Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Busy Day Yesterday and Shawl Progress

What a busy day yesterday!  It started out that I had to fast.. as I headed out to get some lab tests for my doctor.  When I got to the hospital lab it was so full!  One hour waits!  Someone in the waiting room opined that it was probably all the people that finally have health insurance due to the Affordable Health Care Act.  Then the technician fished around in my arm for a vein and finally gave up and took blood out of my hand.  Now my friends.. having a blood draw is my worst nightmare, just because of this scenario.  I met my sister for a quick lunch at 1 as by now I was starving.  It was a little independent bistro type place in an old gas station, but boy was that burger delish in my starved state! :-)  Then on to the Dermatologist to have him check my psoriasis and remove (freeze) a skin tag on my lower eye lid.. oh my.. is this all too much information?  LOL!  And then I raced off to a going away open house at Multnomah Falls Lodge.  It was held in the "Falls Room" which has a big glass ceiling so you can see the falls from it.  

On my way to the lodge I was early so I pulled over and snapped some photos of Wahkeena Falls.. one of my favorite cascading falls.  It was nice and full and rushing and roaring.  It comes from a spring so it runs very full at all times all year.

Wahkeena means most beautiful in our local Native American language, from what I hear.  Don't quote me on this.. :-)

I took all these photos from my car on my iPhone.. as it was raining and cold.

One of the lovely ladies at the reception had on this beautiful crocheted lace top, I thought you crocheters in the group would enjoy seeing this.  

One of the coolest things about the lodge is that it has a real log fire all the time and you should smell the wonderful woodsmoke aroma when you walk in.  

There was only one young couple in the great room by the fire.. when I told them I just wanted a photo of the fire for my blog.. he kidded around and wanted to be on my blog.. so here they are.  :-)

The lodge provided us with a yummy lot of noshes - little ham sandwiches using tiny croissants, seviche, smoked salmon, cake, cookies and the cute little chocolate mousse cups below with a chocolate piece stuck in the top.  

If you haven't dined at the falls in the great room, you should try it sometime!

After days of grey rain and wind.. I was so pleased to see the sun peeking through and a bit of blue sky on my way home along the Columbia River.  This is looking West towards Portland, Oregon.

When I pulled in the driveway there was still some sun and a peek of blue sky.. SO pretty and heartening!

I haven't gotten very far with my Elise shawl.. but I thought you might like to see how the pattern is working out.. I am please with it's lacy look, but it's also going to be warm!

I am enjoying a restful morning, but in an hour or so I'm off to Costco to meet my son - we have to do some shopping that Dayle always used to do.. I can't wait for him to be back to his old self.  He's been having a rough time lately with pain in his thigh area.  He has a ways to go!  I hope you're having a good "hump day".  If you've never heard that term, it means the middle of the week, so you're over the "hump" of the week.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You did have a busy day! My husband had blood drawn on Monday and he always has trouble because he has a weird response in his veins that cuts off the blood supply and he often ends up passing out! This time, they let him lie down and he managed to stay conscious. Yikes. I always enjoy seeing photos of the lodge and the falls area, so thank you for sharing. Your shawl is looking wonderful. Best wishes for Dayle's continued recovery.

  2. It was good to catch up with some of your latest, Teresa! Elisabeth had Monday off so she drove me to MF because I told her you had reported the falls were roaring when you were there last week. I hope to post later some of my latest pics. Sorry about the fuss of your med tests and am sorry that Dayle is still having discomfort on his way to full recovery. I LOVE how your shawl is shaping up!!! It is pouring/hailing over here off and on and I did not go swimming either, but am trying to get some visuals made for a class tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you Friday and swimming :) xx

  3. I like that dramatic lodge, the fireplace, the stone walls and the glass ceiling so you can see the falls. Your shawl project is a pretty color.

  4. You're a busy girl Teresa! I have the same issue with blood draws. I wish they would just take it from my hand the first time and not poke my arm over and over, but they never listen. Your falls photos are beautiful. Mndy just face-timed and the hail was pounding down at her house so I guess the blue skies have taken a vacation for now. :-). Your shawl looks wonderful. It will be gorgeous when it's done.

  5. Sigh, I hate both blood draws and long waits at the doctor/hospital--probably from all my years of working in medical settings. The full waiting room might have something to do with more people having health insurance, but it could just as easy be due to it being wintertime (more illnesses), being short staffed or other things.
    The lodge is SO beautiful! I love everything about it--and that crocheted top is simply adorable!
    I sincerely hope Dayle feels better soon. I am sure this has been really hard on him and probably a bit discouraging...BUT we are all pulling for him!!
    LOVE your shawl so far!!!

  6. It looks like you have a nice start to your shawl. The photos from the falls are just beautiful!

  7. DO you KNOW what day it is? Hugs and prayers that D recovers soon!

  8. I don't like blood draws either. I have small veins. Lately its been good. We had hail storm come through this afternoon. Sky was dark before it hit! Wow! Your shawl is pretty. Praying for Dayle through his recovery. Hugs!

  9. Full day of good stuff, and not so fun stuff. Great photos! Poor Dayle.
    Love the new shawl.
    xo Kris

  10. Wow you were busy yesterday and what a horrible expirience with your blood draw, but I'm glad you are taking care of yourself ... That is wonderful. What beautiful sunset/sky pictures... Just gorgeous ! Hope you had a good shopping trip to costco and that Dayle starts feeling better... It's not fun to be in pain. Have a good weekend my dear friend.

  11. A busy day indeed, the Falls look wonderful. Sorry that Dale is in so much pain, I do hope that things improve very soon.

  12. Well first of all, I love that crochet Lace top! Would love to have the pattern for that. Your shawl is going to be lovely too. It's looking so pretty already! I can so relate to your poor blood draw experience. They always have trouble finding my veins too. I always come home all black and blue from it. Not fun. Sorry to hear Dayle is having pain and I hope he's better soon. The atmosphere at the lodge is beautiful. Love that big ole fireplace!

  13. The Falls Room looks the most beautiful place to dine Teresa. Send my best to Dayle and I hope he gets to the hump day with his recovery ;0) ....I have never heard of that term before but it's fun x

  14. Having blood taken is a pain, but especially so if you really don't like it. I am glad that after that ordeal you managed to have what looks like a lovely day. The falls are beautiful indeed and what great shots! That hall is stunning(and those mousses looked Nom!) I am excited about your shawl and following its progress xx

  15. I can really empathise with you on that blood taking thingy ... I have the same problem but have found a great vein on the top side of my arm just down a bit from the elbow. Works every time now - thank goodness. Wow I didn't realise you had such a beautiful river near you. Also in one of those pics, the trees looked green - very pretty. Is that moss on them? Hope Dayle gets better soon. xox

  16. Hello Teresa. Had to have one of those starve yourself beforehand tests not long ago. Fortunately not to bad and I didn't have to wait at all- amazing.
    Lovely photos of scenes where you live as always. Hope Dayle soon gets rid of any pain - I can feel for him. Mine is caused by Fibromyalgia - and at the moment is really bad :-(
    The crochet top is so lovely and your shawl is going to be beautiful.
    The lodge is so lovely - I would still dearly love to visit the area. Take care. Hugs Anne x

  17. A very lovely crochet Sweater. The falls are glorious indeed.. I hope Dale recoveries quickly. Sad that he is having so much pain. I always love seeing your beautiful photos. Hugs Judy


  18. Me encantan las fotografías, son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  19. Prayers for Dayle's pain to go away and for him to heal quickly. :)

    Oh loved your photos...the falls are always so lovely. Your shawl is beautiful! I so love that lovely yarn.

    Hugs sweet friend.

  20. My, all that being on the go, where do you get your energy? I just want to grab you and say, "sit down girl, catch your breath!" Hummmmm, I need to take a break now, you wear me out running me all over the place with your comings and goings, lol. I can see why you you love the falls. It is like the ocean, or the lake, one never tires of watching and looking at it. It is relaxing. So sorry about your blood draw, but many times the lack of being able to find a vein is not the fault of the patient, but the lack of skill by the person trying to find it. Some folks just have the knack and skill to do it without much trouble and they are usually also the ones who do it so that you do not feel it. It is distressing to have someone poke and prod day there is usually a nice bruise to show for it. Hope your lab work turns out just fine, fasting blood work is never fun especially when it is a lipid profile or checking that hemoglobin A1c.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  21. You have been so busy, well you always are. Hope all the testing and doctor visits went well. Your shawl is coming along. Sending Dayle a special hug, not easy what he is going thorough.


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