Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Farewell My Beloved Stargazer

Well my dear friends.. yesterday marked the end of an era for my husband and me.  After owning our beautiful sailboat, Stargazer, it is now on it's way to her new home in Montana.  When we bought her about 25 years ago and had many wonderful adventures.  This is a photo when we had it moored in Cascade Locks and we sailed upstream to Government Cove, dropped anchor and I actually took this photo with my waterproof camera while swimming!  The sun is quite low in the sky and is reflecting off the shiny black hull.  ::sigh::

This is when I took Stargazer on the Portland Ladies Cruise - all boats were sailed to this 3 day event by female captains. 

Another ladies cruise with my fellow sailing friend Alyce that I met in the AOL Sailing Forum!  This was to the Portland Yacht Club out-station on Sauvie Island.

Alyce also was my crew for the Opening Day Parade with the Portland Yacht Club.  That was a memorable event - all the yacht clubs in the Portland area strut their stuff on the opening day of sailing season and they give out awards for this and that.  I believe we were the only all-woman crew for this event.

I did a watercolor of my beloved boat.

Dayle took this shot of me at the helm offshore in the Pacific Ocean out of Newport, OR's Yaquina Bay.  

This is a fuzzy photo - but I was taking a visitor sailing when I lived on Stargazer in Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, Washington State.  We were headed to Deer Harbor.

I took this on Sunday after we spent hours and hours cleaning the boat to show to Mike and Mary who were driving all the way from Missoula, Montana to look at her.  I still think she's beautiful.

Dayle worked in the salon and I was scrubbing the cockpit.  I went below to snap some photos to remember her by.  I lived aboard in Friday Harbor for 4 months 15 or so years ago.  It was a very comfortable salon - the table goes down to form a queen sized berth.  I would make my coffee and breakfast while looking out the companionway opening to the boats at anchor in the harbor.

Looking to the companionway opening from the salon.

Walking away after a day aboard my beloved boat.  If Mike and Mary liked her, this would be my last memory of my boat at the dock of the Portland Yacht Club.  ::sigh::

Mike and Mary actually made good time on their trip and surprised us while we were hard at work cleaning the boat.. they were able to look her over inside and out made the final decision to buy her.  We were up early yesterday (Monday) and headed off to PYC with Dayle hauling the boat trailer and me following in my Explorer.  Then we met M&M at Danish Marine where we had arranged for a haul-out and pressure wash of the bottom of the boat before slinging it onto the trailer.  I actually ended up dog-sitting their Schnauser and Mike, Mary and Dayle drove over to the club, left Dayle's truck there and boarded the boat and motored her down the channel to be hauled out.  This is a shot after they'd put the slings on her, under the TravelLift.

Up she comes out of the water, 5,500 lbs. of boat.  :-)

Here she is.. ready to get her bottom power washed.  Side Note - I lived in a houseboat across the channel from here for 5 years.  That was a wonderful experience.

Cleaner bottom!

The amazing TravelLift then "drove" over to lower Stargazer onto her trailer - hooked up to Mike and Mary's truck.

I walked around the stern to get a shot.

Goodbye my beloved boat.  I named you, I loved you, I sailed with my husband and family and I sailed her with friends and I singlehanded her in the San Juan Islands and the Columbia River.  This is the end of an era for me.  Farewell and I do hope you have a good life in Montana.

Here she is ready to head out.. Dayle worked himself to a frazzle getting the trailer and boat ready for sale.  Kristi even spent a day scrubbing the head for us.  Travis helped with preparing the trailer.

PYC - it's been a great time - you are a bunch of really nice folks.  

After all was said and done, I took Dayle for a steak dinner at Bumper's Grill and Bar.  We both enjoyed that and felt good about this being done.  At home last night Kristi had a birthday party for the boys just for me as I will be gone during their real birthdays.  My granddaughters Spring vacation just happened to occur during their birthdays, so I'll be in Ohio.  My daughter sent the boys these amazing Transformer toys which they just LOVE!

The boys picked out a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.. make a wish!

The boys love their new little tablets their Mom and Dad got for them.

As we headed to the boat on Sunday I got a huge kick out of seeing 2 horses tied up at the Springdale Tavern.  Yes, I love living in the country!

I thought I'd end with a happy note as selling the boat was a sad and stressful time for us.  But onward and upward.  We might get a fishing boat instead. :-)  I hope you have a wonderful week!  Next post might be from Ohio.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh Teresa, I'm crying as I read this post. The love you had/have for your beloved sailboat is evident in this post. Sometimes it stinks to have to move on doesn't it? It is sure a beautiful boat. Happy Birthday to the boys and happy travels to you. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time with your girls. (I love the horses!)
    Blessings my friend,

  2. There is only one certainly in life Teresa and that is change ;0) You have all those wonderful memories of your wonderful boat. Treasure them and look back fondly. It is obviousy the right time for you to move on. I am sure the new owners will love her as much as you did and build their own memories. Not long now until your trip you must be so exciited. Hugs xx

  3. Ah, LadySailor! I remember you from those days! (Can you believe it's nearly 20 years since we 'met' on eworld?)

  4. I had no idea you were such an accomplished boatwoman, Teresa. I don't know if that's a real word, but you know what I mean. It sounds like you have lots of happy memories of Stargazer and I am sure she will be loved by her new owners just as much. Happy birthday to the boys! Have a safe trip to Ohio.

  5. Oh dear, your boat is a beauty and I can tell it is hard for you to sell her. I think she will be happy in Montana. We had a 20 foot sail boat and sailed her on the inland delta. Your sailboat has a dramatic look to her.

  6. She's beautiful Teresa, it sounds like you've had many happy adventures together. No doubt her new owners will love her too. Here's to the future.

  7. It sounds like you had some wonderful times with this boat, but life does move on....even when we don't want it to.

  8. I felt sad for you Teresa as I read this, but am sure she will bring joy to her new owners. A safe trip to see your family in Ohio. Happy birthday to the boys. X

  9. Well time goes by and life changes and we sell items that holds special memories. Your boat was nice, hope all goes well for the trip for them to Montana. Have a safe trip to Ohio and enjoy your family. My root canal appt went fine, minimal pain today! Hugs!

  10. Hi Teresa...I didn't know you were a sailor as well as all the other talents you have....a sad time for you to let Stargazer go.....new adventures to come I'm sure
    Fabulous boat
    Hugs x

  11. Oh Teresa you nearly had me in tears reading about Stargazer. She certainly is a beautiful boat and I guess you'll really miss her. Thank goodness the parties were able to cheer you up at the end of the day. Have fun in Ohio.

  12. It must have been a real wrench to sell Stargazer. I was feeling sad, until I saw the horses tied up at the bar! I thought that only happened in the movies! It's really made me smile.


  13. Oh Teresa it must have been so emotional saying farewell to your Stargazer, it's obvious just how much you love that boat. Such wonderful memories that you can treasure. Have lots of fun with the girls!
    p.s. I LOVE that picture of the horses tied up at the tavern, now that's a sight impossible to find here in Belgium! x

  14. So sorry to hear about your boat but thank you for taking us on that journey Teresa. It took me back to our boat we had a few years ago now. You will always have all those wonderful memories to take forward with you and that beautiful water colour of course.
    The boys look like they had a fabulous time :) lots of love x

  15. Oh sweet Teresa, I loved your story of your beloved Stargazer! A sailboat is really part of the family and brings so many exciting and happy memories. On the down side they are a lot of work to maintain. It's so wonderful you had her for so long..........next chapter a fishing boat, low maintenance and fun! Hope it works out. BUT mostly I hope you have a wonderful time in Ohio with all your "Girls"!!!!
    I will be thinking of you, xoRobin

  16. O Teresa, I read this with a lump in my throat. I know how you loved your Stargazer! So sad to give up something that gave so many wonderful memories. She is a Beaut! And I am sure she will provide many more good memories to her new owners.
    A very happy birthday to the boys! And I hope you have a wonderful time with your girls! I will be thinking of you. I am still busy, busy with my Mom. She is doing fabulously! We are so grateful! I try to catch up here and there, when I can. Love ya,

  17. Oh goodness! What a tough change!
    Glad you could end on a happy note with those grandkids. =D

  18. how therapuetic for you to post such loving good bye images of the boat.
    here's to a fishing boat next!!! some of my favorite things to do is to read boat names when I walk a pier.
    One of my favorites " SHe'll Get Over it"
    Forty eight off (Fireman work 24 on 48 off)
    finally: my own: Life with Porpoise

  19. Dear Teresa, Stargazer is a beautiful boat, and I am so glad you have many good memories of your times with her! You and your family took such good care of her she will surely float on through many more years and many more adventures...but I am crying with you.

    It's great you enjoyed a meal at Bumper's, and a birthday party for the boys before you go to Ohio. I ran errands all day yesterday trying to get ready for leaving for CA on Friday...and still have more to do...we have new adventures before us! xx

  20. A wonderful, moving post about saying goodbye to your beloved boat, Teresa! Stargazer was a special part of your lives for so many years and you will always treasure those memories even though it was time to move on. You were quite a sailor, and I realise now just how accomplished you were! A fishing boat would be fun next :) I wish you a wonderful time in Ohio with your dear girls.....and a very Happy Birthday to your dear grandsons too!
    Helen xox

  21. ((hugs)) to you on selling your boat...I know it had to be hard...but I hope you and Dayle get a fishing boat, that would be so much fun! Your water color painting is awesome! You are so very talented. :)

    Safe travels to Ohio sweet friend. :) ((hugs))

  22. We had a Pearson sailboat when I was growing up. It was 26 feet long and we sailed it on Lake Erie. It was so much fun, i was a teenager and would just jump off into the cool water when I was hot. My dad dried when he sold it. Great memories, beautiful times.
    Hugs to you Teresa.

  23. Gosh, Teresa. You certainly have had a very interesting and exciting life, living on houseboats and sailing the seas. Wow! Those folks sure are lucky to get a boat that was so well taken care of. I know it was really hard to let it go but am sure you made the right decision and sounds like the right people have it now. Happy birthday to the boys. Have a fabulous time in OH. Best wishes, Tammy

  24. I can understand how bitter sweet it can be to see something you have enjoyed and loved for many years now belong to someone else. I feel the same about all the equipment in my husband's wood shop. It is all being sold and I have only to look around every room in this house and see all the wonderful things he made in that shop. He made so much stuff for the girls and others too. Memories, all so sweet and no one can take them away from you. Closing that chapter and starting a new one, all a part of life. I hope you get your fishing boat cause I read how much you love being near and on the water.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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