It's called a ClamCase Pro - and you snap the iPad in the lid, and pair it with the wireless bluetooth keyboard, and it's like a little computer!  Plus, the keyboard folds beneath to become an easel.  Just thought I'd share this with iPad users.
More yo-yos for my centerpiece project.  I'm certainly not pushing the holidays, but this is a fun make.  I'm taking it all to camp to work on when we're not sailing or swimming or roasting marshmallows. :-)  If you'd like to see where we're going - click HERE to see my blog post when we returned from our 10 day camping trip.  
Again.. thank you for all your kind comments about Lucy.  Buddy seems to be looking for her.  OK, time for me to pack some more things.  Have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your flowers are all looking so lush and healthy. I'm so glad you and Gracie got to have a nice lunch date; she is a sweetie and I can see why you enjoy her company so much. :)

  2. You are such a busy woman I find it hard to believe you actually have the time to smell those lovely flowers of yours. You are a whirlwind, you make my head spin. I am a bit of a home body and love the peace and quiet of it all. I do miss my husband. I find myself turning on the tv mostly for noise. It was months before I would turn the radio on and I have always loved music. He bought me a Bose a few years ago. I love the laid back life. Hope you have a safe and good trip to and from your family reunion. Take care.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Such gorgeous flowers Teresa (+ Gracie)--I especially enjoyed Gracie's hollyhock (beautiful color), the lantana and -- of course -- the stargazer (cannot believe the height on yours)!
    Have a blessed time at the lake--enjoy your family:)

  4. Such beautiful flowers Teresa. I think my favorite is also the stargazer lily. I'm so jealous of the lunches you and Gracie have together. I'm looking for someone here in Spokane to have lunch with and talk crocheting and knitting. I'll have to make a trip to Portland soon. :-)
    Have a wonderful time on your trip. I'm busy preparing for family to arrive this week.

  5. Gracie sounds like a wonderful friend and it sounds like you had a wonderful visit. :-)

    All the flowers are so pretty! Especially the begonia. I love the white insides and the frilly pink edges. So pretty!

  6. Hi Teresa, Glad you're having a little break!!!Hope you and Dayle are coping OK?!!!Your garden is just spectacular!!!!There is always something new in bloom!!!Enjoy your reunion camp and see you again soon!!!!

  7. I am glad that you and Dayle have found good support...sharing eases the burden of grief doesn't it Teresa. Dear Gracie sounds a sweetie, you are lucky to have her so nearby. Enjoy your holiday, it is good timing for your both to relax and enjoy being with your family, the best distraction at times like this. Your flowers are amazing!Take care x

  8. Teresa, I am so glad you came for a visit, too! The time flew by~~~ Thanks for posting the beautiful bouquet of flower-photos! I love being able to focus on the unique wonder of each one. God's creation is so amazing, and I am grateful He has gifted you to appreciate and share the beauty with us.

    I appreciated the comments that your friends posted about your loss of Lucy, as well. I imagine that Buddy is looking for her, too. I am glad you are there to reassure him of your continued love for him as he adjusts to her absence as you do.

    We had a birthday dinner for our dear friend Grantie tonight and like you I am trying to complete my list of things that need doing before my next trip. Life is such a push and pull of feelings and experiences isn't it.
    Blessings and hugs to you and Dayle,

  9. I'm so glad you are doing well even thought .m sure it is not easy. I'm glad you are going on your family reunion and I hope we can get together when you return. Enjoy your time with your family. Lots of love.

  10. I can't wait to see the photos when you get back, and I always love your posts about your beautiful garden. X

  11. Hi Teresa so pleased that you found the comments re Lucy and your loss so helpful. Poor Buddy I expect he is wondering where she is and missing her.
    Lovely photo of Gracie. Good to hear you met for lunch again. Like Betsy I do envy you. Beautiful blooms as ever. Love and hugs Anne x

  12. That visit to Gracie sounds great, you are right, she is a sweetie. How I would love to meet up with you all and drink coffee! I just love the way folks in the states have porches, I would really love one. Such a great way to sit and chill out/craft on your own or with friends and family.

    I can almost smell the flowers, they are simply beautiful.

    And I am fascinated by the centre piece you are making - will you slip stitch them together? And how do you get the sizes so uniform?

    Have a wonderful family get together!


  13. Hi Teresa. I am truly sorry to hear about Lucy. It just broke my heart when I read you last post, all I could leave was a sad face. Keeping busy is good medicine, especially with big family gathering. As always, have fun and be safe!
    Your flowers always make me smile!
    Love U....Shari!

  14. Hope you and your husband are doing ok without Lucy :( You've got your holiday to look forward to now though and I'm sure being surrounded by your family will help a lot

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful plants and flowers :) X

  15. I think getting away might be the perfect thing for you and Dayle right now as you are missing your Lucy. So glad you could spend time with Gracie, she is such a delight.

  16. Dear Teresa.
    I am so grateful of your VERY kind,thoughtful but most of all perceptive comments over at my little bit of Blogland just now. Sigh,sigh .. Deep sigh. We too are planning a couple of days away in Cornwall in a few weeks. I think Walks by the ocean and cliff tops will help us a great deal. I do hope so.
    Have a wonderful break but be ready to miss your beautiful cat even more when you first come home.
    I am so glad that you not only have such a wonderful family but also wonderful friends like Gracie.

    Talking of friends I have been trying to find you on "words with friends" I think you p,ay it. Maybe you have a user name? I do if you would like a game. Mine is Chalky75.

    Happy travels

  17. You have such a green thumb, the flowers are gorgeous! Have fun camping. XOXO

  18. Beautiful plants and flowers. Always fun seeing Gracie and I certainly enjoy her
    blog ☺ May you enjoy the packing for your holiday, something I do a lot here lol.

  19. Your garden is beautiful Teresa, I hope that you have a great holiday! :)


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