Monday, May 19, 2014

Grand-Puppy and a Gift from Robin

Hi there, come on in for a visit.  We had a fun family day yesterday - our older son Shawn and his wife Beth and 2 boys Mike and Gabe came over for a visit.  They brought their new German Shepherd puppy that they got from Dayle's sister's daughter's daughter-in-law.  Did you get that?  They drove down to Klamath Falls to pick up the pup and had a nice 4 hour visit with them.  Meet Schatzi.  She's really smart and well-behaved - I think she'll be a real nice dog.

We had a nice afternoon and evening, Dayle BBQ-ed chicken on his pellet grill/smoker and I made a big bowl of potato salad and some baked beans.  Mike was showing how strong he is by picking up both of the little guys.  :-)

While I was outside with Beth and the puppy I snapped some photos of a couple new flowers.  Gracie took me to a little hidden plant nursery near her house and she got me 4 new plants for my birthday!  A Million Bell, below, 2 hollyhocks and another one.  

I also found a basket of Streptocarpus and brought it home.  I've had them before and they are prolific flowerers.

Pretty little purple flowers.

My SIL sent me photos of both of my granddaughter's class photos.  This is Jenna.  Oh how I miss them!

Here is Paige.  She is a smiley kid.  My girls are so sweet!   

Dayle just brought in the mail and what did I see?  But a package from the lovely and generous Robin - from the blog My Nest of Yarn and Buttons.  It's a beautiful printed kitchen towel - mine has Nasturtiums on it and now I want some!  Thank you dear Robin, you're the sweetest friend!

Here is a closeup of the design.  Love it and it goes with my yellow walls!  :-)

I'm heading into the kitchen for leftover BBQ for lunch.  Want to join me?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. We had BBQ chicken last night for dinner, and I had it for lunch today too! It was so good this time -- tender and juicy. Mmm! Your girls are so sweet-looking. Their pictures are great! They look a lot better than mine as a kid, for sure! Enjoy your new flowers. Oh, and the dog is precious! He looks smart.

  2. What a gorgeous puppy !
    Your girls are as cute as buttons.
    Sounds like you had a lovely time .

  3. Yum! It looks like you had a wonderful time with your grands and that adorable puppy. I would love to give him a big squeeze with that cute face. :-). Lovely gifts from Gracie and Robin. You are a very lucky lady. And, of course, your girls are so very cute and growing so much.

  4. The girls are gorgeous and grown so much. Mike has also grown very tall and strong holding the little guys lol. Cute puppy and gorgeous plants xo

  5. BBQ chicken sounds totally yummy! I would like to place one order please:):) Schatzi is totally adorable! I just want to give her a little cyber hug right now. Cute pic of Mike and the boys...and, as always, I enjoyed seeing your granddaughters.
    Have a great week there in Paradise...
    PS: Love your new towel--the colors are great!

  6. The new puppy is so cute! She looks like a lot of fun. It's nice to see your grandchildren, as always. The new towel is so pretty as are your real flowers! I hope you have a great week, Teresa. :)

  7. The new puppy is such a cutie! And what a lovely gift from Robin...
    Talking about gifts I was hoping we had a lunch to celebrate your birthday ??? I was hoping to celebrate when we were having lunch with Betsy. Since she couldn't come maybe we can see you soon ? Miss you my dear friend. ❤️

  8. What a gorgeous puppy she is Teresa. Lovely gifts too.....I got mine from Robin yesterday. ...such vibrant colours x

  9. Teresa, it's good to see your grands thriving, [and Mike so strong :) ] ;and your new grand dog is soooo cute! The dish towel is lovely and reminds me I need to get my Nasturtium seeds planted [along with the new plants I bought [at least I remembered to water them :) ] xx

  10. Good Morning dear Teresa, Puppy, flowers, granddaughters, and strong boys such a lovely post. So happy you love your kitchen towel, I loved the nasturtiums too! Love the pup, does look like a nice dog to- be! Love the million bell, so pretty. Hope you have a delightful week my friend. xoRobin

  11. Awwww .. lovely photos of Jenna and Paige. xox

  12. Yum on the BBQ left overs! I'll be right there. :)

    The flowers are very pretty. I love the purple ones. I am a purple freak! What sweet gifts from both of your friends, flowers and a lovely very pretty.

    Aww the puppy looks so adorable. How did you little dog like the new pup?

    Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  13. The puppy is adorable, as are your granddaughters. It looks like you had a great visit with your son's family. I have to confess I got a bit confused on the family connections with the puppy. :-)

  14. Hello Teresa. Good you had a great time with family - we were with eldest son and family at weekend. Wonderful time! Cute dog. Your grandaughters are growing so fast - just like mine! Would love to join you you for leftovers. X

  15. Such a cute puppy! I love the flowers you got, such pretty colours. Those are lovely pictures of you sweet grand girls, and it looks like fun you had with your grandsons!
    Your gift from lovely Robin is so colourful....mine has just arrived today too :)
    Wishing you a happy week, Teresa!
    Helen xox

  16. Everyone is growing up so fast. The girls look bigger then the pictures you showed us during your visit, and your oldest grandson is HUGE! Love the picture of the puppy, that face is adorable.

  17. Jenna and Paige do look so sweet. Your new grand puppy is pretty cute too.

  18. That puppy is so cute! Sounds like you had a nice visit with everyone. That's a cute tablecloth. I've never seen anything with a nasturtium pattern on it. Enjoy!


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