Thursday, January 15, 2015

Queen Anne's Lace and Package Arrives

A while back while "shopping" in my yarn stash I saw this skein of pastel rainbow acrylic one ply and brought it out with the idea of making 2 little Queen Anne's Lace scarves for my granddaughters.  I'm almost done with one.  This pattern is so interesting and if you're using variegated yarn it keeps you enticed to keep going so you can see the next color change.  I will post the pattern below.  While Dayle and I were running errands yesterday I saw these poor little potted flowers sitting outside of a store in the cold and just had to buy and rescue them and bring them home with me.  :-)  I'm such a hero like that.  lol!

I fell for this white edged fuchsia colored Cyclamen and the adorable tiny Narcissus which bloomed overnight!

Cyclamen remind me of birds in flight.

I love these tiny miniature daffodils!

Have you ever made one of these scarves?  It's a bit hard to figure out at first, but once you get going you will "get it" and it's easier.

I love the laciness of this pattern.

I am using Mary Maxim "Prism" in "Rainbow" - it's 100% acrylic.  (pattern will be at the bottom)

I asked my daughter to photograph the girls opening their package, it arrived today!  Here they are unwrapping their babies.  :-)

They like them!  I hope Amy takes a photo of the real guinea pigs along with their "baby".  

I ran across the cards that I bought from Vanessa Cabban - the amazing paper mache artist, knitter, painter and blogger that passed away not long ago.  These are treasures for me.

I got a second domed tea light, they are called "Lithophanes".  I can't bear to put them away yet and light them each evening - they just flicker and glow for hours.  There are 4 distinct scenes on this one.  A log cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney and an abnormally large man skiing down the snowy mountain.. 

A boy and girl walking home to the cabin.  With a shovel?  What were they doing with a shovel?

A pair of adorable snow people and a reindeer.

And look!  Santa in a sleigh being pulled by the aforementioned reindeer!  Soon enough I will pack them away carefully to be enjoyed next Christmas.  :-)

Our mischief yesterday was pretty tame.  We went lunch at Red Lobster and then to Coastal Farm and Garden for chicken food and to exchange a Carhartt  t-shirt that I got the wrong size for Dayle for Christmas.  Then to Bi-Mart for a prescription and the aforementioned flowers.  Then we filled the car with gas.  Big whoop.  We live life on the wild side.  What excitement are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf:

I used worsted weight yarn and an G hook.  
Chain 6 and join into a ring.

1: Chain 3, work 13 dc into ring. DO NOT JOIN! Chain 1, turn. Work a sc into next 2 dc. *Chain 4, sc in next 2 dc. Repeat from * five more times (6 loops). Chain 6, turn.

2: Slip stitch into the 1st free ch4 loop. Chain 3,turn. Work 13 dc into the ch6 loop. Slip stitch into the the 1st sc of the 1st motif, chain 1, turn. Sc in next 2 dc. *Chain 4, sc in next 2 dc. Repeat from * five more times (6 loops). Chain 6, turn.

3: Slip stitch in 1st free ch4 loop of adjoining motif, chain 3, turn. Work 13 dc into ch6 loop. Slip stitch in next free ch4 loop of adjoining motif, chain 1, turn. Sc in next 2 dc. *Chain 4, sc in next 2 dc. Repeat from * five more times (6 loops). Slip stitch into next free ch4 loop of adjoining motif. Chain 6, turn.

4:Repeat step 3 for desired scarf length. End off and weave in ends.


  1. What a beautiful scarf Teresa. I love seeing the girls with their sweet GPs and yes a photo with the real ones would be great fun. I've been up to London today and the weather has behaved, none of the threatened snow so far. Hugs x

  2. Teresa love your crochet, such pretty colours. I do not think I could do that. I would have Daffs in every room. I love them.

  3. Oh the scarf is lovely. Thank you for the pattern, too. I smiled when you said you has to "rescue" the cold plants....I just love that. They are beautiful plants...and see, they thanked you by blooming, too. :) I adore the Cyclamen, they always look like a flutter of butterfly wings to me...and that color is one of my fav's. ((hugs) to you sweet friend. :)

  4. Yesterday sounds pretty perfect to me, I do so love the ordinary every day things. The Queen Anne pattern is phenomenal, you've made the most beautiful job of it. I'm a rescuer of plants as well, can't help myself. I especially love your cyclamen. I rescued one from the chilly garden shop the other day. It's living in a nice warm steamy bathroom now, and it's much happier. I hope you both have a lovely weekend Teresa. CJ xx

  5. LOVE the girls and their guineas! Wow that traveled fast!
    I helped at the shelter today. Then Fireman and I took a walk OUTside on the pavement.
    I'm settling now and ready to start my night knitting. My neighbor is coming over to knit and watch tv tonight because her husband is hosting a men's club meeting at their house.

  6. Firstly, I'm so jealous you went to Red Lobster. I love it but I haven't been there in a good four years. My husband won't go. :( He loves fish but he doesn't like to eat there. When we meet up, we're going to Chick Dump AND RL! :) I love the scarf, the colors are so pretty, just like sherbet! Your lithopanes are so cool, what a pretty thing to have in the house.

  7. I love the scarf Teresa! Thank you for the pattern. I'll have to put it on my list of things I want to make "someday". The girls looks so happy to get their box of goodies. Just look at those faces. :-). Rescuing plants is something you do well. I don't even know the names of most plantsman I enjoy yours through the pictures you post.

  8. There's nothing exciting going on here today either. Your Queen Anne's Lace scarf is so pretty in the rainbow color. I have a few skeins of Chroma from Knit Picks I need to use up. That would be a great pattern for it. Thanks for sharing it! Love the flowers you "saved." Heh-heh. Flowers do so well with you! That fuchsia color is gorgeous.

  9. That scarf is really beautiful, also love seeing your granddaughters getting those cute guinea pigs!

  10. Love the colors of the scarf. I love working with variegated yarn. I like to watch the colors change. I'm also lazy about changing colors! LOL I'm sure the girls will enjoy their baby guinea pigs just as much as the live ones. Life around here is not at all exciting with the cold weather hanging around. I mostly just stay home and read and sleep.

  11. My walk on the wild side included acupuncture this morning, lol.
    I need to figure out the crochet thing. These scarves are very pretty.

  12. Your granddaughters are SO cute and they have beautiful eyes! Looks like your guinea pig babies are a big hit with them:)

  13. That scarf is beautiful! They will love them. I am sure that there were a lot of ohs and awws when your grand-daughters opened their package!!! The flowers are beautiful. I need to get some color around here.

  14. Wow the scarf is beautiful my friend.and the girls are so adorable, I think they loved their little new friend and all the goodies you sent them... What a wonderful gramma you are. Love the flowers also, they brighten your pretty table. I'm sure you and Dayle had lots of fun.

  15. The scarf is gorgeous, Teresa! You did a beautiful job. The flowers look very appreciative for their rescue!

  16. Those plants do look happy on your table, in your cozy home!! The girls look thrilled with their guinea pigs!!!! What sweet photos!!!
    I have seen that scarf before. I think maybe on Meredith's blog? I love it in that yarn!! So pretty!
    Sounds like you and Dayle and good day to to me!
    Greg is sick with that flu. I am so hoping I don't get it!!!!
    Today, perhaps a movie for me? Some hooky, and a wee bit of cleaning at the Ranch.
    xo Kris

  17. I love your scarf Teresa. I'm don't crochet but do a little knitting like your washcloth that you wrapped the sheep in. Please share where you got your Lithophanes. It is lovely. I have a small collection of fairy lamps (reproductions) but would love to add some of these to my collection.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoy your blog very much.
    Peggy in Oregon City

  18. I can see that the girls love their baby guinea pigs! How cute they are holding them! :) Love your pretty scarf. That yarn is gorgeous!!! I've never made one of those scarves, but seeing yours is making me want to. :) Love your Lithophanes, too. So pretty! As always, your posts brighten my day!! Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Pretty Cyclamen & Narcissus. You can see the girls just love their special guinea pigs. And your daughter was so sweet to take photo's!
    Thank you for sharing the lovely scarf pattern. The variegated yarn really makes it look fun. I'll have to make some of those scarves for gifts.
    Since you asked I'll tell you of my day.
    At 11am we had a city inspector check the new A/C unit we had installed this past Monday. We'll be cool and comfortable come this summer.
    After the inspector DH and I made a trip to the post office to mail out his latest published book to several book editors. Then to the library to pick up a few reserved books for myself. Then to Grocery Outlet to take advantage of some great deals. Once back home I took a few minutes to clean and clear the area between our driveway and the new home being built next door. After clean up we walked across the street to gather wood from the another home being built (they were kind enough to set aside wood for us). The wood will be used for one of those sweet Little Tiny Library's that you see around Portland. Well around the world for that matter. You can see them here We'll install it in front of our home. Our neighborhood has quite a few young families with kiddies. It's never to early to teach them the wonders of reading.
    It was just another fun day around here . . . ha ha
    PS. We have three homes being built on our street and one more being rehabed. So it's been very lively around here.

  20. I love that scarf pattern and think I just might make a few up to have on hand as presents. I love the variegated yarn you used, but you know what I really love them in a solid too. Sounds like you and Dayle are really whooping it up! As for me today breakfast with a friend, picked Little Buddy up from school and took him to PT where he did an amazing job. Now blog reading while he naps. No work so that is exciting!

  21. Oops I forgot to say the girls look thrilled, and so much older!

  22. Great Post Teresa! Love the pics of the little girls and their gifts!!! Love the expressions : ) The scarves are so pretty and will also be loved! It is a fun pattern, i love mine that I made quite sometime ago. I sure hope you have an enjoyable weekend. xoRobin

  23. So glad the piggies arrived safely and the girls love them! The yarn is perfect for Queen Anne's Lace scarves for the girls and they will surely love them also. You're such a good grandma! Your Lithophanes are really cool. Thanks for letting us enjoy them,too. I'm glad you shared more of Vanessa's is so delightful. I picked up a Cyclamen as a get well plant for Lis today while I was out, what fun to see that you and Dayle got one, also! xx

  24. Nice scarf and the colors are so pretty... and I enjoy variegated yarn, just to see the different colors come out as well!!! Love your flowers. Glad your granddaughters liked your gifts. Why wouldn't they? It is fun to spoil them!!! Today I stayed in town and did shopping and got my hair cut and went to the outlet mall and got a few nice to have sales and coupons=savings!!! Went to a secondhand store to drop items off and bought some bowls for a project that I will show later. Have a good weekend!!! :-}

  25. I have spent a big part of the day right here on the computer.......Lovely scarf Teresa and I do love those potted flowers, they are some of my favourite ☺ Your domed tea lights are fantastic I want lol
    Lovely seeing the girls with their presents and they look happy.....Sad re Vanessa I did so love her artistic flair......

  26. Thanks so much for sharing the scarf pattern, I am going to have a go at making one of these.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  27. Love the pattern! I have seen it made up before and really liked it, I will use your pattern and see how I go!

  28. It truly looks like spring on your dining table. Love all the pretty, bright flowers! The scarf is so pretty - I love the colors.

  29. The Queen Anne's Lace scarves are so pretty ... lucky grandaughters. This is another crochet pattern that has me wishing I could crochet!

  30. Wow I can't believe how many different scenes are on the tea light holder, it's so cute! I've seen other non-christmassy ones, with flowers or just dots which are cute :-)

    LOVE your granddaughters opening their little pigs, a photo with the real ones will be lovely :-)


  31. It's great the girls have got their babies and love them.

  32. I''ve not made the scarf before but have certainly seen them all over the place. I'm sure the girls will love them; the hedgehogs so tiny and cute. I'm thinking that first lamp could be left out all winter. They are all very pretty. best wishes, Tammy

  33. How did I miss this post? The yarn for your granddaughters' scarves is so pretty, I've never attempted a Queen Anne Lacy thingy, they are really lovely, it's on the (endless) to-make list:)
    Well done on the plant-rescue, such bright colours :)


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