Monday, November 18, 2013

Quiet Cozy Weekend

It's cold, rainy and blustery outside, but we're cozy in our little farmhouse.  Dayle and I didn't leave our home all weekend, but the kids went shopping on Saturday and yesterday Kristi's mom took the boys for the morning, to a movie and McDonalds for lunch.  Yesterday afternoon I organized a cleaning party of the living room. I wanted to get started getting the house all spiffed up for Thanksgiving, 10 days from now.  I began waxing the baby grand piano and had to call in reinforcements with longer arms.  My son Travis finished it up and then sat down to play a short tune he's played all his life - Fur Elise.  I pulled out my old "how to" piano books and he started working his way through.  I was impressed how he began to play with both hands and it was sounding good!  I also sat down when he took a break and was practicing my old favorites.  I'm rusty!!  I am going to work on "Silent Night" to play when the family is all here for Christmas.  

Practice, practice, practice!  OH.. behind my son is my grandparents Hoosier style kitchen queen cabinet.  Yes, it needs tidied up.  The basket on top I found in my grandparents chicken house in Oklahoma, it's woven of oak.  I love the fact that my grandma collected eggs in this.  I will try to get it spiffed up and take some photos to share with you.

Dayle loves when someone plays the piano and sits on the sofa to listen.. the boys sat by grandpa and he showed them our family photo album.  Our poor old sofas are very scratched up by our Lucy cat.  Now that she is no longer with us, we need to start looking for some new furniture.  I have no idea what to look for.  I once crocheted lace valances for these windows and hubby just informed me that he found them in the barn in a box full of mousey ruination.  ::sigh::  I think I might need to make some new ones.  These windows look a little "bare".

I have a deal with the boys.  They love to play Angry Birds on my iPad, so each evening they each get 15 minutes on my lap to play.  It's a crowded lap.  Buddy on the left, Caleb playing, Hayden watching every move and me trying to get some crocheting done on Caleb's blanket.  :-) 

Tonight I will be leading the Annual Meeting for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  I've been nominated for my 4th year as President.  After this year I will pass the baton on to the next person.  The lodge at the falls treats us to the space for the event plus a buffet for us!  I hope you are cozy wherever you are.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How cosy your home looks Teresa. I too play the's very therapeutic. Enjoy your last meeting as president, you have worked so hard x

  2. Very cozy, Teresa :) I would have loved to hear the concert, too! I stayed in this weekend, also, but am getting cabin fever :) Congratulations, Madam President!!!! Would you be able to swing by here Wednesday before you go swimming if everyone is well here?
    Gracie xx

  3. What a lovely weekend you had. And I agree with Jane your home looks so cosy! I wish I played the piano, oh I took lessons for a bit but nothing became of it : ( It is such a beautiful talent. Congratulations on your 4th year as president, I can imagine you being the best! They are all so fortunate to have your talent and experience.

  4. Congratulations on your presidency! That's wonderful. Your home always looks cozy and warm, full of happy people who love each other. I wish I could play the piano, or any musical instrument, and I might try to learn eventually.

  5. I do like your cosy living room. Sounds like you are enjoying the cooler evenings. It is lovely to sit and listen to the piano. I don't have one but it sounds wonderful :-)

  6. What a cozy place you have. I would be so relaxed if I was sitting in that sofa listening to the piano...

  7. Quite, cozy, enjoying a nice piano concert - it's all very good - very very good.

  8. How cute is the pair of them playing the piano. Congrats on being president for the 4th year :) and yummy a buffet!

  9. Congratulations from me as well. my eldest son plays the piano - though a little rusty now. When he left home to go to Uni I missed hearing him play so much. He now has the piano at his home and he has said the he is practising, Sam our youngest GS is practising on his cornet and Harry the eldest is practising his singing (he has a lovely voice (as does his mummy) so we are hoping we may get some entertainment at Christmas. Hugs Anne x

  10. I wish I could have been there to listen to Travis play the piano. I would be sitting there with Dayle, just enjoying it all. :-) So sad that your beautiful crochet valances are ruined. All of that work! I have the same sort of deal with Kyleigh and Caleb when they visit. My ipad and angry birds! They're much better at it than I am. Congrats on being nominated again!
    I'll be in Portland Dec. 21- 29th so maybe we could get together either Monday the 23 or Friday the 27. Grandpa can babysit Piper for me! :-) Let me know.

  11. You paint a nice cozy picture of being all snug as bugs inside the farm house. We had our first fire in the family room last night. We love to have big roaring fires! I bet you do too.
    Congratulations on the nomination for yet another presidency! You are well loved there, I am quite certain!!

  12. Oh how I love to hear someone playing the piano! You just have a house full of talent!
    I don't know all that much about angry birds but Garrett loves it! He loved it so much I let him play it on facebook and I walked away from him for a few minutes, that few minutes, he managed to buy all the little extra lives and bombs and such up at the top and the bank called me saying my bank card had fraud activity on it......I liked to died! So his face book time has been shut off!
    Stay warm!!! We are now back into the 80's which is yuck! wonder why I am sick!


  13. Those yucky mice can be downright rude visitors can't they? SIgh. I think crocheted lace valances sound absolutely beautiful and would work well at your windows! I can hardly wait to see them:)
    Ah! I LOVE piano music! Someday, I keep telling myself, I will get back into playing again---but someday is a long time in coming it seems.
    Have a great eve tonight and congrats.
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. Oh my goodness...your home is amazingly the yellow walls! To sit and relax while someone is playing your piano...pure bliss I say. Hugs to you for a very cozy week. xoxo

  15. I love your living room. Really the grand piano! I have an older upright that might need its own coat of wax. BTW, quiet weekends are my favorite kinds.

  16. Sounds like a wonderfully cozy weekend at home. :-)

  17. Indeed, the best time you can have on weekend is time with family :) Peace, coziness, warm house. God bless all that! It is getting colder here, so we took out the blanket,s and winter stuff, and I really cannot go to office now without wrapping myself in shawl.
    So great to see your son and your grandson sitting together at the piano/
    Have a nice week, Teresa! Hugs!

  18. Wow I didn't know you play the piano... I wish I could hear your son. Your house already looks wonderful... Thanksgiving will be wonderful with your family! It sounds like you are getting ready for a great holiday :)

  19. Beautiful family photos Teresa. Thanks for sharing with us. xoxox

  20. Your house looks so cosy. I love your piano. I have a old upright that I had lessons on for 3 years. With busy life here children and animals I have not played for approx 6 years. After reading your post I feel like
    trying again.

  21. What a lovely cosy weekend! I love piano music, it must be such a pleasure to hear your son play for you. One of my daughters used to play the piano when she was younger and hearing the notes floating though the house was always a joy! Your home is looking lovely Teresa :)
    Wishing you a wonderful cosy week!
    Helen x

  22. There use to be a piano in my living room, that is until I decided I would rather have a whole wall of built in bookcases, so the piano went to our oldest daughters house. Both my girls play piano plus saxophone and drums. How I miss those days when they were in band and we were always going to parades, games or having practice time. My very favorite song on the piano is Maple Leaf Rag, I could have listened to it all the time. I have a bedroom with a crocheted curtain that I made and it needs me to complete the valance for it. I think if I crocheted a valance and found the mice had ruined it I would have sat down and cried. Now, I think you do need to make another for your windows. I have always favored curtains to give the cozy, warm look and feel, but then we live on a state route and the traffic goes by often. If we lived back off the road and it were more private I would probably go for the bare window look too. My youngest daughter once dated a guy whose family owns a local greenhouse and they lived back in a woods, no neighbors and no curtains on their windows. You couldn't even see their house from the road. I think you have a wonderful home, complete with a lot of love tucked in every nook and cranny.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  23. It sounds like you had a prefect kind of weekend, getting lots done but still taking things at their own pace.
    Hugs to you Teresa, congrats on the 4th nomination.

  24. We have cooler temperatures after the storms passed through. Today was beautiful but I was stuck inside my office all day with no window. :( I love listening to someone play music, too, drums, piano, guitar. Jingles has scratched up our furniture. Doesn't make hubby happy but to me, it is just furniture. I'm sure you can whip up some new valances in no time. Those boys sure are lucky to have you as their grandma. Best wishes, Tammy

  25. Hi Teresa, Congratulations on your presidency again!!! Your home looks so comfy and happy!!! Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!!!


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