Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thank You

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I want to give you our heartfelt appreciation for all the words of encouragement and care, the healing thoughts sent Dayle's way and the prayers sent.  You are the best!!   

Dayle made it through surgery great the doctor told me.  But they told Dayle that there was a lot more deterioration in that joint and they had to remove more bone than they thought at first.  I went in to the hospital yesterday to be with him while the physical therapist worked with him and showed me what he needed to do for exercise, etc.  Finally after all the papers and instructions and waiting and waiting I was finally able to bring him home.  We all got him into the house and into his chair and put ice on his knee.  

I just took a walk outside and checked on the progress of the growing things on the property.  The Daphne is budding out well.. I can't wait to smell the aroma of those flowers!  Has anyone cut the buds and brought them in to the house?  Do they bloom out and smell good?  The Snow Drops are in tight buds.. just waiting for some sun and warmth to open up.  

We have patches of Snow Drops all over the farm, it's fun to see them here and there.

This bush has fragrant blooms.. but for the life of me I can't remember the name of this one.  I'm not that fond of it.. and it's extremely hardy.  :-)

The Rhododendrons are budded and and ready to put on a show in a few months.

We have this one Nandina - "Heavenly Bamboo" alongside our front walk and below our window in the family room.  (It's not really bamboo at all.)

The dark purple lilac reaching up into the gray sky.. it's buds are swelling, too.  Hurry up Spring!

The daffodils are in an arrested development state.. it was warm and sunny for a while and they got the green light from mother nature and began to grow.. then the cold came back and they got a red light and are just waiting... for sun and warmth.. like I am.. :-)

I walked up the other side of the creek and snapped this shot of the woods on the East side of the farmhouse.  Our "wind break".  But we still get lots of East Wind!

We have a massive amount of winter clean up to do but it's going to have to wait until we get better weather.  No worries.. it will still be there.  :-)  The creek, waterfalls and pond will need cleaned.. ugh.

We have a pot of Primroses on our deck and look what I found?  SWEET!

More Daphne.

Almost ready to share it's heady aroma.

Lastly.. when Kristi was clearing up the 2nd floor 2nd bedroom she unearthed this cute old stove that we found in the rafters in his parents house when it was being cleared to sell.  He thinks it was his little sister's, it's called a "Little Lady".  It's rusty, but it's a cute little thing.  

And so.. time for me to help Dayle with some physical therapy and change out the ice water in his cold pack on his knee.  I hope you all are having a nice week.. and again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern and kindness.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) (and Dayle)


  1. I'm so happy to have heard from you - have been thinking about you and Dayle and hoping that all went well with his surgery. Good that it went well and I hope the recovery will be as quick and comfortable as possible. I'm surprised he's home already but he is in good and very capable hands. Your flowers are looking good - bet you're glad spring isn't too far away. We're in the middle of a heatwave here with temps around 40 degrees C which is over 100 F. I love the fragrance of Daphne and have had sprigs of it in the house - it lasts for a fair while and smells divine. Take care xoxox

  2. I'm so glad to know Dayle is doing well. I hope his recovery is smooth and speedy. Your flowers look beautiful, it looks like spring is just around the corner for you! That little stove is so sweet, what a wonderful thing to have. The boys will love playing with it.

  3. So pleased to hear that Dayle is recovering well and is home now, and lovely that you have him back to look after him! Your flower pictures are wonderful, Teresa, so clear and fresh I feel like I'm there too!
    Love the little old cute.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xx

  4. Teresa, That is such good news! So thrilled for you both that it is over and Dayle is home. I think you are probably a terrific nurse! I'm also happy you have your son and DIL to help too.
    I'm in amazement of what's coming in bloom in your part of the US. You are so ahead of us. So nice to see your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing and still wishing you lots of well wishes for Dayle and yourself!

  5. Yippee! Dayle is home! I'm sure you're all relieved to have him there, safe and sound. Your flowers are looking like they are anxious for springtime. If you saw my blog you'll see that winter is back with a vengeance. We've had more snow in the past two days than we've had all winter so far. Ick. It better stop by Sunday and my drive your way. I'm not a winter driver. Have a lovely day Teresa and tell Dayle hi for me. I'll keep on praying for a fast recovery for him and patience for you. :-)

  6. Good to hear that Dayle is home and I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Beautiful photos. Not much sign of spring here yet. Rain and more rain and we had a snow flurry for about 15 minutes- huge flakes then it stopped but there had been the few flakes off and on all day. Hugs Anne x

  7. Hi, cute flowers that you have! I am impressed! and that beautiful stream that is seen Dayle hope he recovers soon from his knee. I love the other hand is a stove or something? looks vintage!
    Hugs friends!

  8. I am celebrating with you :) Teresa and Dayle! It is wonderful that healing is in process...and how great to see your plants around you are in the process of preparing to bloom. Thanks for taking the time to hike around the farm to show us the early stages of Spring around you and then creating a lovely encouraging post, Teresa xx
    P.S. Have the boys dreamed up what to cook on the neat little stove?

  9. Prayers and blessings for you and your DH for strength and healing. Your beautiful, budding plants are especially enjoyable today as we have gray, snowy weather.

  10. Just wonderful to know the worst is over and your sweety is home now. I've been praying for him and watching for a post during your very busy schedule. :-) Looks like your area is way ahead of the South for signs of spring. Really enjoyed all the pix. We are 35 degrees but will have 4 days of 75 degrees!

  11. I am glad to hear that Dayle is home and recuperating and you are of course there as the nurse! I like the daffodils peeking up toward the sun and preparing to bloom.

  12. I'm so pleased to hear this good news Teresa. Look after Dayle and tell him to get those exercises going! Great to see the new plants springing up at yours. Take care x

  13. I am happy your DH is doing well. I wish him a very quick recovery. Wow. What wonderful wee flower buds and even blooms you found around the farm.. I am sure they made you smile. I reckon We will NOT see anything for a very long time... Hugs Judy

  14. That is wonderful news that Dayle is home and I know you will take very good care of him. :)
    Sending prayers his way and yours, too. :)

    Blessings always

  15. So glad Dayle is doing well. The "before time dread" that happens before surgery is always the worse for me. Glad he is doing great!

  16. Yes to Daphne and especially Forsythia to bring inside to open up.
    I think your round oval leaf thing is a laurel but don't quote me on it. I have a variegated laurel and the leaves look similar.

    This is when I start sending photos of our emerging flowers for my sis in Minnesota...I'm so evil. lol

  17. Glad to hear that Dayle's surgery went well. And I'm sure you are happy he's back at home. Take care!

  18. Teresa,
    I missed your previous post about Dayle's going in for his knee surgery. I did see on fb though, that he had it done, and it was very successful. I was so glad to see that. I have been quite busy with things this week! Sorry to have not made comment before tonight. Your post tonight was interesting, with the flora in your area. Here too, the plants and trees are confused. Our oranges are blossoming TWO months too early! I am worried that this will be a problem for next years crop. And the daffy's are already through the ground and waving about with their sunny faces!! The huge sycamores in the front yard have only just finished shedding their leaves, and already plump and near bursting with their new buds. Such an odd bit of weather we are having.
    That child's stove is adorable! I have a friend who has one very similar and she keeps it in her kitchen on a shelf. I love it.
    Continued healing for Dayle! I know you are a good nurse!!!!
    xo Kris

  19. So glad Dayle is home and feeling a bit better ( I hope). Your flowers look ready to bloom, as they as impatient for spring to get here as I am ? I think you will have flower before you thought you would. Sending good and positive thoughts for Dayle and hoping he is doing Better. Have a good weekend my dear friend. Ps: what a cute little stove !

  20. So glad to hear it all went well. Good luck with the therapy.

  21. So glad the surgery went well Teresa, I'm sending Dayle good energy for a speedy recovery. So lovely to see all of your outside shots and those little hints of the end of winter.

  22. I'm so glad the operation went well and that Dayle is already at home with you! Wishing him a speedy recovery :-) xxxx

  23. OH I am so glad everything went well. Now just rest, rest, rest for a speedy recovery!
    Your yard is looking all Springy...buds popping out lucky. My yard is still a yucky mess!

  24. So happy to hear Dayle's surgery went well, Teresa. I must admit I am very jealous of things blooming in your neck of the woods. Snow covers everything here and winter is far from over!


  25. I am so glad hubby made it out of surgery and home. I will pray for a speedy recovery.

    Things here in Ohio haven't even thought about blooming! It has been so cold and wintry here. Usually I am happy for snow and winter but the freezing temperatures this year have made me wish for spring. I need sunshine and dirt to survive.

  26. My dad did two tours of duty in Vietnam. In fact, that's where he was when I was born in '66. Glad to hear Dayle made it through surgery. Hope the healing will be quick. My mom was told she should have a knee replacement. She walks so slow now, but says she doesn't have pain, so doesn't want to go through with it. You sure do have a lot growing and blooming over there for it being winter. That's great! Best wishes, Tammy

  27. Theresa, you hang in there as the caregiver! I loved the sprouts and signs of spring. WE are snowed under for a long bit yet here In cChicago

  28. Hope that Dayle is continuing to make a great and speedy recovery.

    Much love to you all, Helenxx

  29. So glad Dayle came through the surgery okay. Now comes all the fun......oh I am so envious of all the stuff you have budding out up there in Oregon, do you folks even have a winter!!!!!!!!!! I need to post what we in NW Ohio woke up to this morning. Let me just say I spent 4 hours outside with the snow shovel and there is still more, but I said, "ENOUGH!" . So, I come in here and see what is going on and let me just say, we might thaw out by June!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :(


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