Thursday, November 21, 2013

Meeting Baby Rose

My blog friend Gracie had a new granddaughter arrive on the scene over 3 weeks ago and I got to go visit them yesterday.  Awwww... I even got to hold the precious little beauty and we got along fine.  It wasn't long before she was sleeping on my chest.  :-D  Gracie, her daughter and I had a nice chat and I just loved petting the pretty hair on Rosie.

Here is Gracie in her cozy "nest" in her home.  I enjoy hanging out with her here.

Gracie's daughter, Rosie's Mom, chats with us and lets me hold her precious baby.

We tried on the booties I made and they fit.. and even have growing room.  I hope she wears them a lot.  They are made of cotton and linen in a pale flamingo pink.

Cute shoes for a pretty princess. :-)  I was heading off to the pool at LA Fitness after my visit, so I asked Gracie if she wanted to go too, and she decided she'd like to!  We had a nice swim for a whole hour and afterwards she joined the gym, so I will see her there often!  How cool is that?

I thought I'd show you the interior of the lodge at Multnomah Falls, I just snapped a few photos on my iPhone, it's hard to be the photographer while you're presiding over the meeting.  About 50 people attended.  It was one of the best annual meetings of the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  I love the rock walls in the lodge and there are many large art pieces of nearby natural attractions.

There is a big fireplace at this end, and usually there is a roaring and crackling fire there, but it had burned down a bit, but you can see a few embers.

This is the other end of the great hall, you can see the gallery upstairs.  There is another meeting room up there and the offices of MF Lodge Co.

I snapped this of Caleb and Buddy.  Sitting by the fire being sweet.  Nice and quiet.  Like he always is.  NOT! :-)  He's our busy body, in constant motion.  Seeing him relaxed is a rare treat.  Hmmm.. grandpa needs to tidy up his wood box where he puts everything. :-)

The plant below, a Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a treasure to me.  My aunt and uncle sent this to my dad's funeral and I brought it home to live with me.  It had outgrown it's pot and so we re-potted it a few months ago and it was NOT happy which surprised me as most plants just love a new bigger pot.  We'd used Miracle Grow soil - I went to Home Depot to see about getting a different soil as my plant had drooped and was dying.  The guy there said that Miracle Grow puts CAFFEINE in it's soil to promote growth, but that some plants did not thrive in it and even died.  So, we got some nice organic soil and re-potted it AGAIN, and look how happy it is and it even has given me a flower.  I think it's my Dad saying hello to me. :-)  The picture on the wall is from our remarriage - it's got the photo from that event, along with the photo from our marriage in 1970 and our 3 kid's graduation photos.  My daughter Amy got the frame for us so people at our wedding could sign it.  Isn't that neat?  I love to read the heartfelt good wishes.  We got remarried on the Portland Spirit cruise ship and treated everyone to a lovely dinner while cruising along the twinkling lights of the city.  It was a wonderful evening.

A close up of the flower on the Peace Lily - if you want a trouble free and gorgeous plant, try one of these.  You can see up our stairs, we have my collection of limited edition prints that are embossed of important places and events in Oregon.  My first was Timberline Lodge and the 2nd was Multnomah Falls.  I also have a lighthouse and a covered wagon one.  

They are very understated actually, but I like them.

These were commissioned by Richard Kohnstamm who was the president of Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  I remember once being so cheeky as asking to talk to him in his office.  I introduced myself as the Executive Director of the Friends of Vista House and tried to convince him to do one of these for Vista House.  :-)  It didn't happen, but it was a memorable visit for me.  He was infamous!

As you can see, they are embossed on heavy paper, then a central part of it was printed with a precious metal.  The bridge is silver in this one.  

We have a gorgeous sunny day here, but it's chilly at 41 degrees.  Dayle and I are off to the orthopedic surgeon for his first visit.  He is ready to pursue a knee replacement.  Wish him luck.  Enjoy your day and I hope you have fun plans for the weekend!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful artwork and decor in your home. Your house always seems so comfortable and cozy and you have so many interesting things around. The lodge looks like a very nice place for your dinners and meetings. How nice that you were able to visit baby Rose and spend time with Gracie too. I am sure you will enjoy exercising together.

  2. Oh I'm so jealous! You and Gracie get to swim together. That's it. I'm moving to Portland. Ha! Ha! I wish I could. Hubby hopes to retire in about 8 years or so. If Mandy & Brad are still there I think we'll be relocating then if all goes as planned.
    I love the pictures of Rose in her booties. Gracie has such a cozy home and I loved visiting her there too. A nice cup of tea, a sweet friend and crocheting...what could be better?
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. We did have a wonderful time in Japan, but I'm REALLY glad to be home where I can understand what's being said around me. :-) I just miss Alex a whole lot.
    See you soon.

  3. Teresa, I am so glad you got to meet Gracie's new little one, she sure is a beauty. There is just nothing like holding a new little peanut, I usually get to work with babies but now my youngest is 19 months. I love the photos of the lodge. Good luck to Dayle, and hugs to you,

  4. What a little doll baby Rose is. How sweet that the booties fit so well. They go perfectly with her outfit. The lodge is about like Mona Moi Restaurant on Catauba Island, which was and still is a winery. I love buildings like that. Your stairway is bright and sunny in that yellow color. I am sure it makes those cold and chilly days seem a lot warmer. Have a great weekend and good luck to Dayle. I use to work at a Rehab Hospital and took care of people who had all sorts of replacement surgeries. They have come a long way in knee surgeries.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Some great photos! What a pretty little baby and how precious you got to hold her. Her little booties are so sweet.

  6. Baby Rose is precious!!!! I love her tiny booties you made! I am so glad you got Gracie to join you at the gym. I love to swim, so I would be right there with you too!
    The photo of your sweet boy in Papas chair is so cute. Reminds me of a little boy that lives here!!! So happy you discovered the problem for your plant. dad says hi!!! Love that. Your embossed pictures are so neat! And the interior of the lodge is awesome!
    XO Kris

  7. Oh Teresa--the booties you made for little Rose look great on her (and those are wonderful photos of the little cutie)! So glad you got to present them to her in person!
    Love the photo of your grandson and Buddy:)
    I didn't know that about Miracle Grow, but I normally opt for other potting/planting soil anyway. I am happy your Peace Lily is thriving.
    PS: Love all the yellow!

  8. Ohhhh, what a precious and gorgeous baby... I hope I get to meet her soon also. Love your pictures as always and the embossed pictures on your staircase are just gorgeous. Hope I can see you soon :)

  9. Teresa, thank you for the perfect pink booties for Rose, for a wonderful visit, for taking me swimming, and for the neat photos of the lodge, the embossed art pieces, Buddy and Caleb, and your Peace Lilly! I'm glad you were able to revive the Peace Lilly after it's protest against Miracle Grow! After telling you that things are calming down over here I ended up being out most of the day and am just now catching up, but it is time to go to bed....zzzzzzzzz
    Gracie xx

  10. Congratuations to the new parents and grandparents Rosie is so beautiful! It is so nice to be able to hold such a precious bundle of joy.
    I am glad that your plant is doing better. I didn't know that about Miracle Grow. I have planted some of the house plants in outdoor potting soil and don't like it at all. It doesn't stay fluffy. Only because of having that on hand. I need to pick up some houseplant soil again. I will stay away from the Miracle brand! Thanks for the info.
    Good luck on Dayle's operation. I bet he will be so glad when it is over with. Everyone I know that has had this surgery has been happy with the results.
    Love your house. It looks so comfortable and serene.

  11. How wonderful that you got to visit with Gracie and Baby Rose. I love Gracie's cozy home. And the baby booties are precious. Looks like your meeting was a success. I've had some plants that died just from changing their location. It's funny -- but plants have their own "personalities" just like people. Have a fabulous Friday. All the best to Dayle. My mom was recommended for knee surgery but she says she won't do that until it is absolutely dire. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. How adorable baby Rose is, and your sweet crochet booties look so pretty on her! Lovely that you had a cuddle with her too! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your home, the stairwell looks beautiful with those wondeful embossed pictures. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Teresa!
    Helen x

  13. Sweet babe, cute booties ;-)

  14. When I had my frame shop, I had the pleasure of custom framing some of these Ltd. edition Oregon artworks.

    They are gorgeous.

  15. Hi Teresa, Baby Rose is completely and utterly gorgeous!!! Your peace lily is amazing!!! I didn't know they can get that big!!! Good luck with the knee Dale!!! Ouch!!! Have a awesome weekend!!!

  16. Awww .. Gracie's new granddaughter is so so very cute - I love new babies don't you? Nice shot of Gracie too - she looks really happy. Your booties are cute. Those photos inside the lodge look very interesting. Enjoy your weekend Teresa and take it easy ! xoxox

  17. I so enjoyed meandering around that lovely post. We get a get one get one free as we get to see Gracie and her beautiful Grand Daughter as well. How beautifully those booties look
    Can I just say I love looking around your home too. I can just picture the boys running up and down the stairs. That yellow looks so lovely on the stairs. The perfect backdrop to those lovely pictures.

  18. Look at that!!!! " awww," she is just adorable and sweet all in one bundle!!! I knew those little booties would be a perfect fit....good job Teresa! It's a very chilly day here today also. The highs might make it to that is cold for us!
    xoxo, Shari


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