Monday, April 28, 2014

Images from the Sea

Yesterday was our last full day here at the coast.  This morning we begin to pack things away for the trip home.  But yesterday began with heavy rain and then miraculously began to improve.  We headed to Newport to look about.  This is one of my favorite views - Yaquina Bay Bridge behind the fishing harbor.  Do you see the name of the boat in the middle?

Along side the harbor is a line of big huge nautical rope and I thought the juxtaposition of the old rope with the fragile little daisies was neat.

Wild daisies.. with pink.. just sweet.

We were in the fishing boat yard and there are piles and piles of crab pots there.  They catch Dungeness Crab here and it's the best!

We then drove up through Yaquina Bay park and I snapped this of the lighthouse there.

We then headed to one of our favorite places for lunch, Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay.  This is the view from there, isn't it spectaclar?

Dining here is nice as you can watch for whales spouting while enjoying lunch.  It was very busy when we got there, but it cleared out so I could get this shot.

I'd been wanting to get a shot of this sign and we finally got it.  I love how colorful it is!

Then we drove in to see Yaquina Head Lighthouse.. I never tire of seeing this beautiful structure with the amazing setting.

I'm thinking this lighthouse needs a fresh coat of paint!

When I was young and visited this place there was a lighthouse keepers home there, too.  I wish they'd left it there.  This little structure is the oil house and keepers office.  I've been inside on a previous visit and showed you the inside and the spiral staircase to the top.

Here is a closeup of the Fresnel lens.

Then we drove on north and stopped at Siletz Bay and I took a photo of the ocean beyond the bay and didn't even realize I captured a large group of seals on the spit until I downloaded the images! :-)

Now.. see the seals on the spit behind the rock with trees?  To me this image is so very coastal.

To the left of this rock was a Salal bush in full bloom.  It's a beachy kind of plant.

I asked Dayle to drive up the Siletz River so I could see this very special house.  We hadn't driven up to see it for probably 20 years!  Oregon writer Ken Kesey wrote an amazing book "Sometimes a Great Notion" after seeing an big rambling house on the Suislaw River.  It's about a family of lumber men.  It was made into a movie of the same name with Paul Newman, Henry Fonda and Lee Remick.  If you haven't seen it, you should find it and watch it.  The producers actually built this house for the set of the movie and were going to burn it down afterwards, but the USFS said it was too dry to burn it so it survived.  Those owners since then transformed it into a comfortable home.  Isn't it pretty?

I would love to live here and have a boat tied up to that dock and fish off it, too.

As we drove upriver to find the house, I spotted this old log floating in the river with new trees growing on it.. we snapped these photos as we headed back to Hwy 101.

I just swoon at this image of new growth coming up from a venerable old tree.

And then we came back to our caravan/trailer to relax for the evening.  The day ended bright and sunny.  

I knew it would be a pretty sunset as the sky was almost clear except for a little cluster of clouds on the horizon.  I kept an eye on the progress of the sun setting and then went out and stood by the edge of the rock wall down to the sea and drank in the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on shore, the smell of the salty sea and the beauty of seeing across the ocean to the edge of the world.  :-)

And so the sun sets on our last full day at the beach.  

I'm doing this post rather quickly as Dayle is unhooking the trailer and I need to start stashing things and tidying up and getting ready to roll on home.  So, I will love you and leave you and see you again from the farm.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I feel like I was with you on part of this trip as I leisurely looked through your pictures and read about everything. It's such a different landscape than anything I'm used to. I'm looking forward to seeing these things with my own eyes someday very soon! Until then, I will see it through yours. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  2. My FAVORITE spots on the coast, all in this post. We love Newport bay and the lighthouses in Newport. I've never seen that house but it's gorgeous. Who could ever burn it down. We need to buy it together -it looks big enough. lol. You got some lovely pictures Teresa. Those sunsets. I can never get enough of them. I'm sorry you have to leave. Have a safe trip home.

  3. Wow, what an amazing final day by the sea Teresa - I love the look of Newport, so pretty, and so many interesting places to visit. And as for that house - wow! What a dream it would be to live somewhere like that. I truly love that style of architecture, we don't have anything like it here in the UK. Have a safe journey home.


  4. You always capture such amazing images….I love them ALL

    safe travels home

  5. Teresa your photos are truly amazing! You sure can capture the beauty in all your travels. Thanks so much for sharing. Your part of the states is so beautiful. Safe travels and see you at the farm.
    xoRobin (loved the seals, daisies, movie set house, and floating log growth tree!!!

  6. Beautiful photos of many interesting sites. I love seeing it all through your eyes as you travel and relax on your vacation.

  7. Such a beautiful birthday trip for you. You have taken some excellent photos!

  8. As we all say, your pictures are fabulous!

  9. This seaside trip of yours was just amazing. I liked being around with you, and look at all the lovely peculiar things :) That tree in the water is truly is nature's miracle. So beautiful!
    have a safe trip home!

  10. Your pictures are always so beautiful :) Thanks for sharing them - I especially love the photos of the coastline and the rolling waves :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  11. You have excelled yourself with your photos Teresa, especially the ones of the coast. What an utterly beautiful spot. So glad you've had such a lovely trip.

  12. Hello Teresa thanks for sharing all your stunning photos with us. Greatly appreciated. I love hearing the history of the area. The movie house is beautiful. And I loved seeing all the seals on the beach. You had the most wonderful birthday week. Hugs Judy

  13. Such stunning coastal views, Teresa! I especially love the lighthouses, and the gorgeous colours of the sea! Hope you are home safely now. Wishing you a happy spring week.
    Helen xox

  14. Hello Teresa such wonderful photos of what was a wonderful day for you both. I just adore that house and like you I would just love to live somewhere like that. See you back on the farm ! :-) Anne x

  15. Oh what a lovely post and beautiful pictures. You truly take the most awesome photos.

    I will miss your photos of the ocean and all your adventures...but I also look forward to seeing what is now blooming back at the farm. Always something beautiful at your place.

    Wishing you safe travels sweet friend. :)

  16. So much beauty, Teresa! Thanks for posting. I have friends visiting from Missouri and they may be here into next week. I am playing tour guide :) My Lumix shutter is not functioning correctly :( xx

  17. More interesting and beautiful photos. I am with you on that movie scene house. I love it, and so glad they didn't destroy it, that some family thought to make it their home. I also think that the trees and vegetation growing from that old tree is so neat. Now how cool is that! I find that simply amazing and awesome. Personally, I could spend all day and evening watching the ocean, the rhythm of the waves coming to shore and receding back. What a lovely relaxing way to enter in a new year of your life.
    (((HUGS)) Susanne :)


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