Sunday, August 18, 2013

Waldo Lake Camping Trip - 2013

We're back!  We were away camping for 11 days this time.  Here is a shot of my sister and brother as they sail back into the cove of Shadow Bay Campground - one of 3 at Waldo Lake which is owned by the USFS.  The atmosphere was not as clear as usual as there is a huge forest fire burning in Southern Oregon, so far burning over 73 square miles!
Our youngest son Travis' wife Kristi surprised us by arriving 4 days early with all 4 of our grandsons!  Here they are enjoying themselves in the cove - we'd brought the 2 jet floats for the little guys - the bigger boys were able to use our kayak.
Michael, Gabriel, Hayden & Caleb with the little island in the mouth of the bay. 
The boys loved their little jet floats! 
That's me on the air float with my river hat, Kristi is pulling us around and all of us floating are hanging on to each other. :-) 
We also had brought a little raft which Caleb shared with Jack, who they've played with for 3 summers now. 
We launched our Sunfish sailboats and this is my boat heading to "Amy's Blue Lagoon" - which is a secret hidden lagoon behind an island on the East end of the lake.  My older sister Roberta named it after my daughter who was canoeing with her when they found this special place - our favorite on the lake for swimming and hanging out. 
My pretty sail.  This sail was custom made to promote the 1988 movie "Tequila Sunrise" starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell - it was at a video conference in Las Vegas and a local video distributor won it and put it in the classified ads here and I got it for a 1/4 of it's value! :-)  Love this boat!
Can you see the island in the center of the photo?  There is an entrance on the left and right to our pretty and wind-protected cove.
Here is the lagoon and can you see my brother swimming with his hat on?  The water here is crystal clear, has a visibility depth of 115 feet and is the 2nd largest lake in Oregon, with Crater Lake being the biggest.
My brother's boat and mine.  :-)  I always hang my t-shirt on the sail to dry after sailing over to the lagoon.  I'm so fast there is plenty of water spray.. :-) 
Dayle took the two littlest guys out for a short spin to show them what sailing was like, this is Hayden. 
"Glamping" - we cut the big stem of Stargazer lilies and they bloomed the entire 11 days! 
They brought huge amounts of visual and aromatic joy the whole week. 
Kristi found a darling tiny frog in the bayside rocks. 
Caleb, Michael and Hayden enjoying the lake, Hayden has a tiny frog in his hands. 
Our grandsons... and Buddy. 
Caleb and frog.  
In our campsite is a stump which the boys found endless ways to enjoy.  Who needs electronic games when you have a stump? :-) 
Kristi borrowed my camera to snap a photo of this fireweed flower right before sunset, the golden alpenglow on the trees.
The boys posing for grandma on "the point" where we hike to see the sunsets almost every evening. 
They love each other. :-) 
This is my favorite of all the photos I snapped. 
Kristi took all the boys frog hunting after dark and proudly brought this monster in to show us.. I said.. if this thing jumps in my face, you're in trouble! :-) 
The 3 youngest had tons of fun on this old rotting log. 
Chef Dayle made breakfast of grilled ham, sausage, hash browns with onion, sausage gravy and our home grown eggs.  Does anything taste better than dining outside at camp? 
The flowers kept blooming up the stem as the week went by. 
Grandpa holding Buddy in one arm and Caleb in the other while Kristi looks on. 
The view of the lake from our campsite, it's that close.   
Another breakfast, this time with bacon.  I taught grandpa to make sausage gravy and after three times he was a master at it.  I used my enameled tin cowboy plate - I'm not a fan of paper plates. :-) 
Our annual group shot - my younger sister Denise visited for 2 days, staying in a nice hotel in Oakridge 32 miles away, for 2 nights.  Clean bed, wi-fi, shower, tv.. hmmm.. what are we doing wrong?  :-)  So, all four siblings, and just a few of our kids and grandkids.   
Caleb loves ketchup on his hotdog.  :-) 
I love this shot - Travis and Kristi were playing Pente - a family favorite board game - and guess who won?  Michael and Hayden smiling for grandma. 
The boys visited with my sister Denise and I.  They were rolling around wrestling and giggling from one end of the trailer to the other.. so I thought I'd ask them to pose for a photo (for a quiet moment).  As soon as I was done, they started wrestling and giggling some more. :-) 
My son Travis and his 1966 Mustang Fastback GT which he got when he was 15, he re-built the engine, transmission, rear-end, suspension, steering and re-did the upholstery and carpet, interior panels.. all by himself.  Kristi is in her 1978 Westfalia VW Bus which Travis rebuilt the engine, fuel injection system, etc.  They are ready to head home.
I worked on Caleb's "Shocking Pink" Teddy Bear during daylight hours when I could see.  I got one arm on it and have half the 2nd arm done. 
Below is my sourdough starter which I "babied" all week.  I made a double batch of them for us for breakfast - I lamented that I forgot to take photos of the stack of pancakes with butter and syrup on them.  But trust me, they were AWESOME!! 
One afternoon I was hiking down to the "point" and spied these tiny little flowers - I didn't have the camera that time, but later I found them again, just barely as the flowers are only as big as your thumb nail and I almost passed them by.  I snapped a photo of them from the top.. the plant is only 10 inches tall!  
I very carefully turned the stem so I could see the other side of the flower which hangs beneath the flower and was awestruck at the beauty of it!!  I've tried to find the name of this but so far have failed.. do you know what this is???  (Edited to add:  This is a Pipsissewa - Botanical name - Chimaphela umbellata - and has many medicinal uses!  Thanks to my friend Kevynne on Facebook!)
Here is the flower from the side and the buds. 
It was a good Huckleberry year - here is one of them.  They are great in pancakes! 
Dayle found a lime green little frog.. cute, huh? 
Here is my boat on the side of the beach on our 2nd to the last day.. all stowed.  
On our last night, we invited my sister Roberta for dinner.  I prepared the baked potatoes for the oven - scrubbed, buttered, salted and wrapped in foil.  Dayle barbecued the beef tenderloins.  I also prepared the asparagus.  I set the table in the trailer with real plates and flatware and red bandanas as napkins.  It was delish! 
That night Roberta and I went to the point to photograph the sunset and I got this one of the moon.  :-) 
The sunset was worth the wait. :-) 
After we had stowed everything in the trailer and on my boat trailer - we went over to say farewell to my brother's family - this is the youngest member of the family.  Look at that face! 
My brother's family, minus 1 son and his wife and daughter and minus 1 DIL who missed the photo.  
And so, the journey down the mountain, Diamond Peak in the distance. 
I zoomed in on the peak - isn't it neat?
Sorry for so many photos.  I hope you enjoyed my sharing of our beautiful camping spot.  I have a lot of blog reading to catch up with my other blog friends!  Thanks for visiting.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Stumped me on that pretty flower with the green center...
    Our camping dishes are our old Corelle set - can't stand paper plates either.
    Looks like you escaped all the wildfire smoke and had a wonderful 'glamping' trip.

  2. Wow, what an amazing time. You sound so happy in this post, tired but very happy! You really packed in a lot of fun. The boys all look like they're having a ball and I liked seeing the campsite and your meals. I'm impressed with all that cooking you did, especially the big breakfasts. I'm glad to know someone else who loves sourdough pancakes because that's how we make ours too! That baby is such a cutie, he looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family holiday. It is indeed a very beautiful place. I loved your sunset photos. Xoxox

  4. This seems like such a perfect trip! I would love go myself! I also have to say that I LOVE that VW bus!!!!

  5. Awsome post Teresa and welcome back. Such a good family fun time had by you all.

  6. Thanks for sharing your time at Waldo Lake with us, many fantastic photos and a great narrative! I have consulted a field guide book about flowers and looked on the Internet but haven't found your stunning little flower, yet. I'm glad that you and yours had a good trip!
    Gracie xx from Nebraska :)

  7. Have missed you, but good to see you had a wonderful vacation with family, doing what you love at a place where you thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Clear water, lovely sites, fresh air, who could ask for more. Now comes the fun part, returning home and resting up. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your pretty photos.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. Your photos are great! Looks like a wonderful trip! And, a wonderful family! That Pippsissewa flower is fascinating. I've never seen one like it. I love your colorful crochet throw. It's so pretty! We have a Comfort trailer too! They sure are made well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation photos.

  9. Ahhh Teresa! Such a wonderful time you had and the memories you make with your children and grandchildren each year at Waldo lake will live in their hearts forever. I can just see and feel the love spilling out of your words. Perfect time. Perfect everything. I'm so very happy for you. (Never too many pictures of your beautiful family my friend.)

  10. What a beautiful spot for a huge family get together! Your photos are all amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed your post! You have a wonderful family and how fun to be able to get them all together in one amazing camping spot. Looks like the weather cooperated too! Thanks for sharing beautiful Oregon with us all. ;-)

  11. Hello Teresa good to have you back. I was wondering only last night how long you had been gone. What an amazing place though. Looks as though you had a wonderful time. Stunning photographs. Hugs Anne x

  12. Being an only child, with a mother who was an only child (and a father who had one brother that we never saw) - I look at these family outings and I'm green with envy! Can't even imagine what that would be like! Fun pictures...I read every word of this post and examined every photo! I love that photo of the two little guys in their boat/raft. Such a lovely family you have...I know you know you are blessed! Hugs, Annette

  13. What gorgeous scenery, and beautiful family! Thanks for taking me on a visual tour of your wonderful getaway! :)

  14. Hi Teresa,So nice to hear from you again and as always loved your post!!!WOW!!!Looks like the perfect holiday!!!Beautiful spot on the lake!!!Love all of it!!!!Have a happy and creative week!!!

  15. I actually almost feel as if I've had a holiday myself reading your post. How lovely that you all get together like this and have fun. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs with us. I know nothing about flowers other than that one is very pretty!

  16. What wonderful photos Teresa! I especially loved the unusual wildflower (so unique and gorgeous), the lake (needs to be renamed 'Paradise on Earth Lake'...LOL), that sunset (simply amazing), your table setting in the trailer (I prefer real plates too) and--of course--those cute grandkiddos and family of yours!
    Welcome home!
    Blessings, Aimee

  17. Teresa, I love each and every photo, you are so blessed with a family that loves being together. The boys look like they had a fabulous time, I am glad you had time with your siblings and their families too. It looks like a splendid vacation, but I have to say you were missed so I am so glad you are back.

  18. That is an impressive photo of the moon, so bright & clear :) I can't believe how many frogs you have, it looks like you were invaded ;)

    I love that all your boys are so outdoorsy, who wants to be inside playing video games with a place like that outside?! x

  19. Such wonderful photos of your happy family time at the lake. I so enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading all about it too. It certainly is a beautiful place! The little flower you found is glad you finally found out the name of it. Wishing you a happy week at home, Teresa.
    Helen x

  20. Ok, let me try this again! I was here right after you posted this, and couldn't comment. Then yesterday, my Mom came out, and we were out and about all day long! I just reread it, and it was just as delightful the second time around! What a gorgeous lake! What a beautiful sailboat!!! I love those gorgeous! And food...oh my! Love me some gravy! The kids looked like they were having a ball! Is the lake cold? So great that you and your siblings get together like this!!! Your son and his wife are ever so helpful and generous with their time to you and Dayle. So nice to have such help! I can see why you love this place Teresa!! Loved this post!!!
    xo Kris

  21. Welcome home Teresa, what a lovely holiday you had. It is great that your family can get together. I loved all your photos and those little frogs were too cute. I agree that the sunset photo is awesome ;0) I hope the washing pile is reducing quickly ;0) Jane x

  22. Wow -- all so gorgeous! Looks like an amazing time! :)

  23. I LOVE THIS POST! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. What a nice surprise for Kirsti to show up a few days early. I know that made you smile. It's amazing that you love to sail(something I wish to learn. Absolutey the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, no wonder you love it there! Had to laugh (a lot) about the frog possibly jumping on you( I laughed out loud) your a brave woman getting so close to it! Love all the family shots and the youngest little addition to your family is soooo cute I could just squeeze him! So happy you had a wonderful trip and glad you made it home safe. You were surely missed!
    Get some rest
    Love, Shari ♥

  24. Welcome back Teresa! Wonderful photographs of your family holiday in such a stunning place. I've so enjoyed looking at all your pics this morning. You've captured some very special memories (I noticed Buddy was having a great time there too!)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x
    P.S Your little pink bear is looking great!

  25. It looks like you had a fabby time with your family.
    CN x

  26. Just awesome! The lake is lovely :) Thanks for sharing...I enjoyed reading all about your vacation.
    Smiles, DianeM

  27. Hi, Teresa! Finally I got to your posts! I came back from Kazakhstan last week and just peeked in your blog... And oh my.. what a beautiful trip you had! You have such a big family and this is great that you find time to get together :) i LOVED the sunset pics... mesmerizing nature!
    I will start following your posts regularly now as I missed so many of them!
    Have a wonderful day!


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