Friday, March 13, 2015

Easter Goodies

Hello!  Want to go shopping with me?  Yesterday my sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls - we always meet for lunch first to make the most of our day.  :-)  We met at "The General Store" in Troutdale - they always have seasonal decor for sale and so we had a look-see at the Easter things.  I got a huge kick out of this pair - I think the one on the left is a chick and on the right is a duckling.  Aren't they funny?

This was a beautiful vintage style sparkly egg shaped box.  Imagine getting this filled with chocolate eggs and jelly beans?

A whole table full of fun things.. I love the ruffly tree and the bunny figurines.

No, Teresa, you do not need this tree.  You already have an Easter tree.  :-)

They even had a small display of St. Patrick's Day things.. love the vintage post card images.

The little one in the middle came home with me.

We had a nice cheeseburger to fortify ourselves for the long afternoon of talking with visitors from around the world.  

My sister just returned from a 3 week trip to visit New Zealand.  She let me flip through the photos on her iPhone and told me all about the wonderful things they saw.  She then pulled out two paintings and let me choose one.  The first was a beach and ocean wave scene.  

The 2nd was this beautiful of the mountains and flowering trees and a road.  Which one would you select?  Which one do you think I chose?

I put my little decoration on the counter for the visitors to enjoy.  Not one person looked at it or mentioned it.  Hmph.  But I worked on my blanket all afternoon and got a LOT of interest in that.  I let everyone feel the cotton and they ooohed and ahhhhed.  One young man told me he could knit.. and told me he tried knitting a scarf and took it out 10 times and rolled it back into a ball and started over until he was happy with it.  Isn't that cute?

This is the silly and goofy little Easter ornament I got for my tree.  Even the boys told me it was kind of awful.  But I think it's cute.  :-)

On Facebook I "liked" a page called "Dusty Old Things" and have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of the antiques they show each day.  Yesterday they had a whole piece on people who collect "restaurant ware".  So, I pulled out my World War II Navy Wardroom china that they used on the big Navy ships - and snapped a photo of it to share with the hundreds of other collectors.  When I lived on my houseboat for 5 years I collected this old stuff and I just adore it.  It's survived a long time and is very durable.  My dear husband said.. why don't you SELL it?  I clutched my heart and said.. what???  No!  :-)

Here is a little demitasse cup and saucer and the little spoon that goes with it, there is a little anchor on the spoon.. can you see it?

This is a bouillon cup with a pennant on it.

You can collect whole sets of the silverware too.. but I only have this big serving spoon and two demitasse spoons.  See the anchor on top?  I keep these in my china cabinet with my Jadeite and an old set of Johnson Bros. flowered dishes.  :-)  Don't judge!  lol!

Today I'm off to swim soon with Gracie.  I hope it's not too crowded.  Every time it's different - sometimes splashy people, some nice, some not, the best is when G and I get our own lanes and can chat as we go back and forth.  :-)  Tomorrow I will be attending a volunteer training session for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  It will be held at the Kennedy School.  I'll take some photos and tell you about it next time.  Have a super weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Some impressive Easter decorations and I just love the vintage style St Patricks day cards. The paintings from your sister were beautiful, a real delight. My favourite was the one with the mountains and the flowering trees. I am guessing that is the one you chose. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a great shop Teresa, I too love vintage images and the card is great. I would have chosen the path and mountains painting but they are both lovely. NZ is a beautiful place, my brother spends 3 months out there each year as a visting professor and my hb's sister lives near Wellington. Enjoy the weekend x

  3. Teresa what a lovely shopping day. Love all the Easter decorations just wonderful.

  4. I have too few decorations. I have one old Paper mache bunny in the basement. I guess I want SPRING things that stay up awhile. Looking for baskets, pink vases, etc. Do you have any other ideas for me?

  5. Another fun shop, and that burger looks delicious! I would have chosen the bottom picture of the two your sister brought, but I'm thinking you chose the one with water??? Am I right? Your little Easter figurine is a little creepy, Teresa! Ha-ha. But he can't be too creepy sitting on a cupcake, now can he?

  6. Thanks for taking me shopping with you, Teresa. And I didn't even spend anything. Woohoo for me! ;) lol Both of those paintings are gorgeous. I'm going to guess that you chose the one with the mountains and flowers.

  7. First, knowing you and the ocean, I think you chose the water scene. I really enjoyed the easter decorations at the shop, but I have to agree with your grandboys. Your ornament looks as though it was a cute way. lol
    The St. Patricks card that you got is really cute. I'm surprised that o one noticed or commented on it, but not surprised that your blanket got noticed. It's so pretty and I'll guessing very soft too.
    Have fun with Gracie and I hope you both get your own swimming lanes.
    Blessings Teresa

  8. I love the Easter decorations and the paintings are gorgeous. I love the one with the mountain. I know you love the beach but I know you love your mountain so I'm guessing you chose the mountain one. Probably totally wrong. :) Hope you had a great swim and stayed on your feet.

  9. Hi Teresa, Love your post today. I would pick the water scene with mountains, I think you would also!?? Easter things, wow it is coming isn't it!!!! Love your purchases, so cute. Also love the nautical dishes, a real treasure, I wouldn't sell either.
    Have a great weekend, xoRobin

  10. Your tea-set is really lovely, and I am not usually a big vintage tea set fan! Looks like a fun day at the stand, it's great when people take an interest in your crochet or knitting :) I have a friend coming over for crochet advice at the weekend :)

  11. Oh such fun! I loved seeing all the pretty things. :) Oh I'd pick the Ocean Waves scene because that is where my heart always seems to be...lost among the tides and the warm sun. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend. :)

  12. OK...I am guessing you picked the ocean scene....did you?....I would have :-). I'm so glad you had a good visit with Denise yesterday, and you and I had a good visit and swim today xx

  13. You have the best decorations and I do love that duck and chicken lol and anything whacky is mighty fine by me as I have some strange things here lol New Zealand is fabulous and I am lucky to go at least once a year as Paul, my man's dad lives there ☺☺ Great paintings and I reckon ocean waves is the one, am I right?? xoxo

  14. I love the duckie and chick! Your lunch looked yum! And I would have had a hard time picking one of those paintings. I love them both. But I think you went with the water.
    XO Kris

  15. That store looks amazing, so many interesting and fun things!

    Love your china collection, I have a very small collection of Midwinter pottery, vintage 50s and 60s, I do use some of it daily, but some of it is kept in the dresser.

    Hope your swimming was fun!


  16. I think you picked the painting with the water, you see mountains all the time but you also very much love the lake and the beach.... So glad your sister had a wonderful trip.

  17. I like the second piainting the most. So which one did you pick?? I like the chick and duckling in the 1st photo. Different then what is normally seen. You made me jump when you said Teresa you do not need another Easter tree. LOL. I don't even have one. But of course you were talking to yourself. That guy must have been fun to talk to. He is one serious knitter. Or obsessive. But he sure knows what he wants. We have been in the 60's here. Beautiful I washed the sunroom (3 season room) windows. Funny how much brighter it is in there with clean windows!!

  18. That store has such pretty Easter things. It would have been hard to restrain myself. I bet you picked the seaside painting, didn't you? My in-laws live in New Zealand, on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I've only been there once but it seemed just about perfect to me. Hope you had a good swim with Gracie.

  19. Hi Teresa, I love that vintage tea set. I also have a collection of antique tea cups and spoons which I have displayed on some shelves. Some were my great grandmothers, some antique shop finds and other were gifts. I couldn't part with them either! I'd never heard of an easter tree until today! Thanks for sharing again!

  20. What an interesting shop with all those fun Easter things. We mostly see bunnies and Easter eggs here and that's about it. I think you might have chosen the picture with the water and the beautiful Pohutukawa tree. I lived in NZ for a couple of years and there is water all around wherever you go. Its a beautiful place. Now that you've reminded me how close Easter is, I'd better get my act together and go buy some Easter eggs. Have a good week. xox

  21. I am sending you Mothering Sunday wishes from here in the UK. You are a very special Mum to your family I know xx


  23. Lovely to catch up here with your richly full life Theresa. How's the barn red plan going ... have you convinced the others yet?


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