Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Going Off the Grid

Amongst my making lists, crossing off things on said lists, washing up things, packing things.. I wanted to say hello before I leave for 10 days as of tomorrow morning.  I know you're not supposed to put on your blog when you'll be gone, but just because I like to be real and tell you what I'm up to, we had a very good security system installed with cameras and we can check it from wherever we are from our iPhones. :-)  I thought you'd enjoy seeing my "pile" of things to load into the trailer.  My flower shawl project using Drops Alpaca - the colors of this are luscious.
My Shocking Pink Teddy Bear project, some KnitPicks Dishie cotton for knitting dishcloths, my basket of assorted "shtuff".
The latest Country Living with Jadeite dishes on the cover.. ohhhh.. my new vintage camp plate of enameled tin, my beloved Sourdough cookbook (I'll be making sourdough flapjacks (pancakes, hotcakes) while we're at camp.  I've got my sourdough starter fuzzing away in the kitchen right now.  My penny whistle, Cath Kidston chambersticks, my Winsor & Newton watercolor kit.. don't forget to remind me to grab some watercolor paper.... we're almost done packing!
My favorite project right now is my yo-yo centerpiece I'm working on.  I've always wanted to do quilting.. and this is the closest I've gotten.  I'm enjoying making these! 
 Story time.. I had some really good Mundial scissors I've used for years - but when I've tried to cut the cotton fabric for this project, it wasn't cutting all the way to the tip.  So, hubby goes.. hand them here, I'll fix them.  WARNING - BIG MISTAKE!  He takes one of the blades and BENDS it.. yes, he did.  So I try them out and now they're really not cutting well.  ::sigh::  So, I hop over to Amazon and order a new pair of scissors - and they are heavy, but cut all the way to the tip.  Moral of the story - never give your husband your scissors to "fix". :-)
I'm kind of surprised how few people seem interested in my yo-yo project.. :-)  But one person asked how I get them so uniform - this is how - you buy this nifty gadget for making them, made by Clover.  It's actually amazingly brilliant - you pop the 2 pieces together over the fabric, then cut around the circle leaving 1/8 of an inch of fabric around the edge.  Then you sew in and out of the little curved openings, then pop the cover off an pull the thread and it gathers up into the yo-yo.  Make a knot and VOILA! a yo-yo. 
They come in several sizes, but I like this small one. 
All of this yo-yo making stuff fits into this wonderful vintage basket purse/sewing basket that my sister, Roberta, gave me for a gift and I love it! 
My Stargazer Lily is blooming.. I'm amazed that it's over the roof!  I can see these from my lounge chair in the family room through the kitchen window which is divine. 
I wish you could smell these! 
I was one of the lucky winners on Joan's blog giveaway - do visit her at Pembrokeshire Lass.  She lives in a beautiful place and has such a philosophic viewpoint on life - I really enjoy reading her blog.  Thanks, Joan!!  When I use this tea towel I will always think of you and wish I could visit your beautiful land.
She also included this beautiful art card with a handwritten note.. what a sweetie!
Well.. I had better get busy - I have to run an errand, put a hold on our mail and hop to the grocery store for 3 last items.. hehe.  I'll miss you while I'm gone!  OH.. "Off the grid" means that you don't have any water, electricity or internet - which is what we'll be doing.  We'll be in our wonderful trailer, but this is a wilderness camp, no hookups.  See you when I get back.. and have a super week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Have a wonderful time, Teresa. Those lilies are amazing!

    Abi x

  2. Have a wonderful time! I love the yo yos! Your project is coming along nicely. Did you see on the website the bed drape! Its gorgeous. Thats on my list.

  3. I can smell those Stargazers from here! I always think they smell slightly like licorice. Mmmm! You'll have to post a couple of your favorite recipes from that sourdough book when you get back. All of what you mentioned sounds so good! How can you go wrong with sourdough anything?? HAVE FUN!!

  4. Have a wonderful time! The flower shawl grabbed my eye right away! It is beautiful!!!! You are too funny about the security system. I am always afraid too, and dont usually say I have bee away til Ive been away....you crack me up. Get some great R and R.

  5. Have a wonderful time Teresa and Dayle!!! Look forward to hearing all about it xoxo

  6. I LOVE YOUR YO-YO'S!!!!! Little hand stitching seems to be my thing these days. Sorry,I missed a step. I didn't know you were making them. Amazed of how many you got done. I have been wanting to make hexagons out of fabric, but haven't had the time to sit down and make them, plus, I have a zillion other projects that need to get done first! Ya'll have fun on your trip. It's going to be nice to just "unplug" for a while!!
    Love, Shari

  7. I am so glad you posted about your yo yos, cause I have been interested and have been meaning to comment on how uniform they are for a first time effort in making them. Oh, girly, now your secret is out on that handy gadget and thank you for sharing on that item. I have made yo yos and bought some too on Ebay. They are a nice take along project and always fun to play around with. I am sitting here laughing, my, but when you get all your crafty stuff and yarn loaded up there will be no room for hubby, lol. Love the look of your shawl, the colors are so vibrant and it looks so soft. I have been thinking too about installing a security system. Anymore one can not be too safe or too trusting when away from home. Hope you have a safe trip and I am wondering how much withdrawal you will be suffering from by not having water, electric or internet. I am sure you will have all sorts of interesting tales to tell us once you get back. Take care & God Bless.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. LOVE those yo-yos! Have a great trip!

  9. My ear Teresa I not only love your yo-yos I adore them...mi think they are lovely and I think it's absolutely great you started a Christmas project in July ...mi love Christmas in July. I also loooooove the colors and yarn you are using for your shawl, but of course you already know that...the Lilly's are just gorgeous they are amazing, never seen one so big.
    Hope you have a wonderful time camping and I hope to see you when you come back. Hope we can still get together before the summer ends. Have fun my dear friend :)

  10. Hi Teresa! I think your yo-yo's are fantastic but I'm afraid of starting a project. They're so cute I think I could become addicted to them! My oh my you plan to be a busy girl while camping. Is there room for Buddy and Dayle in the camper? :-)
    Those lilies are amazing. So big!!!! I wish I could be there to smell them. Maybe we need smelly ions blogs for all of your beautiful flowers.

    Have a wonderful time and come back refreshed and rejuvenated my friend.


  11. Teresa, I hope you are able to enjoy making every single one of your art projects [yo-yo project included :)], and the fantastic Lake Waldo, and your family! The tea towel Joan sent you is lovely, and, oh, your lily is truly amazing! With list in hand I went shopping for our next trip today. Have a fabulous time on your trip, and please try to cram in some rest along the way :) I look forward to our next visit!
    Love with hugs,

  12. Hi Teresa have fun! U have everything but the kitchen sink! Love the yo yo's. Daren't start anything else!! Ah you won a lovely tea towel from Joan! She's lovely isn't she. The lily is gorgeous. Safe travels. Hugs Anne x

  13. Well, it is just as well you travel in a trailer as it already has the kitchen sink. Lovely,lovely things on your post. Ave fun and enjoy every minute

  14. Have a GREAT vacation! Looks like you've got all the essentials covered :) I love your little yo-yo project - I have afew of those Clover gadgets too...believe me if I wasn't knee-deep in my little hexie quilt and crochet bunting projects I would be making yo-yos too :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  15. Your Yo-yo's are perfect Teresa (Clover products are fabulous aren't they?)and your crochet is looking gorgeous too!
    Love the beautiful Stargazer Lily and well done on winning the lovely Giveaway!
    Wishing you a wonderful trip!
    Susan x

  16. Have a great time, Teresa! I love every one of your projects, they are all beautiful. Those new scissors look really nice! I love my Mundials, I'm sorry to hear they didn't sharpen easily. I'll have to keep that in mind. Enjoy your trip! :)

  17. I think that your blog has been so busy recently that maybe people have been busy commenting on all the other things! Your yo-yos are beautiful. Have a wonderful trip. X

  18. Aw I like the yo-yos, I just didn't know what they were lol It's also hard to get into seeing Christmas things in the summer too :) Have a lovely trip though, hope you come back with lots of pics & stories to tell x

  19. Enjoy your time on your wonderful trip Teresa. Looks like you have everything you need, hope you have packed a few good books, too.
    Hugs and you will be missed,

  20. Wishing you a wonderful time at your favorite place and looking forward to seeing all the beauty you will bring back in the way of craft projects and photos of 'paradise'!
    PS: A good security system is always a good, good thing!

  21. Oh Teresa, I feel so bad that I am seeing this late. You are long gone, and not able to read blogs. I know you are having a wonderful time! You certainly have lots of fun projects to keep you busy while you are away. Those star gazers are just fabulous!!!! Oh my! I do love the way they smell!!! And that shawl you are working on is stunning! I can't wait to see your photos from your trip.
    XO Kris

  22. I do like the colours of the Drops Alpaca. I have some of their cotton but this seems special....softer somehow! I love your bright colours and he yoyos are precious! I'm so glad you are enjoying the tea towel! Enjoy your hols. Look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Joan

  23. Hi..have a wonderful time....lots to play with while away i see lol
    hugs x


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