Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Button Fun, Sweet Helen and More

Hello my friends!  I want to show you a fun idea my sister Denise got me interested in.  She found a website called which had the coolest pendants made using vintage Mother-of-Pearl buttons and wire-wrapping which I've done for years when making my jewelry.  Be sure to click on the link to see the fabulous button pendants there.  She wanted me to teach her how to do this, so I had to practice and of course I needed a special button to use - I found this beauty on

Here is the pendant made up, the button is nice and big and makes a great necklace.  But for my next one I need a thicker sterling silver wire, 18 gauge, I used 20 on this one.  Next I am going to make some smaller ones using some of the buttons I just bought - for earrings.  I'll show you those when I make them.

And look what the postman brought!  A wonderful gift from Helen Philipps in England!  I admire Helen so much - she is a talented craftsperson and author of many books on making beautiful things.  I have one of her books which I love, "Simple Sewn Gifts" (available on Amazon). Helen's eye for color is spectacular, pretty pastels and candy colors.  I have promptly hung this heart in a place of honor on our Grandfather clock where I will see it many times a day.

I've so admired Helen and her work for a long time and to know that I have this precious gift with stitches sewn in by Helen herself just thrills me.  :-)

And to have a handwritten note further adds to my enjoyment - sweet!!  Thank you so much, Helen!

On to other things.. see this Jade plant in the middle?  Fun story - many MANY years ago my sister-in-law D'Ann gave this big jade plant to my younger sister.  Well, Denise is a self-admitted failure at houseplants - so she gave the plant to me.  I had it for literally decades and it got huge, but finally it "plotzed".  (to collapse or faint from exhaustion - just one of the definitions of this Yiddish word)  SO - in the final act of plant euthanization, I put it outside and left it through the winter thereby putting the final nail in the coffin of this poor plant.  WELL.. the next summer I saw this leaf in the pot with a baby plant growing out of it and I thought.. well, good grief, if it made it through snow, ice and freezing temps, I will honor it and put it in a tiny pot and bring it back in the house.  That survivor is now officially a plant in good standing and I just repotted it into a bigger pot.  :-)

And while I'm on the subject of miraculous plant stories - last year I got this little orchid in a teensy tiny pot and nearly tossed it after it bloomed because I was sure there was no way it would ever bloom again.. but to my complete and utter surprise I recently notice a long thing coming out of the plant arching towards the light in the window. Oh. My. Gosh!  I think it's a flower stem!  It is!  I can't wait to see how it flowers!

When we were at the store the other day I grabbed this Hyacinth for $.99!  It's opening up at a fast pace.  

Yesterday we took the boys.. including Dayle.. to the beauty salon.  Caleb kept an eagle eye on himself in the mirror while she cut his curls.  She may have taken too much off.. but she did a good job trimming around his ears and neck.

I asked that they wash the boys hair afterwards (the curls come back after a wash) and this was their first time having this done.  

This is Hayden halfway through his cut - and Caleb getting toweled off.

And of course I forgot to take a photo of both of them all spiffed up - but we took them to dinner afterwards and Hayden told the server that he was "handsome AND good-looking".  LOL!  I ran into the store to get a few things while the 3 guys waited in the car and look what I found?  Many pots of Oxalis/Shamrocks.. in both green AND the red!  If you see these, grab one, as you will have years and years of happiness from these plants.

Last but not least - last evening the boys ran in and insisted that we come out and see something.. Kristi saw a frog hopping across the deck and caught it to show the boys.. and me.  Travis got this good photo on his smart phone.  Isn't it cute?  I hope it made it after all the trauma of being held by Kristi and 2 little boys.  :-)

Well.. I'm off to swim soon.  I was worried that I would not be able to do the backstroke as my shoulder was hurt in my fall a week and a half ago -- but I swam for the whole hour and even though it was a bit painful, I soldiered on.  Well, I knew that it would either be much more painful after that, or not - and I'm happy to report that it actually feels better now!  It's not 100% but I can swim!  Yay!  I hope your week is going well.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh, what a pretty button you chose! And I love the sewn heart that your friend sent you. So pretty!! You are tempting me to get a shamrock plant. I really doubt mom's are still there. She passed away two years ago, and I highly doubt my brother kept her plants going. And things aren't good between us, so I don't dare ask. Anyhoo, I just might buy one if I see one whenever I am out and about. The boys' hair looks great! Such handsome young fellows! My son is 29 and has never been to a salon, or barber to have his hair cut. lol I taught myself to do it, and I cut his hair, and my husband's all these years. I still cut my husband's hair. My son was going bald, and decided not to fight it...he shaves his head now. He says it's easier to maintain. lol My dad used to cut men's hair when I was a kid. Found out later he was paid a quarter. I wonder what he did with all that loot! ;) lol Last, but not least, I can almost smell that hyacinth! :D

  2. I loved the beautiful pendant you made and wow I was so impressed with the gift from Helen. The boys having there hair done made me smile. Hope your shoulder continues to recover.

  3. Great idea for a necklace and I love the heart Helen sent you.

  4. How lovely about the little jade plant. And well done on the orchid buds as well, that's quite a feat. How sweet those little boys look having their hair cut. I'm glad the swim helped your shoulder, I do hope it's all better soon. CJ xx

  5. How sweet that Helen sent you a gift. I enjoy her blog too with all of the beautiful colors. Your pendant is very pretty. I am always amazed at all of the different crafts that you have mastered. I can't think of anything that you don't do and do well. Hmmmm. A shamrock plant. I think I need to look for one of those. The leaves are so delicate looking. I'm also very glad to hear that your shoulder is doing better. Swimming with Gracie is good therapy.

  6. your heart from Helen is so lovely, what a nice surprise :) The button you found makes a perfect pendant :)

  7. Well Hayden is handsome and good looking, but I did find it delightful that he confessed it to your
    server :-) I enjoyed all your photos and narrative, Teresa, and was amazed that our swimming conversation had not touched on all the interesting topics. Elisabeth got some great photos of our would not believe the volume of the chorus they make at night down by the pond! And I forgot to tell you that my oldest Christmas cactus has decided to join our daffodils in blooming! Oh, and panic...I think my laptop may need a new battery!!!!!!! xxxx

  8. Hi Dear friend, Love seeing the boys get their haircut, what good boys! Look at your buds, I can't wait for a hint of Spring, I'm enjoying thru you. A gift from Helen how special, she's the best❤️. Love the button and I adore button jewelry! Loved all the posts I missed, your were a blogging Queen.

  9. Good morning Teresa, how lovely to get a parcel from Helen....her work is so beautiful. Your little guys are looking so grown up with their haircuts and very handsome. Enjoy your plants......sprouts of new life everywhere x

  10. Hello Teresa I am so glad your little heart arrived so fast and that you like it! Your photos are gorgeous. Love the button pendant, that is such a special make! Glad you are feeling better now....the swimming sounds as if it is good therapy.
    Just catching up here and I do love the house 'painted' red in your previous is such a pretty house in any colour!
    Happy Thursday!
    Helen xox

  11. So nice to receive little treats from fab bloggers. boys so good getting haircut and you showing us.
    Frog was cute.

  12. The boys are very handsome with their haircuts.

  13. Brilliant necklace idea and your little gift heart is gorgeous! Suzy x

  14. Goodness Hayden and Caleb - you look so grown up with your new haircuts !! Teresa, what an interesting button - I don't believe I've ever seen anything like that - it looks good as a pendant too. Poor little frog - was he ok?

  15. He IS handsome and good-looking! How funny. He is adorable, they both are. I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better and you're back to swimming already. Good for you. The button necklace is really pretty, what a clever way to make jewelry.

  16. Hi Teresa. I am catching up with your blog this morning. You have been busy, as usual! I love the button! So ornate! I've no doubt you will make some beautiful things. Such a sweet gift from Helen. And all of your blooms are so pretty.
    Loved the frog! I remember hearing them in the pond when I visited Oregonnancouple ofnSprings ago.

  17. Ooops that was not meant to send yet. In other posts, I vote for the red farmhouse!!! And the boys look so cute at the beauty parlor! Where was Dayle's picture?
    So glad you are healing well from your bad fall. That could have been so much worse.
    I have been so laid up with this bug that I have not had much to blog about, nor the energy to do so.
    Hoping I am turning the corner now
    Happy Spring my friend!

  18. What a fun button idea and love all the great pictures and post.

    Hugs diane

  19. A lovely button Teresa and you have made such a pretty pendant. Love the haircut- handsome boys. The heart is so pretty as well - lucky you - well deserved. Hugs Anne x

  20. What a lovely gift from your friend Helen, she make beautiful things. The boys look adorable getting their hair cuts. Have a great day. I love the button idea. I have taken several weaving classes on Craftsy.


  21. Glad you are feeling better, and I hope you enjoyed your swim! It must be so exciting to have your orchid about ready to bloom. From the looks of the hyacinth as well, you must have a green thumb!

  22. Glad your shoulder is back up to swimming.
    99c hyacinth - what a bargain!


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