Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Monday

My DIL Kristi said.. come and look.. so I grabbed my camera and went to the back door and this huge healthy squirrel was perched on top of our garden shed dining on an acorn.  ::chomp chomp::  Isn't he cute?  Too bad his tail isn't in this shot.

Meet my new chicken!  I won a giveaway on my friend Kathy's blog Running With Rocket - and she sent me this fabulous hand sewn chicken oven mitt.  This will really come in handy in our kitchen, THANK YOU Kathy!!  I met up with Kathy at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and we had a good time walking around the show and chatting.  

Our two little grandsons are soon to be celebrating their birthdays - Kristi and her sister made these cute little invitations for their party.  These are made like a pop up box with Minecraft images.

I put a fresh tablecloth on the table with some flowers and my one St. Patrick's Day decoration.  

The hyacinth continues to scent the house.. what a glorious flower!

Our den is to the left and the china cabinet is behind.

After a rainy weekend the sun is back and it's gorgeous outside!  I went out for a walk and said hello to the chickens.  Two of them are laying, the two in the middle.  The Cuckoo Maran is on the right and lays dark brown eggs, so I know she's slacking - and the one on the left, the Buff Orpington lays a light brown egg - slacker!  My aqua egg layer is working, the Ameracauna, is laying again and the unknown breed 2nd from the left is laying a light brown speckled egg - and she's doing well.  I love our chickens!

Our plum trees are in bloom!  I'm worried as it's too early for the bees to be out so they won't be pollinating the plums, so we might not have any fruit.  I hope the bees come out!

But aren't the plum flowers beautiful?  

And my dark purple lilac is almost opening.. in mid-March?  This has got to be the earliest lilac bloom ever!  

And the white one is allllmost open!  YAY!

OK, time to pack my swim bag and get going.. Gracie is meeting me in the pool.  And the sun is shining!  Happy happy!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely chickens. I'd like to keep some one day, it's a little dream I have. Not sure where I'd squeeze them in though. Lovely to see the flowers, although as you say, it's very early. There are some bumble bees around here, hopefully there will be some around your plum tree as well. Have a good week Teresa. CJ xx

  2. Great photo of the squirrel and brilliant party invitations!

  3. Happy (almost) St Patrick's Day to you + yours! Love the squirrel and all the pretty blossoms inside + out! Since all of our fruit trees and blueberries are blooming my wish would be the same as yours--bees!!! Other than that and some worry about our snow pack, I am truly embracing this early spring and enjoying the fresh smells of dried outdoors laundry!
    PS: My sibling is getting chickens now and they live in a city. My DH is still saying no. Maybe I should use your photo editing "incentive" and show him how cool a chicken coop with chickens would look ;) LOL

  4. Teresa what a lovely fat squirrel. Love your table arangement it says Spring.

  5. Happy ST Patrick's Day...
    I love the squirrel picture and all your blooms look so beautiful
    I just love the spring...

  6. What a chunky squirrel, he must have lots of acrorns to feast on. Happy birthdays to your grandsons, what fab invites x

  7. Thanks for sharing your great photos of your squirrel, and chickens, and buds and blossoms :-) I enjoyed seeing each one and Kristi's clever invitation, and Kathy's gift to you as well! I am feeling super-charged after swimming today and I am looking forward to going to a new knitting group nearby tonight. Blessings to you and yours, xx

  8. Love seeing all of your blossoms. None here yet, but we are enjoying some warmer weather. I have spied some bees in the barn! Hopefully yours will be out soon!

  9. We have beautiful sunshine today too. The rain is supposed to return tomorrow, but that's just fine. I have no where to be and I love to stay inside and listen to the rain. Minecraft must be big at the boys' ages. Kyleigh and Caleb are really into it too. I confess, I have NO idea what it is. Bad Grandma. Love that hyacinth. It's gorgeous. A friend texted me that it was 90 in Nebraska today. Crazy weather. It should still be snowing there in March. Hope you and Gracie had a great time.

  10. Hi Teresa! I love seeing Spring pop in Oregon! The blooms are all so pretty. And your chickens....LOVED them! I had a Cuckoo and she died as a few day old chick. I want another. And I want a Buff Orpington too. I love have such a difference in egg color and size. I, like you, know just who is laying, and who is slacking! Lucky for me, right now they are all laying nicely.
    I also love that tablecloth. I have one similar to it.
    Kristi did a good job on the invitations. Mine Craft is hot with kids, isn't it!
    Today I felt more like myself than I have in two months! It was so nice. I hope to keep feeling better every day. It is not like me at all to have so little energy!
    My Mama had a PET scan this morning. Please pray for good results!
    New Orleans soon!!
    xo Kris

  11. The trable arrangement is a real delight. Spring is definitely in the air near you with all those beautiful blossoms.

  12. Lovely spring blossoms and much flowering where you are, it all looks beautiful. Your giveaway gift is a lovely treat to win. How clever the party invites daughter in law did a great job on them. The squirrel looks very content in your photo there :)
    Enjoy your week, dear Teresa!
    Helen xox

  13. Your chickens are so lovely and healthy looking - bet they're happy little girls. Your new oven mitt is also lovely - lucky you winning it. I saw the first hyacinth of the year today at Woolies supermarket - almost bought one but they were quite small so I thought I'd leave it till the bigger ones come out. I don't know much about plants - these were about 3 inches high and the flowers were out on about half of the stem (?) with green buds on the other half. There was also a couple of 3" stems with only the green buds. Do you think they will grow or am I better off waiting for the bigger ones. I love the fragrance of hyacinth.

  14. How do you threaten a spacer chicken? Take her to KFC!!!

  15. That is some fat squirrel! He certainly had plenty to eat over the winter. The invitations are so cool! My kids like Minecraft too. Heck, my husband likes Minecraft. Have you ever seen the Minecraft chickens? Ask the boys to show you. Good to see some of yours are laying again. Mine never stopped over the winter, amazingly. Maybe it was just luck, we'll see what happens next year.

  16. Im jealous of you guys over there having squirrels! No squirrels in Kangaroo Land. :(
    Is the green font for St Patrick's Day? Great idea! I should have done that for my post!
    Thank you for those gorgeous spring photos. It's my absolute favourite time of year. Btw I'd love to see a pic of your crocheted shamrock!

  17. Looks like that squirrel has had plenty of nuts to eat. Love your new mitt and of course all of your flowers. It looks like Spring is beautiful where you live.


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