Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunshine, Blooming Daphne and Hat #7

Hello my friends!  After several days of grey skies, thunder, lightning and rain - the sun is shining again.  AND.. as I headed off yesterday to a meeting I noticed that my Daphne bush buds had begun to open!  This morning I went out and snipped some of the little branches of flowers and put them in one of my milk glass hobnail vases.  Ohhh.. they smell so good!  I wish I had "smell-a-vision" so you could see how sweet and exotic the aroma.

Sweet and beautiful little blooms.  I am not going to tell them that it's just February 10th.  Shhhh.

I laid the table with my heart and cherub tablecloth as Valentine's Day is in 4 days!  I might need to find some heart shaped boxes of chocolates for the boys.

I apologize for the wrinkles in my tablecloth.  I don't have an ironing board set up and it really doesn't bother me.  I actually had a "friend" and her family over for a BBQ years ago and when entering the house she said - "You didn't iron your tablecloth, tacky, tacky!".  I was at a loss for words.  I would never dream of saying that to my hostess in a million years.

I think it's funny and quirky.

I collected a small array of milk glass and clear hobnail vases, a pair of candlesticks and a creamer and sugar.  I think they look perfect with the Valentine table.  

I even have a few Spring lambs on the table.  

I also found these heart candles in my old kitchen queen cabinet.

A pair of lambs.

My latest little hat for Taci's "Hats for Brazilian Babies" project - #7!  

I will put the pattern for the hat at the bottom.  And also for the flower.

7 little hats.. the next one will be green.

Baby Hat With Shells for Newborn - by Teresa Kasner

Use a size G crochet hook and either cotton or acrylic worsted weight yarn.
Row 1: Make a magic circle, ch 1 in circle, 7 sc, sl st to first sc, (7 stitches

Row 2: Ch 2, dc into same stitch, 2 dc in each stitch around, sl st to top of first ch 2   (14 dc)

Row 3:  dc into same stitch, 2 dc around, sl st into first ch 2 (28 stitches).  

Row 4:  Ch 2, 2 dc into NEXT stitch, *dc in next, 2dc in next* around, sl st into first ch 2.  (42 st) 

NOW.. ch 1, skip 1 st, 3 dc into next st, sk st, sc into next st, sk st and 3 dc shell, just keep going around in continuous shell rounds until you have 10 rows or the hat seems the right size.. do last shell at the point where you see the "row joins" of the crown.  I ended with shell of a double crochet, a half double crochet and a single crochet and finish off.  (10 or 12 rows of shells)

Six Petal Flower by Teresa Kasner

Magic circle, ch 1, 6 sc around (do these LOOSELY as you'll be putting 5 stitches into each one), join, finish off, add another color, slip st into first stitch, ch 2, do 1 dc, 1 triple crochet, 1 dc, ch 2, sl st into same stitch - sl st into next, repeat in all 8 stitches and you should have 6 petals. - finish off.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How gorgeous your Valentine's table is looking. I bet those flowers smell wonderful. How rude of your guest, words would have failed me too. Your latest hat is lovely, just the right colours for Brazil, I think this one will be very popular. CJ xx

  2. What a beautiful table Teresa...all ready for your sweethearts. Well done finishing another hat. It's bedtime here. .Night night x

  3. What a horrid thing to do to someone! Shaming is just awful. Your room and cloth are beautiful and represent a loving heart.

  4. Love your Valentine table! Eve f she was kidding, it was a horrible thing to say. I would never say it either. Pretty little hats and great pattern.

  5. Great job on the hats Teresa! You are doing such a wonderful thing and even providing the pattern for the rest of us. Hurray! And I adore your Valentine's table, wrinkles and all. Even though I have to iron Dennis' shirts for work, I never iron my tablecloths and I find it terribly tacky to say anything like your friend did to someone about their table. Those lambs. Oh. My. Goodness. They are so cute and just shout SPRING! to me. In fact, everything about your table look happy. Candles, vases, lambs flowers. May I come sit and knit with you at your table. We can have chocolate. Maybe soon-when spring really arrives. Then Dennis will let me make that long 382 mile drive to Portland to see my best girlfriends again. (He's a worrier you know. I may get caught in a freak blizzard.) Well then, I would just have to stay and knit a bit longer until the snow melts. :-) I'm rambling. It's been a lonely day here with no one to talk to. Love you Teresa.

  6. Lovely! You have made a beautiful table setting, and I do think I can almost smell your wonderful flowers, too, Teresa :-) The sunny yellow hat and all the other pretty hats you have made are sweet gifts for the babies.

    I have made a new Blogger profile and checked the appropriate boxes, so please try it out for me and thanks so much for your help! xx

  7. I am completely in love with your hobnail!!! They look so sweet on your Valentine's table :)

  8. Your hats are going to be so loved and are beautiful ♥ I do enjoy seeing how you do all your decorating for different times of the year,you have such wonderful taste and how rude of that guest lol got to laugh eh....would you believe I am again sitting here having an icypole as it is going to be 37celcius (98.6) today.....incredible

  9. Those hats are just darling and I also adore the lambs on the table. As for the ironing comment....some people just let anything fall out of their mouths. That comment was tacky!

  10. I'm not familiar with Daphne bushes, but I must say your Daphnes are beautiful! How rude of your guest to fuss about your tablecloth not being ironed. I cannot imagine acting that way with anybody. And hey, at least you have a tablecloth on your table...I don't even have one on mine! lol Yours is lovely, by the way, and so is all that hobnail! Beautiful table! Great job on the hats! :)

  11. Daphne! That must be what's blooming here at my new home. Didn't know what it was.
    Your table display is beautiful!! The unkind comment reminds me of something my MIL said to me about dust being on my TV screen. I remember how much it bothered me at the time.
    Your baby hats are very sweet...thanks for sharing the pattern! <3

  12. Those sheep are so incredible. Love your latest hat, my goodness you are fast.

  13. Here's my no-iron secret to tablecloths.
    Wash on light load. Send to the dryer only for 15-20 minutes. You want the tablecloth damp but not dripping. Lay out on table overnight. It will be dry in a few hours but it's not damp enough to harm your wood table. And it looks like you ironed it!

    I need to go get a new daphne. When we took down the fir trees a few years ago, mine did not survive.

  14. I am SO excited to see your blooming daphne!!! If it wasn't completely dark outside, I would be checking on ours:):) I did notice our daffodils are forming heads on them and I am super excited for them to bloom! Love your sheep.
    Blessings, Aimee

  15. I love your Valentine's decor! The hats are all adorable! I have three made. I will try your pattern tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    XO Kris

  16. I love your Valentine tablecloth and beautiful display, what a real delight. You have done a wonderful job on those hats for those little babies, bless you.

  17. Your Daphne flowers look really lovely. And also your decorating for Valentine's day. I can't believe someone would comment on your table cloth not being ironed! I only iron what I absolutely have to.

  18. Awww, I commend you, how you manage to keep such a busy schedule and manage to decorate with each and every holiday, the last thing anyone should open their mouth about is a few wrinkles in a table cloth. Back in my younger day had someone said that to me I probably would have pulled out the ironing board and iron, pulled the table cloth off the table and handed it to them and said, "Go for it!", but of course that was in my sarcastic younger days when my blood would have been more lively and could get to a boiling point, lol. Now it takes a lot to anger me and best to just let it all roll off your back and sigh. Love that little bloom you found, what a pretty name for it too. Your row of hats is looking very charming indeed and what a colorful bunch they are too. Thank you for sharing the pattern although I am knitting a cap right now, maybe on down the road I will make some. Surely your friend has started something that will continue as time goes by. There are always infants in need of warming comfort. Hope your days this week are sunny. It is still cold here, but won't complain too loudly, I could be sitting in Boston with 5 ft. of snow on my roof and all around me. Last year here in Ohio we had way over 50+ inches of snow. It was terrible.
    Susanne :)

  19. replying to you here on the Ina Garten books. They are all fabulous. FOOLPROOF is a good one that I own

  20. Such lovely pictures, Teresa! I love your tablecloth with the milk glass....such a pretty look, and the candles look perfect too. Love the lambs and your sweet little hats. I found some daphne in bloom the other day on our botanic garden walk and know just what you mean about the delicious scent.....so gorgeous!!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  21. Gasp! I can't believe someone would say that! Especially the "tacky tacky" part. I don't like having to iron table cloths and avoid it whenever possible. A nice arrangement like you have does wonders to draw the eye away from any wrinkles anyway. Plus, even when ironing, it always gets a few wrinkles as it puddles up below the ironing board. I think it looks great! I love your hobnail collection and little lambs. Cute hats! Happy Valentines Day!

  22. I love your table cloth! I think your entire table looks lovely. For shame on that person who said such a rude thing to you. There are way more important things in life than ironing a tablecloth! I love your style, you keep being the wonderful person you are sweet friend. Oh and by the way, I don't even own an iron! :) ((hugs))

  23. I love your valentines table setting. You always make the table look beautiful, whatever season. I have some hobnail type things but I don't think they're the genuine hobnail .... will have to take a pic one day to show you. You've been busy with the little hats - I reckon hats can become quite addictive. Love instant gratification. xox

  24. Your table looks so pretty, Teresa. I always enjoy seeing what you have on display. I don't think I've ever seen a daphne plant in real life, only photos. It looks like a very pretty, delicate flower. The new hat is just adorable, very well done. Thank you for the valentine, my friend. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  25. Your table looks so lovely Teresa. The daphne plant is gorgeous. How rude of someone to say that about your tablecloth ( my Auntie rarely irons anything :-) ) Hugs Anne x

  26. Beautiful hats! If you made another in purple then you'd be on your way to having a rainbow which would look really cool. Sorry that I never got round to trying the pattern, did you get it tested successfully? x

  27. Hi there.. just found your blog today via Helen Phillips and love it! I love your hobnail vases... I have a pale yellow one that was my mom's.. and again, you took me down memory lane................. as you did with your post of your drive up the Columbia River Gorge and visit to the alpaca farm! and I too never iron my tablecloths!!! funny..... alot in common and you, I think, will become a very good blogging friend! Marilyn


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