Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The World and Wild Things

Yesterday was busy but wonderful.  I had an errand to run and on the spur of the moment I met my younger sister for lunch at the Country Cat.  More about that later.  She gave me an old globe that she thought the boys might enjoy.  Funny thing is I've always wanted a globe but never got one.  I love geography,  different countries and adventure.  I will be following my sister on a trip to New Zealand that she begins next week.  I will be able to show the boys where she is going.

An obligatory photo of my beloved Hibiscus with this bloom -- did you know this flower only lasts one day?  So when there is one, I stop and admire it's beauty.

Last evening was a musical program at school.. the theme was "Where The Wild Things Are" written by Maurice Sendak.  The performers were from Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Do you see our little Hayden?  Caleb had to stay home with a cold.  

Their music teacher did very well at keeping everyone moving along and on track.

I was particularly impressed with this wonderful backdrop created by some of the parents.

The children made these cute decorations that were mounted all across the stage and up the sides.

I love this shot of all the earnest little faces singing.

The children obviously enjoyed themselves during the half hour program.

Rewind to the middle of the day and our lunch at Country Cat - they were on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" a fun Food Network show.  We had crispy fried chicken, a salad and Toasted Pecan Spoon Bread.  

After lunch we checked out a few of the fun shops in the neighborhood.  We went into La Bouffe Gournet international grocery and I was fascinated by the unique pasta - I will bet this one is dyed with octopus ink.. 

This one I loved.. but didn't buy.. but isn't this the most beautiful pasta EVER?

Outside of the grocery was this amazing aroma and pretty black berries, they had 4 pots of this plant which I'd never seen.  It's a Sarcococca - also known as Christmas Box or Sweet Box.  

After 3 trips to town it was a busy day.  In the evening I made some Valentines.. I'll show you those another day.  Do you send Valentines?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I just made a Valentine yesterday and have more lined up to make. I love globes, too, and have a collection of them. [The view of earth from space is my beautiful! ] It will be fun to track your sister's trip to NZ with the boys :) Photos of the wild show are precious! Interesting plant info, and such a pretty bloom and pasta and yummy looking food! We had fried chicken breast for Gary's b'day last night, and cake and... Time to go swimming :) xx

  2. There is nothing like a musical programme that the children perform to raise a smile, there earnest little faces are a real delight. What a wonderful day making some wonderful memories. I love the look of the speciality pasta.

  3. Love the pics of the children. It looks a fun time. The backdrop done by the parents is fab, there is some talent there.

  4. Wow, what amazing pasta, and the Wild Things backdrop is brilliant. There's lots of Christmas Box in flower around here at the moment, but I haven't seen such lovely berries. I don't send Valentines, I think it might be more of an American thing. A really sweet idea though. CJ xx

  5. I'm laughing at myself Teresa....when you said," do you see our little Hayden"...I said out loud "Oh yes I do"! right there in the front row. Cute innocent photo of the little cherubs singing!
    Your meals always look so delicious, I would love to have lunch with you!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,xoRobin

  6. The singers sure looked cute putting in all their efforts ☺ I did not know the one day thing with
    the Hibiscus, truly lovely though and that pasta is making me hungry lol

  7. First of all...that PASTA!!!! Amazing. I would love to see that shop. It's all so pretty. The kids all looked like they had a wonderful time at the concert. I loved the decorations at the school, both the kids and the parents. I have a globe that we used to follow Dennis' trips around the world. It's pretty out of date now and I was thinking of getting rid of it. I've been trying to get rid of lots of stuff this winter. Yummy lunch picture too. :-). We watch Triple D all the time but I must have missed that episode. Hope your day is a great one Teresa.

  8. Children's programs bring back memories of when my girls were little and did those things. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, sometimes it seems like a million years ago. I have never seem pasta like that before. WOW, I bet it looks real pretty on a plate when cooked up, fancy, fancy, heavens what will they think of next. Actually it looks more like candy and way too pretty to eat. Your lunch at the Country Cat looks good, in fact I don't think I have ever seen one meal that you have shared with us that didn't look delectable. It is again snowing. Looks like I will be going out after dark and cranking up the snow thrower. I would rather be crocheting, lol. I sometimes send Valentines to my children. I usually buy them a little something. I will find one for my grandson. He is the little man in my life now and the love of my life.
    Susanne :)
    Susanne :)

  9. Oh my gosh Teresa, I have missed so many of your posts! I have been so under the weather, that I have barely touched my computer! I did get a post up last night, but had no more energy for reading blogs. I have not been so sick in many years. But I think we are all finally on the mend. Noah is still out of school, but better.
    The school program for the boys was adorable. Too bad only one could participate. The parents art work is fantastic. They better never find out that you are a terrific artist, or you will be called upon!!!!
    The football game was a great game. I was sad that the Seahawks couldn't win it. But it was a good game still. And the half time show was fantastic!
    The restaurant you and your sister went to sounds great. I watch DDD and love to visit the places he talks about.
    I also love globes! I love to imagine where I might go one day. Mom said she is changing our room reservations to a place in the French Quarter by Jefferson Square! We will be right by you!!!!
    I am off to do some more couch sitting.

  10. I do send a few Valentines and I always give them to my students. Hayden looks so cute in his performance.

  11. That rainbow coloured pasta is almost too nice to eat !!! Yes I spotted Hayden in the front row - love seeing children participating in school performances. The teachers obviously put in a great deal of time and effort in putting it all together. That lunch of yours looked so yummy. I love crispy food. What are valentines? Look forward to seeing and reading all about yours. xox

  12. The pasta is very neat looking--it almost looks like candy! I've never seen pasta like that before! Looks like a nice globe, and I'm glad the school performance went well.

  13. I do send some Valentines. I love Valentines day.
    The school performance looks so sweet!

  14. What a great show! The pasta is really wild..especially the zebra one! Enjoy making your Valentine's cards...we celebrate every year as it is day we got engaged in 1980 x

  15. Hi Teresa...I hope you've had a wonderful start to 2015!...What a busy day you had indeed...the hibiscus is beautiful too and it must be so much fun to see the boys performing.....(I spotted Hayden straight away! :-) )
    Happy Valentine card making ♥
    Susan x

  16. Hello Teresa - it's lovely going to see/hear our grandchildren ( and other children) perform - love it. That pasta is so pretty - not seen any like that before. I am sending DH & our grandchildren Valentine cards :-) Hugs Anne x

  17. My favorite children's book hands down! I would have loved to have seen that presentation. Love the pasta. tell your sister to have a wonderful trip, very exciting.

  18. I have that book. Used to read it to my kids, of course, but also to my kindergarten students when I was teaching. Looks like the program was a success. How wonderful that your sister is going to New Zealand. A part of the world I may never see. She will have a fabulous time. The globe is great. Happy Friday, Tammy

  19. I have never seen such gorgeous pasta before--truly beautiful! Love the kid pictures! I bet it was a blast to watch it in person:)
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: A friend of mine spent a month or so in New Zealand. Your sis will love it!

  20. The artwork for the school performance is truly amazing! There are so many gifted people in this world; a fact which makes me very happy indeed.

    And the striped pasta? I've purchased it a couple of times in the past. The colours fade a little once cooked but those stripes are such fun!

    Stephanie x

  21. I always liked the story "Where the Wild Things Are". Read it with my sis when we were little and my children!!! I bet the musical was great, especially since a grandson was in it. Too bad one was sick...bummer for him!! Hibiscus are beautiful and they grow in Nicaragua too. Some of the plants are huge, outdoors. They call them bee flowers. I send out valentines to a few people...I usually get a few with my birthday cards. Have a good wet Oregon weekend!! :0} xx


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