Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blog Girls Lunch Bunch

Hello my friends, thanks for visiting!  What a nice day we had yesterday!  I met my blog friends Betsy, Gracie & Taci for lunch and a gab fest.  :-)  We met at Bocelli's Ristorante in Gresham.  (Click on the girl's names to visit their blogs.) (Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Valentine Giveaway!

Taci and Gracie posing for the camera! :-)

Betsy and Teresa mugging for a snapshot!

My 3 friends all celebrate their birthdays in February, so I got each a big huge chunk of milk chocolate and made them each a card with a photo of all 4 of us from our Christmas luncheon here at the farm.  

And the other girls brought gifts for each other and even something for me - whose birthday isn't until April!  Gracie gave us each some of her yarn from her own stash and made the cutest handmade card, the one with the red flower in the center.  It had each of our names and the background was all the restaurants where we've met for lunch.  Betsy knitted each of us a cute little red wool heart and added a pin on the back.  Taci gave us each a nail file and some hand sanitizer for our purses.  She also made a wash cloth for the birthday girls.  

Look at the luscious ombre yellow wool yarn that Gracie gave to me!  Now to figure out something wonderful to make with it!  

After lunch, Taci and Gracie headed off to other pursuits and Betsy and I crossed Main Street to peruse the contents of an antique store.  Lots of fun glass items in the back in front of a big window.

Vintage jars, glass fishing floats, fun fun fun.

Look at all this vintage pyrex!  I have my eye out for turquoise and pink.. these were the colors of the 70s.. harvest gold, coppertone and avocado.  :-)

I asked Betsy to pose for me with an old prom dress.. isn't she cute?

I just LOVE this little red cabinet with chicken wire in the doors.. too bad I have more cabinets in the farmhouse than the law allows.. :-)

In fact, I bought one thing in the shop.. can you spot the green glass sugar jar?

I really enjoyed this front section by the window with the turquoise cabinet and all kinds of pretties.

Here is my treasure.  We just have to run it through the dishwasher and then fill it with sugar.  I'm not sure if it's all that old and the top is shiny new... but I still love it.

I hope you've enjoyed joining us for lunch and the jaunt around the antique shop.  Now it's nearly time for me to pack up my swim bag and meet Gracie in the pool!!  I hope you're having a great week.  (PS - Dayle is doing better and Kristi is taking him to Physical Therapy while I'm swimming.)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a lovely time you all had. It's so nice that you were able to get together. The shop you visited looks wonderful! I just saw some of that rust-colored Pyrex with the wheat design at a thrift shop here last week. I'm on the lookout for pink or turquoise myself. :)

  2. What a WoNdErFuL post Teresa. It was so much fun yesterday and I loved our little finds at the antique shop. I looked online last night for ideas for my little cloche but I still don't know for sure what I'll do with it. I think I need to learn to fly and buy a small plane so I can come visit more often! Have fun swimming with Gracie.

  3. What a lovely photo of you 4 happy bloggers Teresa. Your lunch looked great fun and you all bought such sweet presents. Enjoy your swim and I am glad Dayle is seeing some progress now, the worst days are over for him thank goodness. The only way is up now. ;0) x

  4. My goodness what a treat!!
    you girls looks like you had tons of FUN!!
    I just love, love hanging out with girlfriends.
    That yarn is gorgeous ....
    XO Marissa

  5. What a fun get together with your blog friends, and all those February babies. I was born in April like you.
    Sweet green glass sugar jar you found.

  6. How fortunate you are to be able to get together with your blogger buddies who live close to you. What fun to be able to exchange little gifts and spend time enjoying a meal, to chat and just enjoy each others company.....*sigh* has been snow, snow and more snow, with more to come this weekend. I am ready to pack my bags and travel to Florida where it is warm. My friend wants me to come and visit her, she keeps reminding me that she has a room and bed for me to stay in, lol. Even Alaska has been warmer than here. I still have my Christmas wreath on my front door. I really need to get out the sparkly heart and hang it up. Your posts have made me want to get busy and do that. Thank you for sharing. Your little sugar dispenser is adorable.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne )

  7. How fun! And, love your new sugar jar. Very pretty! :-)

  8. It was fun to get together and compare notes about our current stitching projects as well as dream of new projects we would like to tackle! Thanks again for the Dove chocolate heart which I am sharing with my appreciative family :) [If the forecast is right it looks like we may be getting some snow! I bet your pellet stove is getting a work out!!!] xx

  9. What a fun time, sorry I had to work and miss the party of the birthday girls in Feb. Sigh! I would have enjoyed that vintage store you and Betsy were at. Maybe I'll stop by there sometime? or on our way home next week. I like those casserole dishes and bowls! It is very cold tonight. Cold wind this a.m. when I went to work. Maybe some snow tomorrow? Who knows. Stay warm and glad Dayle is better!

  10. Wonderful fun I had here with you ☺

  11. I enjoyed reading about your lunch on all of your blogs!! Such fun! Nice yarny gifts, and chocolate, and goodies!!! Loved the peek into the antique shop too. Betsy with her Prom cute!!!!
    xo Kris

  12. Ladies who lunch! Looks like a perfect meeting of lovely like minded people. So glad you had some fun after nursemaid duties x x x

  13. I didn't know everyone's birthday are this is mine...the 13th! No wonder we all have so much in common...we are February girls! Love hearing about your day. What a wonderful sweet group of ladies. Glad to hear Dayle is getting along better and that you are still enjoying your swim days, even though it's freezing out!
    xx Shari

  14. I think its wonderful how you Betsy Gracie and Taci get to meet regularly - looks like you really enjoy these get-togethers. I love Gracie's scarf - did she make it herself? Teresa, you look so happy in that photo. The little gifts you exchange are lovely and such a nice idea. That ombre yellow yarn is gorgeous. I'm wondering how you were able to control yourself in that antique store - I can just see that little red cabinet in your house. Nice sugar jar you picked up. xox

  15. I like very much too vintage things!!!

  16. I want that blue desk, really I do I think I need it! You are all so adorable, I love to see how happy you are together.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  17. What a fun time you all had at your bloggers lunch, and how lovely that you gave each other such sweet presents. Lots of wonderful things in that antique shop too, what a wonderful place to spend some time.
    Happy weekend, Teresa!
    Helen xx


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