Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pink Tulips, Girls Lunch and Hat #8

Hello my friends!  Dayle and I were shopping at Costco the other day and we popped a dozen pink tulips into the cart and they added a really perfect touch to my Valentine tableaux.  The dining room table is my view from our den and it brings me much visual joy.  

We are having a beautiful sunny warm week - I just went outside in shirtsleeves to take some photos and it was deliciously warm.

Tulips are such a happy flower.

My little bouquet of Daphne are scenting the air - you should smell it outside where the bush is covered with open blossoms!  I planted it right beside our walkway so people could enjoy the perfumed air as they walk up to our deck and back door.

I keep turning the vase as they arch towards the light of the windows.

Yesterday I got together with Gracie and Taci to celebrate their birthdays - over lunch of course.  :-)  My two dear friends (whom I met via this blog) even brought sweet little treasures for me, even though my birthday isn't until April! Taci gave me a jar with tea and chocolate and a cute little hand crocheted heart ornament.  Gracie made a Valentine card and this adorable rainbow crocheted bag filled with tea and chocolate!  What sweet friends!

This is the bag that Gracie made for Taci, isn't it fun?

Oh how rich the deep red lace and the purples are.  Gorgeous colors.

I gave each of the girls a Valentine with a hand beaded stitch marker that I made and gave them each a pair of vintage faux tortoiseshell knitting needles that I recently purchased from an eBay seller in Australia.  I was happy to get enough to share as gifts.  :-)

Taci cast on some stitches and tried them out and she just loved using them!  She said they were warm and flexible and so nice to use.

Taci had gifted Gracie with this skein of cotton, isn't it gorgeous and natural looking?  FYI - I googled this and found the company online and purchased several skeins at just $1.49 a ball!  Plus - the colors are fantastic - all the rainbow colors and more.

Taci brought the first hats (and cute little mittens) she's received in the mail from Pammy Sue at Scotty's Place - aren't they adorable!  

These are Taci's first 3 hats.  The yellow hat is one from my pattern.

The girls.  From left, Taci, me and Gracie.  

After lunch and lots of chatting and fun, we all walked across the street to a yarn shop where I bought a needle size chart thing so I know the sizes of all my needles and hooks.  I also found 3 skeins of pink yarn from Cascade Yarns - "Cherub DK", soft baby yarn.  Well, I had to support a small business, didn't I?  On my drive home I snapped Mt. Hood silhouetted against dark clouds.  

When I got home I snapped a shot of the Snowdrops all opened up.

I wanted to show you what a Snowdrop looks like from the bottom so I just went out and picked one and laid it upside down on the grass - the inside is so pretty!  LOL!

The Daphne buds are opening more and more!

Hat #8.  I made this one bigger for a bigger baby - and for a boy.  It was fun to use different colors, reminds me of harlequin pattern.

I found this recipe and Kristi baked it this morning, it is delicious!  Tropical Carrot Bread

Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We don't, but I think we might want to make reservations for somewhere for Valentine's Day.  :-)  I'm off to a meeting at Multnomah Falls to plan a big 100th anniversary celebration of the Historic Columbia River Highway summer after this one.  It will be a nice drive to the falls in the sunshine.. and no east wind!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How wonderful to meet up with friends and exchange some beautiful gifts. Those tulips look stunning, a real delight on your valentines table. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Jealousy has reared it's ugly head at my house today. Oh how I want to be with my girlfriends. You are all so beautiful and so are your gifts to each other. Lucky girls to get new knitting needles. And yarn. And tea. And chocolate. Should I go on? But the best by far is the company. I REALLY need to learn how to transport myself to Portland in a flash for our lunches. I miss you all.
    Happy Valentine's Day my sweet Teresa.

  3. How gorgeous your table looks. I could happily sit there all day in the sunshine by your beautiful big window. I'm glad you had such a lovely lunch with your friends, it's nice to see Taci, I've heard her mentioned a lot recently. The photo of Mt Hood is phenomenal, it's so picturesque. Wishing you and Dayle a good weekend. CJ xx

  4. Beautiful Post Teresa! Love the tulips and how you have your dinner room all pink and pretty! I think I could smell the Daphne, they are so sweet. Great gifts for the girls and lovely photo too! I plan on making some hats after we return from a little vacation!
    Aloha, xoRobin

  5. How wonderful to be able to meet up for lunch with your blogging friends Teresa. Your gifts to one another are all so special. Have a fun weekend....with lots of love ;0) xx

  6. Your table looks even prettier today! I love the tulips! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and exchanged some nice gifts. Those knitting needles are very cool! I think I would have been excited to try them out right away too. How fun! That Snowdrop flower is really cool! I've never seen a flower like that! Thanks for sharing a picture of it. :-)

  7. Your table looks amazing! I love the tulips. How fun to have lunch and

  8. Oops .. To have luch with your blogging buddies... I love the crochet heart!

  9. Great to have blogger friends to spend times with and exchange gifts. I bought an orchid yesterday to treat myself. The gal at Lowes said she had some that were marked down to $5 that had been hanging on since Thanksgiving. She was surprised that the few she had at that price hadn't been bought up. She took one home a few weeks ago and said it was doing well. I've never had one before. We will see how well it does in it's new home. Yes, tulips are such fun, and cheerful. No plans for the weekend except to go pick up my iPad. I took it to Apple for the new battery. Didn't ask them what it would cost since it didn't matter because have to pay the cost regardless. Checking out the Apple Mac Book Pro laptops too. It is time to break down and upgrade.
    Susanne :)

  10. How wonderful that blogging friends can get together!

  11. I always love to see what you decorate your table with. Always so cheerful! Love tulips!
    You girls have such a wonderful friendship! I also love to hear about yur lunches and gatherings! Of course, I always like to imagine that I am there with you. Such lovely gifts for one another!!! My friends are very important to me!
    The flowers are beginning to come to life! Here, the orange trees are blossoming, a full month too eary! The scent is so wonderful !!!!!

  12. Gorgeous snowdrops--love! The baby hats are absolutely adorable--the moms will love them! Yikes--your photos remind me that I forgot to check our daphne again but I did spy my first daffodil bloom of the year today :)
    Blessings, Aimee

  13. Wow my friends your followers are sure all coming out. Gorgeous. I had a wonderful time with you and Gracie. Thank you again for my gifts. I love the needles and marker, I will be using them this weekend. The cake looks so yummy. Hope you have a great weekend. Have a fun valentines day 💕

  14. Wow! to those tulips. I noticed that our snowdrops have bloomed and the daffodils are bravely trying to open though it is still freezing cold here. Tulips are months away!

  15. Love the tulips Teresa. Looks like you had a great time with the girls. x

  16. Another beautiful post Teresa. I like Taci's shell stitch hats and Pammy Sue's mittens - very pretty. You girls have a lovely time together - so good to hear about all your antics. Daphne is one of my favourite smells - it seems to last forever once you get a whiff of it :) I found the snowdrop upside down pic interesting - what a pretty little flower and a shame to be always hanging its head. Have a nice valentines day tomorrow - bet you'll get spoilt by that man of yours. xox

  17. I just love to see you all together. You can see the love you have for each other. Lovely gifts you have shared and beautiful flowers.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  18. Oh Teresa, your posts are always so cheerful and uplifting. Your tulips and daphne are gorgeous! Wish I could smell the daphne in person, as I am a flower lover, and that is something I have never come across. Don't suppose there is anyway to convey the scent across the Internet, is there? lol What lovely gifts your friends gave to you. I'm going to google that cotton, too! Not sure if I'll buy any, but would love to at least see all the eye candy. :D Whatever you do this weekend, have a great one! It is soooo cold here, so we are most likely just staying inside all weekend. Love the pic of Mt. Hood, too!

  19. The tulips are so pretty and match your table beautifully. Looks like they were made for your table! Thanks for showing the hats and mittens I sent to Taci. She's going to get a bunch of pretty ones from you! Looks like y'all had a fun time, as always. That's a great picture of y'all, and I love your red shawl on you! So pretty.

  20. Oi Teresa!
    Eu amo tulipas, elas são a logomarca da minha lojinha.:))
    Adorei a estampa da toalha, lindo floral, e também gostei muito do saquinho colorido!
    Tudo feito com muito amor!!!Bjs!

  21. It is always so special to see the world through your lens and narrative, Teresa. I am smiling in appreciation as I type to you. Beautiful friends, hats and gifts and flowers and yummy looking bread that Kristie made, too. We are planning another spaghetti dinner [Think Lady and the Tramp] for Valentine's Day. I have been knitting with the beautiful knitting needles you gave me, we all have been enjoying the wonderfully scented Daphne sprig [and want to grow a bush] and I am looking forward to using the pretty stitch marker you made for me. Thank you for the lovely card, too, and most of all for your dear friendship. Happy Valentine's Day!!! :-) xxxxxxx

  22. Oh what fun you girls had. Love that you are always sharing little gifts. I am so jealous of that little crocheted heart. Will have to try to find a pattern for it. But the colors are fantastic too. I can smell the flowers from here! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones.

  23. What a wonderful time you girls had - I wish I could have joined you!!

    I really want to make and send a hat to Taci, but cant find her email on her blog :( it is such a good cause that she is supporting, and her home country is very close to our hearts in this house as we are fanatical supporters of the Brazil football (do you call it soccer?) team. So many of the players over the years have come from very deprived backgrounds, they are inspirational.

    Have a lovely Valentines Day!


  24. Your table looks so pink and girly I love tulips, how lovely to have blogging friends living so close it looks as if you had a lovely time together what a great picture of the three of you. The hats are all perfect! I tried your pattern by the way and loved it, five hats are on the way to Taci as we speak. Have a great Valentines weekend. :) xx

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