Friday, September 6, 2013

A Joyful Life

Caleb, our 4 year old grandson came bursting in the door yesterday saying "Gwampa, Gwama! Come quick and see!"  His mom had given him a long wand of bubbles to make and he was very very excited!  He whirled around in abandon making big huge bubbles!
Around and around he turned, making pretty, iridescent orbs floating through the air.
I adore this child.. he's so happy and fun to be around. 
He showed me that when the bubble liquid was gone, the container became a light saber. :-)  Our poor yard is all dried up from a long warm summer.  But it rained all last night, so it should begin to green up a bit. 
Hayden arrives home from kindergarten at 3:40ish - his mom, dad, brother, grandpa and I are there waiting for him.  What a big boy! 
I love this snap of him waving to his bus driver.   
Then I walked across the road to get a few shots of the flower gardens there grown by Laotian families for farmer's markets. 
 The image below reminds me of an impressionist painting.
A big stem of my 4th of July roses are giving me an end-of-the-season performance. :-) 
And I can't get over how much enjoyment I've gotten from this Lantana plant!  You can bet that I will get one every summer for the rest of my life.
My progress on Caleb's blanket.  I know a lot of bloggers don't show their projects until they're done.. but not me!  You have to suffer through it for weeks and months.. lol!! 
May I take a moment to comment about comments?  :-)  Over the last year several popular bloggers have done a post on "Why am I doing this blog?  I am not getting enough comments!  Wah!  I might just quit blogging!"  And then of course they get over 100 comments from people begging them to stay blogging.  What I have to tell them is this:  If you want comments, you have to reciprocate and LEAVE comments on the blogs you read.  If you don't make the effort to appreciate other people's blogs, then they will lose their reasons to comment on YOURS.  Just sayin'.    I don't get as many comments as I'd like.. but I won't stop blogging because of that.  Unless I get to zero.  Then maybe.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such lovely photos, Teresa: the joy of blowing bubbles, stunning flowers (that Lantana plant is wonderful), your grandson coming home from school and your ever-increasing ripple blanket. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you :)

  2. Teresa, I check your blog often but have never commented. Your pictures are beautiful. It always cheers me when you have a new entry. My home is "blended", also. My daughter, son-in-law, 13 yr old grandson & 10 yr old granddaughter live with my husband and I. Thankfully we have a large home and everyone has their own bedroom. They have lived here for 11 years and it has worked out beautifully! We have all benefitted from the arrangement and I wouldn't change a thing.

  3. I'm so bad about leaving comments. I have many blogs that I visit everyday and yours is one of my favorites. I love the crochet and flowers as well as just normal life. It's always a pleasure to stop by your lovely blog. Lisa

  4. I think that you are spot-on here. Comments make a community. I have been a reader here for a short time and perhaps have left only one comment. I do need to correct that.
    Your grandchildren are such loves, all of them. I am a Gamma as well, and live quite a bit south from you..between Drain and Elkton, in the country...across Elk Creek.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Ellen.

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  6. Teresa I love your blog! From your beautiful little farm to your lovely family, I enjoy every bit of it. I haven't learn the great art of crocheting yet but you are inspiring me as is a new wool and yarn shop (Tolt Wool & Yarn)that's opening in our little town of Carnation, WA. Please keep sharing your joy in life, your blog always brings a smile to my face.

  7. Oh you know me, I am like a Chatty Cathy, I have to always put my 2-cents worth in whether it is wanted or not. I am thrilled if I get 1 comment, I believe the most I have ever gotten is maybe 14 for one posting. You (and several others) have been so faithful to come visit me and I appreciate that. There are times I think my blog is boring, I hope people aren't bothering to comment on mine because they are driven to tears when they read it, lol. I know everyone has their troubles and since my hubby passed I have spent a lot of time trying to deal with that. Sometimes it is a blessing to know that we are not all alone when it comes to troubles. I guess what gets me is that one blogger I follow can set 1 cut flower on the center of her table and get 100 comments, lol. Now if I sound petty, or jealous, I don't mean to be. Maybe it is more that I am in awe of someone who has that magnetic personality to draw others to their blog. You are right about commenting. Sometimes just a "Howdy" is all we need. Blogging takes time and effort. Now don't you dare stop blogging. I love your blog. I wish you lived close to me.
    Hugs & Kisses, Susanne :P

  8. Oh and how could I forget to comment on your little grandson. Isn't it wonderful that children can be so happy with such simple things. I am sure if you check Pinterest there is bound to be the recipe for making more bubble solution for him. I have just the one grandchild. It is so easy to pour out all my love onto him, there is no competition.....but then more grand kids, more love. Life is GOOD!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  9. I do love how children, like your grandson, add so much joy to our lives. They help us to see the wonder and beauty in the world. Have a wonderful weekend. p.s. I do agree with your comments about blogging ;-)

  10. Ah, adorable grandsons!! Maybe, one day. My boys are still to young. But my mother will be a great-grandmother soon. I like that yellow schoolbus very much! Groetjes, Gerda

  11. It must be terrific spending so much time with your lovely grandsons. And I'm with you on showing work in progress!
    Thank you so much for all your many, lovely comments, each one is truly appreciated.

    I don't think I have ever seen a lantana plant, perhaps they don't grow here.

    Have a wonderful weeken, Helenxx

  12. Caleb is an adorable child with all those curls and big smile. I soon will have the joy of young ones in the house again as well, my daughter and my two precious little granddaughters are coming to live with us. It's a long three day journey for them and we are counting down the days. Their rooms are all ready( thank goodness for this big old farmhouse) and soon the school bus will be pulling through our circle drive again. I will have little crafting buddies and school activities to attend again. We were over joyed when we got the call that they would be coming home. I have a feeling I will even enjoy the long winter now. :-) Isn't being a Grandma just the best! I love the colors in Caleb's blanket and I for one, love seeing the progress as you go.

  13. Good morning Teresa, how lovely to see the school bus dropping your dear grandson off from school....that is such a real American image to us over here in England. Your are obviously loving having your family living with you I can feel your joy from over here. I read your comment about commenting with interest, you and I go back to our earliest days of blogging and we comment on all our posts. I really value our friendship. Howevere if I can be totally honest I blog for the sheer joy of blogging and not for getting 0 or 100 comments. I read lots of blogs, usually first thing in the morning before I go to work. I leave some comments but would never have a chance to comment on them all. I know how many people read my posts from the stats and I am just thrilled that even a few have them time to write something but it does not change the fact that my blog is my Journal and I write it for me! I just love that I can share it with the world and that other people get pleasure from reading it.. To me that is blogging joy. I would only stop blogging if I thought I had nothing to write about! Have a lovely weekend and take care my friend, hugs Jane x

  14. Love those bubbles and his happy face oh and of course his very grown up brother ☺
    I keep blogging even with no comments, just love the diary of it all to look back on ♥
    Special times for you and family, so lovely xo

  15. Hi Teresa,Love the bubbles and can you believe?we still love to play with bubbles!!LOL!!!The fields of flowers are so beautiful!!!And your garden still looks amazing!!!Hope you have a fantastic and crafty weekend with your family!!!

  16. Teresa I have been following you for the better part of a year now. I am a quilter (and sometimes a crocheter). Your blog is like mediating to me; as I sit each morning a read your blog I am transported back to my childhood, living with a mother who loved the outdoors and always loved the wildness of a green backyard with flowers here and there, fruit trees, and morning glory vines growing wild. We lived in the city but it didn't matter to her, thank goodness. Now that I am a G-Ma I smile each time I see your G-Babies and I so "get" how you feel when you're with them. I have 2 grandchildren (5 and a half and 15 months) and my heart has been forever changed by those two angels.

    Your blog is a very special part of my day and I am so glad I found you! Thank you for taking the time to share a slice of your life with all of us readers. I must tell you Lantana's are one of my favorite flowers...

    All the best to you Teresa and your family,


  17. There is nothing like a little one filled with excitement. Bubbles and balloons do that don't they? I love that you are enjoying your grandsons, they are blessed to have you both so close and loving them in return. I totally agree wit you on this post. I blog because I like to, I have a very small blog but the people who do comment have become such good friends. Just yesterday I did a blog tidy, I got rid of some of the blogs that I read that never, ever respond back. I understand if you have 1,000 followers and hundreds of comments, but if you are a smaller blog, like mine than I think you need to respond every once in a while. Just saying, it is a two way street.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  18. Hello Teresa, Seeing your grandchildren playing is truly a great JOY. Lovely garden photos. Your blanket is looking great, wonderful colors. Hugs Judy

  19. What's not to love-- bubbles, beautiful flowers and crochet! Love your ripple blanket for Caleb.

  20. Hi Teresa, I can't get over how much Caleb has grown. Already riding the bus to school. I can see why you adore him so much....with those beautiful eyes, cute smile, and curly locks....what's not to love. Him waving bye to his bus just the sweetest!

    Our grass is shot! it's all brown and crunchy(sounds funny)except in one spot under the trees. I guess it's too far gone to recover this year even if it does rain, but your place still looks lovely as always.

    Now I am off to see what else I've missed around your little space here. I am behind on everyone's blog. I love blogging no matter what, comments or no comments. I do it for it makes me happy!

    Big Hugs!!!!

  21. Hi Teresa,
    I get your blog in my email... it is read then forwarded on to my husbands email, because he is very much like Dale with all his projects, grilling.. etc... I always have something to say, but there isn't a comment button connected to my emails.... If you could figure out how to put one on there Hubby and I would both appreciated it...

  22. I always read every word you write and I translate with Google French sometimes.
    And I admire all (every) your pictures, with so much détails and LIFE Inside.
    I don't let a comment often because it's hard to write what I really want to say with the good words. Sorry.
    So, thank you for your blog, I really like it (and You because it's a part of you !).
    All the best to you and your family

  23. Lovely pictures of Caleb and the huge bubbles! And wonderful flowers, both in the fields and in your garden. Love how you tell it like it is re comments, too! And I love your sense of fun and sense of humour, Teresa! Wishing you a happy week and lots of fun times with your sweet family.
    Helen x

  24. I'd never even heard of a Lantana plant before & now I want one! I wonder if I can get them in England...

    I hear you on the old blogging commenting thing! I'll be the first to admit I'm a very bad blogger :( Bad me! I read a lot on my phone at lunch but I hate using it to type (it's just rubbish!) and then I forget to go back at home... But you do notice you get less "traffic" to your blog when you're not out there "networking" if that makes sense? Anyway, it's definitely tit-for-tat and you my dear deserve many a comment as you're always so good at leaving them :) X

  25. I love your comment about comments. Kind of made me chuckle. Love the new ripple too. XO

  26. I not only enjoyed your post, but also reading the comments above, Teresa! You took some wonderful photos of the boys as well as the beautiful flowers and one of your current projects :) We took Carolyn to PDX early this morning :( but I am grateful for the extended time we have been able to spend together since the end of May. After nearly four years together in this house we are talking about selling and trying to purchase separate places, something we agreed from the beginning we each would be open to considering if any of us felt the need to do so. We have been so blessed by sharing our space, it will be a challenge to live apart, if we do decide to do it! Thanks for posting and commenting, Teresa! Gracie xx

  27. Such cuties both of your grandsons are-I can feel the joy that you all give each other:) BTW, loved the bubbles-so much fun!
    Beautiful flowers Teresa.

  28. Caleb is so adorable. I love his blond curls. And I'm glad to see that Hayden is enjoying kindergarten. I hope their family is settling in well in their new home. I am sure that you and Dayle have made a happy, welcoming place for them. I understand what you mean about comments. I am just blown away by the number of people who leave comments for me, I never expected it at all. But I do try to make sure I leave comments for lots of people every day. I find it frustrating that so many people whose blogs I follow, read and comment on faithfully have never even stopped by my blog to say hi. I think that's a little weird. They don't have to follow back or comment on every post, but no response ever? Kinda rude. I'm thankful for people like you who are so supportive and friendly. :)

  29. Hi Teresa, great post. Your photos are just lovely!!! Caleb is adorable.

  30. Teresa, by the way, your comment about blog comments made me chuckle. Good one! :)

  31. Ah, lovely pics of happy Caleb, Teresa...A lovely post to read on a sunny Sunday morning here while I sip my coffee! Your flowers are beautiful and your latest crochet project is gorgeous...I love the colours you've chosen too.
    You're so right about the comments!
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  32. Good Morning Teresa - Now that I'm back to work my blog-reading has had to slow way down...I manage to read just a few each day while I have my morning "cup of ambition". I ALWAYS enjoy your posts and pics....reading about what you and the family have been up to :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  33. Ditto,ditto,ditto.... I really am going to come and live on your porch !!

  34. Nothing like a few big bubbles is there..looks like hours of fun to be enjoyed there.
    Tear in the eye for you returning Grandson..ooooh! I remember James' first day at school.
    All those colourful flowers too..stunning the orange and pink one...a favourite colour combination..just perfect colour inspiration for crochet hey?
    Hugs x

  35. Teresa, you are so very lucky to have your children close by-even living together! I do have to admit to being a bit envious of you and Gracie for having that blessing in your lives.
    My! He was sure having fun with his bubbles isn't he? The joy of children can't be beat.
    I always enjoy the pictures you post of the flower fields across the street, and I do agree, it looks like an impressionist painting.
    Blessings my friend,

  36. Hello Teresa not sure how but I missed this post ( though life has been very challenging one way and another) love bubbles such fun. Gorgeous grandchild and beautiful blooms.
    Have to agree with you re the leaving comments. I have given up with some blogs. I don't mind if folk don't leave a comment every time (not that I have a lot of posts to comment on at the moment I know) however I do get fed up with leaving comments on some blogs - time and again and find it never reciprocated. Ah well. I shall carry on with my little blog regardless. Hugs Anne x

  37. Such a beautiful, wonderful blanket it will be... :) ill text you soon t let you know our plans with the house :)

  38. Little ones with bubbles always make me smile. There is such a pure joy in their faces watching the bubbles. Love the blanket and the flowers, oh my. How pretty they are.



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