Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making My Own Cards

Hi there!  I'm glad you're here for a visit.  I am in the middle of my Christmas card project.  I design my own card, print it up on card stock, cut it with my scissors and fold it.  Then I created a 1 page family newsletter to include.  More printing and folding.  Then to address the envelopes, which includes finding the red and green bottles of ink, cleaning the pens from old dry ink residue, which involves flushing the mechanism with fresh water and cleaning the nib with a soft cloth... but I love caring for my pens with and filling them with red ink in one and green in the other.. for the holly embellishment in each corner of the envelopes and in side the handwritten card.  :-)  (Note - I blurred addresses in these photos.. I'm sure you understand. :-)

Several years ago I found this big clipboard in an art supply store.  I love this thing.  I can do all kinds of art projects on it, on my lap, in my easy chair.  There is a bay window behind our chairs which illuminates my endeavors.  I have such a creative and cozy "nest".

I have yet to change from hand addressed envelopes to printed labels.. I like writing them with flourishes with rich red ink.  I still have my supple leather "day planner" with all my addresses in there, all by hand and with fountain pen.  I must admit, I've changed my calendar schedules from paper to my MacBook Pro and iPad, but will always keep my addresses in my "book".  Do you use fountain pens?  You should get one.. it's one way to keep hand writing alive.  The top one is a Parker Centennial Duofold and the bottom one is Yard-o-Led Viceroy Victorian which is sterling silver with all kinds of hand etched designs.  I just love these two and have the ballpoint pen and pencil to match of both.  

YOL stands behind their products and replaced my fountain pen nib when the other one disintegrated.  The old one had a yellow gold nib, and the new one has an 18 karat white gold nib.  I actually liked the yellow gold, but this works nicely!

Do you have a collection of something you love?  Please share!  I wanted to show you my dollhouse all lit up and decorated for the holidays.  It resides in our bedroom now which I enjoy seeing when I wake up each morning.

OK, I need to get back to work, have some lunch, pack my swim bag and meet Gracie at the pool for an hour of swimming.  It's only 38 degrees outside.. brrrrr.. but the sun is shining!  Have a great day!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your dollhouse is gorgeous! I absolutely love dollhouses, especially grown-up ones. Our daughter is getting her very first dollhouse from Santa this year...shhh. :) I liked reading about your cards. My husband is a pen-and-ink enthusiast and he spends a lot of time perfecting the craft. I'm sure you'd have a lot to talk about.

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts while having my breakfast and today's has left a lovely warm feeling. I love hearing about your creative talents and those Christmas cards look beautiful. Those pens are a real treasure ... beautiful! xox

  3. Many years ago, the chap I'd been dating for a good while bought me a beautiful Parker fountain pen (silver with a gold nib). Unfortunately, I put it down in a London branch of Marks & Spencer for a few seconds while I put my bank card back in my purse after writing and cheque and when I went to pick it up again, it was gone. We bought DD1 a decent-ish fountain pen a couple of years ago and her handwriting has definitely improved as a result.

    Your dolls house is beautiful and must give you lots of pleasure to look at it (and 'play' with it!).

  4. I don't use fountain pens but I do have special christmas color pens for Santa letters.

    I feel honored to participate in answering Dear Santa letters for kids in my community. I also like to draw holly leaves to embellish the envelopes.
    I have special Santa stationary and last year's christmas stamp included Santa and his reindeer which I have enough to do this year's crop of Dear Santa letters too.

    I noticed a lot more people writing Christmas cards last year and many for the first time. It's such a great tradition.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Beautiful doll house and hope you and Gracie had a great time swimming ☺
    My mum still makes her own cards at 88yrs ♥

  6. Your doll house has found its least I love the setting you have it in now and it is so cheery to see it glowing with light from within! One of the things I love about your posts is that I generally learn something from them. My fountain pen has a rich blue plastic barrel that holds ink cartridges. Thanks for explaining how you clean the nub mechanism. As for collections...oh KNOW that I have them...spread out in every nook and cranny of my living space: blue glass, red glass, clocks, baskets..... :)
    Gracie xx

  7. I just love your dollhouse. I have some metal ones from the 50's, but no furniture for them....yet! lol I also love that you use the fountain pens. I still hand address all notes/cards/etc...all throughout the year.

  8. Oh I forgot about you doll house, thanks so much for sharing with us again. I remember last year you bought a little family for it and asked everyone to help name them....I loved that! It looks so beautiful in your room!!!! I also love your pens. I am not really a collector of pens but it would be nice to start one!
    Enjoy your swim!
    xo Shari

  9. Your fountain pens are works of art, and you use them in creating artistic cards, I can tell. I keep the tradition of sending Christmas cards too. Fantastic dolls house; we put out our wooden nutcracker display each Christmas.

  10. I love those pens! Looks like you're having lots of fun! I usually make our cards too. I like the idea of using a photo of your decorated home. I haven't done a newsletter for years. I figure most everyone sees what's going on via Facebook. But, those that aren't on FB would probably appreciate it. Not sure how much holiday stuff I'll get to this year. I've barely started anything and I'm quickly running out of time!

  11. Beautiful pens Teresa. I don't know how you do everything that you do. I have always mailed my cards, ( and newsletter) the day after Thanksgiving. I've done this for 35 years. This is the first year I haven't sent cards and I'm already feeling guilty. I absolutely love all of the personal touches you do with yours.
    The dollhouse looks wonderful in it's spot, very festive.

  12. Hi Teresa, That dollhouse is just so absolutely stunning!!! I forgot how it took my breath away last year too!!! Just like it did again!!! I love all your little traditions and hand made Christmas cards is such a lovely touch!!! Enjoy your weekend and keep warm!!!

  13. Hi there my dear friend, I can really appreciate a nice, good pen. My father loved pens of all kids and since he was a journalist who started his career by writing his articles by had pond and in a typewriter later I really love nice pens and handwritten notes and cards.
    Love your dollhouse, very festive. It's getting close till we see each other... Stay warm this weekend :)

  14. Your dollhouse is gorgeous!!! I love the colors. All of mine are brighter colors. I love your more muted colors. Can you show us the inside? I bet people love your cards. I just started to fill mine out. I am so lazy this year.

    1. The inside is here..

  15. Lovely and cosy here! Love your Christmas cards and beautiful pens.....I gave my hb a Parker duofold pen many years ago! Your dollhouse looks lovely all lit up, and I love your header too sparkly!
    Helen x

  16. I think it is wonderful that you still handwrite everything. I gave my boss a fountain pen a couple of years ago and he just loves it. My husband gave him some cotton paper from France and he happily uses both to write very special letters on. The first person he wrote was his elementary teacher from nearly 60 years ago. :) Your dollhouse is absolutely gorgeous! Happy holidays, Tammy

  17. You are quite festive and as busy as a bee. There is a lot to do during the holidays and when you hand write out the cards it just shows that you care enough to take the time for someone. I worked for a doctor (my last job) and his wife always sent a family letter out with their Christmas cards to everyone, updating friends and relatives about what was new with them during the past months. She always included a family picture of the 4 of them. I have another friend (the gal who use to own the yarn shop) she also sends out a newsy family letter with a photo of her last grandchild, who is probably a senior this year. I see you print off the family pics right onto your letter, that is nice. Your dollhouse looks all warm with it's windows lit up. Maybe this year I can get busy and at least get started on mine. I hate that my husband built it but never got the chance to see it completed. One of my regrets, but I can enjoy it with the rest of the family. I am still crocheting and wondering if I will ever be done with it. Actually I got out the circular knitting needle and started my scarf. I can take that project with me when I babysit and work on it when Holden is napping. Mom's blanket is too bulky to drag with me, lol.
    Keep warm. We have colder weather coming in and the possibility of 2-3 inches of snow.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  18. You cards look beautiful Teresa, well done on the home made card. I self address and O have to admit I still have a calendar on my desk, I'd be lost without it.


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