Saturday, March 22, 2014

Girl's Lunch and Doily Reveal

Hello, welcome!  Yesterday we had a Blog Girls Lunch at the Red Lobster.  Betsy, Gracie, Taci and I had a great time, as usual.  (Click on their names to visit their blogs - after you finish reading this one, of course. :-) )  I was very excited about this particular lunch as Betsy had crocheted a large doily for my piano and this would be my first time seeing it.  Oh my goodness, it is GORGEOUS and lacy and lovely and it fits the space on the piano perfectly!  Thank you, Betsy!!!

I surprised Betsy with a Japanese glass fishing float from my own collection.  She had told me she'd been wanting one as her youngest son lives in Japan.  So.. I wanted to give her something to thank her for crocheting a big doily for me!  This is an old one and it's made with recycled glass - the matte finish of the float was where it washed back and forth on the sand of a beach before it was found - I think it was found in Alaska.

Isn't this beautiful?

Betsy used a tiny thread and it's so lacy and fine.  This will be a family heirloom for my descendants! :-)

It was funny as we had agreed to not bring gifts for each other.. poor Gracie is the only one who followed the agreement.  LOL!  Betsy brought us some neat balls of cotton from Hobby Lobby, Taci brought these neat floral zippered bags and I brought each lady a 6-pack of fresh eggs!  See the baby knitted items?  Betsy made those to give to Taci for a donation.  Sweet, huh?

The dark brown eggs are from "Hershey", my Cuckoo Maran hen, the aqua ones from my 2 Ameracauna hens "Gracie" and "Betsy Ross", The light brown ones from my Buff Orpington, "Buffy".

Here are the sweet little hats, a sweater and socks for babies in need.

Our table is always covered with fun things when we meet.  

The Japanese float is still traveling, isn't it?  It's off to Spokane, WA!

Thank heavens for patient waiters who take photos with 3 peoples cameras.  :-)

This morning I took a few photos of the doily in it's new home.  It's the perfect size!

I'm so happy with this!

It sure looks nice in our 100 year old farmhouse!

My daughter posted a photo of my youngest granddaughter Paige with her hair curled.. when I saw this photo I melted.  I will be with them in one week, I am so looking forward to seeing and hugging them all!

When I was volunteering at Multnomah Falls and this man came in with the most adorable little girl.. and she was wearing a crocheted hat that was like a Cabbage Patch doll hair!  How cute is this?

I went outside when I saw them on a bench to get a better photo.  Adorable!

I worked on my red alpaca/silk shawl while volunteering, it's coming along nicely!

Remember when I went to Long Beach with my sister and we had the most delicious chocolate pot d'creme with these amazing Amarena cherries on top.  I found some on Amazon and we had some on top of some vanilla ice cream and they were yummy!

I did a "Waterlogue" photo to watercolor with Buddy.. isn't it cute?

I just had to show you this.. these little Pansies were growing in the tiniest amount of soil on the edge of a sidewalk in Troutdale Historic Downtown.  

The planters there were also freshly filled with Spring blooms.  I'm not sure what the name of this flower is, but it's gorgeous!  

Well, time to get ready to head off to Portland Yacht Club to visit our sailboat, Stargazer.  I'm dropping my DIL off at my son's work when he gets off - he saved the life of a woman a week ago when she walked in front of him as he drove along the Sandy River - and instead of hitting her he hit a rock wall in his beloved vintage Toyota Land Cruiser.  The insurance company totaled it and he found a used VW Jetta and they're going to pick it up today.  Have a super weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I LOVE the doily in it's new home! It looks perfect there and I'm so glad that you like it. Lunch was perfect as usual and way, way too short a time to visit. Have a wonderful day. The weather is gorgeous here in Portland and Grandpa and I are off to take Piper to the park.

  2. Love those pansies, growing there against all the odds. That doily is stunning! All of those tiny stitches, quite incredible. And your eggs are beautiful, really striking. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. CJ xx

  3. The doily looks perfectly at home on your piano, Teresa! Betsy made a wonderful work of art for you, and the Japanese float you gave her is beautiful!

    You, Betsy, and Taci, certainly enrich my life, and I am so grateful we met in cyberspace and then face to face :)

    So many other happy photos you posted, too...I enjoyed each one and am especially happy that you plan to visit Amy's family soon!

    The pansies in their pretty persistent push through the pavement are so encouraging, aren't they? I'm so glad you paused to give them attention and share them with us. They remind me that life with all its problems still has so much beauty for us to celebrate!
    Thanks for posting [and for the beautiful eggs :) ] ! xx

  4. The doily is absolutely fantastic, what a wonderful gift, and what wonderful friends you girls are to each other.


  5. I love that doily. That pineapple pattern is what my Mom always made when she was younger. She loves those pineapples! You girls are so lucky to be able to get together. Your photos always make me wish I lived closer. Hugs, Sharon

  6. The doily is so beautiful! Betsy is very talented. Your lunch looks like so much fun. Thank you for saying you wished I could be there the other day in your comment on my blog, I wish I could meet you all too. The baby's hat is adorable! Oh, how funny. She looks like a real Cabbage Patch Kid. Mine had hair like that, only brown. Your granddaughter looks so pretty with her hair curled. I'm glad your son wasn't hurt. Yikes. Good luck to him with his new vehicle.

  7. The doily is beautiful and it looks lovely in your house. I'm so glad you had a good time together. I was thinking clam chowder would be good that day but it will have to wait til next time. Have a great trip to Ohio to be with family. What an adorable granddaughter! Take care!

  8. Wow that is just gorgeous Teresa, even more than in person. Betsy is si talented and you are so worth it to be the recipient of such a special gift :)
    Your granddaughter is just absolutely gorgeous. Have a nice Sunday my dear :))

  9. Good morning Teresa. Wow...your doily is a real work of talented Betsy is those are such fine stitches. It looks perfect in your home. Your time with your friends is very special. Have a lovely Sunday and I am sure you are counting down the hours until your visit your darling girls. Hugs xx

  10. Ha! Gracie should know that a bunch of creative women getting together certainly would never be able to hold to an agreement of no gifts. I know I couldn't. The doily is absolutely gorgeous. Betsy does lovely work. And the shawl you are working on is very pretty, too. That cabbage patch hat is too cute. Nice to see you ladies together again. Have a peaceful Sunday! Tammy P.S. Glad your son was okay and that he found a new car so quickly.

  11. What a lovely post. As always. That docile is a true work of art snd it looks so at home right there with you. Your lunch looks like such fun. X

  12. Wow, wow, wow!!! Betsy did an amazing job on your doily. It is absolutely GORGEOUS on your piano! And she did it pretty quickly too. How great is that? Your shawl is looking great. Looks like you will be finished soon. Your granddaughter is so freakin' cute with her hair all curly like that. That cabbage patch hat must have taken forever for someone to make. Looks like a lot of yarn went into that too, but it's really cute. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  13. That should read doily and I forgot to say what a beauty Paige is. Such a lovely picture x

  14. First of all I am so glad you son is okay, what a scare! You ladies alwyas look so happy to be together. Love the doily that Betsy made, she is so talented. Her heart is as big as the whole state of Washington. Your shawl is looking fantastic, the red is going to be stunning.
    Hugs to you and have a wonderful time on your trip to Ohio.

  15. Oh dear me, I have so much to say, where to start? How about first, to let you know that this is Kris from Simplify. I am at Mama's and using her computer. She is Diane, and I didn't want to change any of her settings. She is home, and resting. God answered our prayers!! But she isn't feeling too wonderful right now. I will stay a few days, and then come back and forth after she is better at getting around. Her two story worries me some.
    Now...onto lunch with the gals. I always envy you so. I think so highly of each of you, and feel I belong too. Oh well... Next best thing is to see your photos!!! The doily is just pure perfection! Oh what glorious pride of place it has on your beloved piano too. Such a treasure. As well, is the treasure you in turn gifted her with. Such a special gift to have forever and always. I love to see what you gals bring to share, and what creations you are making! The eggs are so lovely. I had a Cuckoo Muran, but it died as a chick. I shall get another one day. I am getting nearly a dozen eggs a day from my lovely fllock! All so pretty and varied are the colors of their shells.
    So sorry to hear of the unavoidable wreck. But so happy that no one was injured.
    And your little curly haired beauty.....oh how I know you are counting the days til you can have your arms around them!!!
    The painting of Buddy left me speechless. Is this possible? I may need to commision you for a painting one day.
    My niece Kelly has been here for Mom's surgery. She has lived across the river in WA for many years, but just moved to Portland a few weeks ago. She is loving being able to walk to work and such. I am dying to go visit. When my Mom is up to it, we are coming. So guess what. I will meet you face to face one day my dear Teresa, if it is the last thing I do.
    Sorry to have rattled on so.
    xoxoxo Kris

  16. The doily that Betsy made is awesome. So very beautiful. It is just perfect on your piano, too. What a true love gift you have now that will last generations...and your gift to her was also very thoughtful as well. :)

    Oh what a fun time you all had. I just love it when you share your get togethers with us all. I love seeing all the things you all make.

    Lovely pictures as always sweet friend. ((hugs))

  17. What a great group of friends you have. Betsy did a beautiful job on that big doiley - absolutely gorgeous and it looks stunning on your piano, Paige looks so pretty in that photo. Bet you can hardly wait to see them again. I saw what I think was a link to a pattern for that Cabbage Patch Kid hat. If you're interested I can pass it on to you. Just let me know. xox

  18. That doily is like a work of art!

  19. Wow, Teresa, this post is chock-full of excitement, suspense, beauty, you name it! What an absolutely stunning doily - looks perfect under the candelabrum and the polka-dot candles. :)

    How fun to meet up with your bloggy buddies - I love Red Lobster (the shrimp scampi and biscuits are my favourites).

    Your little granddaughter is just adorable - and your son sounds like a great guy.

    Have a super week!

  20. Such a beautiful doily Teresa and it does look perfect on your piano! Your darling little Paige looks beautiful with her curls and I'm sure you're counting the days now until you can give them all a huge hug once again!
    Such a scare for your son..thank goodness nobody was seriously hurt...x
    Hope you have a great week lovely friend!
    Susan x

  21. that hat is so so cute!
    beautiful doily.

  22. Very fun gathering indeed. I LOVE the waterlogue app and am hooked on it. Thanks

  23. Hello Teresa, Wow what a gorgeous Pineapple Doily Betsy created for you. It looks beautiful on your piano. Another lovely meeting of the stitching girls.. And the Japanese Float is truly precious and I am sure Betsy will treasure it always. Truly wonderful photos and thanks for sharing them all with us. Hugs Judy

  24. The doily is beautiful, what a nice gift from a good friend. I won't comment on each photo you posted, but just know that I really enjoyed this posting and how you shared it all with us. I have that watercolor app on my iPad but how can I get it on my pc? I am so far behind. I seem to be running in slow gear all the time. I have so many irons in the fire and there never seems to be enough time to do any of them. I am so glad you are doing well and enjoying life. I have said it before and I will say it again, how lucky you are to have some blogger friends so close to where you live and what fun to exchange gifts. I'm sure you look forward to those visits and spending time with the girls.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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