Monday, September 9, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

We're settling into a routine with our son and his family living here - and it's going well!  Grandpa now has lots of help playing his "Bejeweled" game on his Mac.  :-)
I enjoyed working on Caleb's blanket while Buddy kept an eye on the boys and grandpa. Dayle had 2 chuck roasts in the oven that day and he made glazed carrots and boiled potatoes to go with it and oh my.. the roast was delectable and tender and it had made it's own gravy.. we have our dinners around the table now that our family numbers 6.  
And so.. I decided to make 2 loaves of Zucchini (courgette) bread as it's great for breakfast or a snack.  I'd picked up one Zucchini at the farm store on my way home through the countryside after swimming on Friday.  I'd asked Dayle to pick up a few more when he shopped on Friday.  So, I hand grated my one zuke in the batter bowl and reached over for one of Dayle's zukes... and OH NO.. he'd bought 2 cucumbers!!  After a small hissy fit from me, off he went at 9 pm to drive the 20 minutes to the store and back.  Someone asked why I'd send him back when he doesn't know the difference.. another asked if I sent a note to the grocer with him.. :-)  But I think he knows the difference now.. maybe.  At any rate, they both came out great. 
 Buddy looked especially cute, so I snapped a photo of him.
Yesterday, we invited our older son and his family for Sunday dinner and Dayle made his famous sourdough honey wheat rolls.  Oh yeah.  Uh-huh.. mmm.
Want a closer look?  Can you just smell them? 
He also made Farfalle with ground beef sauce with grated Bandon cheddar cheese on top.  We dined outisde as it was quite warm and had fun chatting about old times.  When the boys start swapping stories, I always learn things I never knew.. :-) 
The boys were talking about their old bikes when they were kids and Kristi said she'd seen an old bike in the barn that was Shawn's - I said, well, why don't you get it out so the big boys could ride it, so she did.  It needed air in the tires and so here are all 4 boys using an air pump to inflate the tires.  And they held air!  A 30 year old bike! 
The biggest and littlest. 
Michael borrowed Travis' bike and so they all had fun riding around the farm. 
Biker boys! 
OK, I have to pack up for my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting in a bit and also my swim bag so I can do my swim workout after the meeting.  Busy busy!  I hope you have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I want to eat at your house..everything looked so yummy!! What blessings you have at your house..i can feel the love.

  2. Glad to hear all is going well. Those honey wheat rolls sure sound good to me. Yummo! I hope those grandboys know just how lucky they are to have great grandparents and all that property to roam around on to just be boys! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Your life is so full Teresa! You were one busy lady before and now it has doubled in fun and love. Oh, the memories that are being made. I especially live that the cousins get to play with each other often. Strengthening those family ties that are so important. I still remember playing with my cousins as a child and I cherish those memories. I know how you miss your girls too though.
    I can smell the bread and the rolls. Does Dayle hire out for cooking? :-)

  4. Glad you all had a good weekend! [You got me wondering what cucumber bread would taste like!] I chuckled when you mentioned you learned things you never knew while listening to your kids swap stories about their childhood :) There have been a few times I have said "Really? I had no idea..." when my kids have been reminiscing :) Hoping to visit with you soon!
    Gracie xx

  5. hahaha, you haven't had much luck buying zucchinis for your bread have you (remember you totally forgot heehee) I bet all the people in the shop had a good laugh with Dayle though and he won't do it again!

  6. Dayle needs to have a cooking blog...every time you talk (and show)his food, I get SO hungry!
    I am thrilled that life is going so well for you and your family! It sounds like this will be a very amazing year for you all:)

  7. Have a fun meeting! I think Dayle sounds like an incredible guy, cooking all of this food and going out for zucchinis at 9 PM! Wow! :)

  8. How about getting dale to share his pot roast recipe with us and while you're at it I'd love your zucchini bread recipe! Your food always looks so good!

  9. Yes, you are one busy lady. The food all sounds and looks so great. How wonderful to be a good home cook and to have a husband who can cook some nice things too!

  10. What a wonderful weekend Teresa. All those yummy things to eat as well!!! Hugs Anne x

  11. Hi Teresa, I've been out of touch for a while and YOU are hard to keep up with. BUT it always looks so fun and inviting and yummy!!!!! Love the "biker boys".

  12. Those rolls look fantabulous, and now I will look for a farfalle recipe, it looks yummy. That sounds like you are enjoying your full house.

  13. Those grand kids will keep you and your hubby young because if you ever thought there were boring moments, there won't be any now. So glad things are working out and the transition for everyone is going smoothly. Just think, the holidays are right around the corner. I can smell the turkey now, save some for me!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. It's a good thing I ate supper before I saw your post, Teresa. Wow! :) The food looks delicious!

  15. Great food Teresa and beautiful boys again. Reminising is what i do with
    my mum and she had NO idea of lots of things lol, as for my kids they enjoy
    remembering how I caught them out many a time lol.

  16. Mmmm Dayle is a wonderful cook Teresa but I did smile at the corgette vs cucumber error! It looks like the boys are loving being with you...lovely photos and such fun with the bikes x

  17. OH MY Goodness, all that food looks so delicious, my mouth is watering! Especially that sourdough bread. I love bread fresh and warm right out of the oven. I bet your home smells wonderful all day long!!!!!
    The boys look so happy with all their bikes. I bet it's nice to see it being used once again!
    ((hugs)) Shari

  18. I love that Dayle picked up cucumbers instead of zucchini, very funny. The boys look like they are very much at home, and probably thrilled the older ones were there for a visit.
    Hugs to you,

  19. They look like they had a lot of fun. Really great way to get together.

  20. Hi Teresa. I am here to catch up with you. I have been awfully busy this past week. Every day with Nana, and then yesterday was making arrangements. Today was Greg's birthday. Tomorrow is grandparents day at Noah's school, the girls had it last week. Phew....I am running like crazy! Thank you for your kind words on Nana. It was difficult to say goodbye to someone I love so dearly. But she was ready.
    LOVE the new blanket! Loved all of the good food that Dayle is cooking. The bread you baked...oh yum! Pretty flowers! And such darling pics of the boys with their bikes, and with Dayle playing on his computer!! Hoping to get to back to a more regular schedule here soon.
    Love to you.

  21. Those rolls look awesome! All the food you put on the blog does. Is it possible to share the recipe for the rolls?


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