Friday, February 6, 2015

Snowdrops, Hat 5 and a Lithophane

Hello my friends!  How is your week going?  I took this photo of just one of my patches of Snowdrops in the farmyard when I arrived home yesterday.  They are closed up due to cold temperatures and rain.. aren't they wonderful?  These are under one of our plum trees up behind the chicken coop.

I started AND completed this little blue boy hat for Taci's "Hats for Brazil" project.  I experimented with this design - making the round double crochet crown as in my "shell hat" pattern.  I thought the ribbed design would be appropriate for a boy.  I don't think I'll do this again, but it still turned out okay.

I hope a little newborn boy in Brazil will be kept warm with this little cotton hat.

I succumbed to an auction of 15 sets of vintage faux tortoiseshell knitting needles on eBay not long ago.  I actually was hoping for at least one set that was a bigger size than my 4.5 mm ones that are similar to the US size 7.  But I was in error and all of these are smaller than what I thought - the size 10 in these are pretty narrow - whereas the size 10 US is pretty big.  :-)  OH WELL!  But I do plan to do a giveaway very soon of one of these pairs of needles and a skein of my precious KnitPicks organic marshmallow cotton.  So, one of you will be sent a pair of these.  :-)

I'm still head over heels in love with these faux tortie needles.. the colors of the light shining through them.. the flexibility and warmth to the touch.  Do keep an eye out in your charity and thrift shops for a pair of these.

I need to tie these together with something less unattractive than these rubber bands.  Do you use the longer or shorter ones?  What do you knit with the finer gauge needles?

How would you suggest I clean these?  I'm wondering if I should use a bit of warm water and a drop of dish soap?  Thoughts?

If you are a regular reader, you should remember the Christmas themed porcelain tea light lanterns that I got when I saw some on Nicole and the Bee blog.  Nicole is so sweet that when I could not find any, she found some and sent me several links.  I had wanted one that I could enjoy all year when I put the xmas ones away.  I found this one and fell in love.  It took a while to get this, I bought it on Bloomingdale's website, they had to order it from Paris!  It arrived today and I lit it up in our dim living room and am thrilled with the beautiful images.

As you turn the lantern you see Hummingbirds in different poses with gorgeous flowers and leaves.

So pretty!

I can almost hear the hum of their little wings!

I am now going to work on making some Valentines.. what are you up to today?
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! I've had a busy day. Laundry, some errands, made a baby hat, posted a blog update. Now I'm going to put together some more squares for a charity blanket. It's funny that you bought and received a new candle light this week. Just yesterday I found one of mine that I thought I had given to the Goodwill. I'll have to take a picture of it for my next post so you can see it. I think you're new needles are very pretty. I use the smaller sized needles for lots of baby things and lacy scarves. I do prefer the shorter needles though because I can't seem to control the longer ones! :-). Love your snowdrops! I just went outside and it's 56 degrees! I can't believe it, but I love it. Have a wonderful weekend Teresa.

  2. What a gorgeous lamp, and that's a fantastic collection of knitting needles. It's lovely to see the snowdrops, there are quite a few around here as well, I must pop down to the churchyard and see if the ones there are up, there are loads, it's so pretty. I hope you both have a good weekend Teresa. CJ xx

  3. I love snowdrops you are so lucky. Have not seen those type of needles for years, they are so nice. I always use short needles to knit. That lamp was worth the wait.

  4. I spent the bulk of the day meeting a friend for lunch with her little girl. We went to Rain Forest cafe to keep her preschooler happy. It was fun.
    I LOVE your needles. I would knit a TRAP scarf with them!

  5. Your beautiful new lamp reminds me of the hummingbird that I have seen visiting our camellia bush recently. I'm sorry that you did not get the size knitting needles you had hoped to, but the collection you ended up with is lovely...have you tried your idea of using a little soap and warm water to clean them yet...that seems reasonable to me. Your little blue hat is very sweet, but I am especially fond of the look of the shell pattern you made...even though I have yet to try making one. It is delightful to see your snowdrops! I finished another dishcloth and hope to do more stitching this weekend. Wishing you and yours well!!! xx

  6. I really like your baby boy hat, nice rib effect. The new lamp is gorgeous with the hummingbird, don't have them here but I have cockatoo's as you have seen ☺ Working on some socks today and also the sophie's universe cal, which is really keeping my brain alert lol have a great weekend Teresa xoxo

  7. The snowdrops are precious. Love the little bell shaped blossoms.
    Way back when round eyeglasses were all the rage I had a couple pairs in tortoiseshell. Loved them! I'd always receive nice compliments on them.
    I used to have a tiny pair of tortoiseshell knitting needles not sure whatever happened to them. They were a bit curved from much use. You can clean then in a mixture of warm water with a little bit of mild dish detergent or shampoo. Be sure it is mild - and I'd do a test first just to be safe.

  8. re: cleaning acrylic items. I am assuming the knitting needles are acrylic?
    Soap and water is fine with a soft cloth. Sprayway (I've seen at Fred Meyers) is a nice glass cleaner for acrylic as it doesn't contain ammonia.
    Don't use anything that will scratch - similar to cleaning your eyeglasses.
    My snow drops are going gang busters now too. Time for a spring flower post to tease my sis in Minnesota.

  9. Wow my friend what a wonderful post. I love the baby boy hat, it is very handsome. I fell in love with those needles since your first post. They look gorgeous and I bet it is so fun to knit with. The lantern is absolutely gorgeous, so very beautiful and delicate. I'm amazed how you find the greatest things online ! Enjoy your weekend. I'm sitting here starting a baby hat and testing your pattern :)

  10. Hi there Teresa, Love the porcelain tea lantern with the humming birds, just so pretty! I love the amount of light is gives off. Your hats are so cosy looking and will be so appreciated. Nice work : ) Love the knitting needles!
    Have a great weekend, xoRobin

  11. The detail on the porcelain lamp is so delicate and beautiful. The knitting needles, wow, what a find. I prefer short ones. I have a bunch of long metal needles from probably 40 yrs ago when I first started knitting, but don't use them at all. Fell in love with circular needles. I too use rubber bands to keep them together!

  12. Ah c'est super! I'm so glad you found an all-year-round tea light holder, it's just beautiful :-) I think you need a knitting needle roll to hold them all in. Another internet shopping mission? :-p xx

  13. Such a lovely post, as always sweet friend. I love those knitting needles....they really look awesome. The hat is adorable, too. ((hugs))

  14. Sweet snowdrops, I bet they make you feel wonderful when you see them appear. How brave they are to bloom when winter will be here for awhile yet. Anything I have that will bloom early is covered with at least 2 feet of snow. Our cold weather always seems to drag on and on. Even the surrounding states see blossoms before we do. pretty knitting needles, but I have no clue what one would use to clean them. I have some bamboo needles and I love them. They are so smooth to work with. As far as my day went, my grandson came around 3pm to spend the night with me. Boy was he surprised and excited when I pulled the sleeper sofa out to make the queen-sized bed. It didn't even bother me that he decided he could jump on it awhile, and I can't believe that I'm the same person who would have had fits if her own children tried to do that. I guess age mellows us out and we are so acutely aware the you are only 2 once in your life and children need to have fun. We had pizza, French fries and chicken nuggets, all his favorite foods. There were some juice boxes too, oh yeah, and cookies.
    Susanne :)

  15. Your lithopanes are so interesting, I always like to see them. I don't think I'd ever seen or heard of one before encountering them on your blog. They're all very pretty. I love your knitting needles, what a collection! If I could knit much, I'd like to try some. All of my knitting needles came from a yard sale, a neighbor was selling all her knitting stuff in a trash bag and I actually got it for free because it was the end of the day and she just wanted to get rid of it. Score! Haha. :)

  16. What a beautiful sight all those snowdrops. You have a great collection of knitting needles, a real delight. The hat is gorgeous. I have spent a great weekend with my Grandson.

  17. I hope you have had a lovely weekend Teresa, those needles are gorgeous. Your hat is super and for such a good cause. It's 7pm here and we are just about to eat and then settle down for the evening. It's been a glorious almost spring like day here today. Hugs xx

  18. I love your snowdrops and your pretty new lantern! The little hats are so sweet and will be so appreciated. What an amazing collection of knitting needles! They look lovely, and I imagine they are nice to knit with though I don't think I have ever tried tortie ones! These days I use bamboo ones from a set I bought. Just catching up here, and enjoyed seeing the children singing.....and the beautiful stripy pasta in your previous post!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  19. Oh I this l I missed this post.Love the snowdrops, pins and light. Need to make more hats! Anne x

  20. The knitting needles are so beautiful Teresa, you had better put my name in the giveaway hat right now, before the contest has even started!
    Hugs to you,


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