Friday, March 27, 2015

Visiting Rowena Crest

Hello my friends, thanks for stopping in for a visit.  After several rainy days the sun shone yesterday and my dear husband and I set out for an adventure.  I'd heard that the wildflowers were beginning to bloom at Rowena Crest so we set out to see for ourselves and enjoy the warm sunny day.  We headed east alongside the Columbia River and had lunch in Cascade Locks then resumed our drive - we exited the freeway at Rowena, the sign then pointed to the left for Rowena.. we drove along and it didn't look right at all.. we were not gaining elevation.. we ended up in The Dalles!  A stop at a gas station to get advice and we headed back west and eventually wound up where we'd planned to go! :-)  Can you see the difference in the terrain?  No tall forests, drier and more desert-y.  

Here we are at Rowena Crest looking upriver, east.  Rowena is rather like a "sister" of Vista House at Crown Point in that it's high on a bluff over the Columbia River with expansive views.  See the train in Washington State on the left and the cars on the I-84 freeway in Oregon on the right?

And indeed the Balsamroot was in bloom!  Aren't these neat flowers - like ground level sunflowers!

So, here I stand in the center of a rather wild area at Rowena Crest and we're in Oregon.. what you see across the way is Washington.. and just a peek of the river between us.  Unfortunately the Lupine is just budded and not in bloom - see it to the left of the Balsamroot?  It's REALLY neat when both are in bloom and you get the yellow and purple together.  Maybe we'll go back when that is happening...

Such a wild and windy place.

I snapped a photo of Dayle and our car as I stood amongst the flowers.. the river is there also.

We then drove along heading west and Mosier and Hood River.  Now, this area is usually very dry and golden.. so it was neat to see it in the Spring when it's nice and green.. and I loved seeing this old barn in the meadow below.

I love seeing a barn that is being taken care of, don't you?

The landscape on this end of the river is so different than what it is where we live!  Again, you're seeing Oregon and then Washington across the river.  See Mt. Adams peeking over the horizon?

Another old barn, there are lots of little farm places along the way.

Dayle spied this poor little old abandoned log cabin.. so I turned the car around and we pulled into the driveway to get this shot.  I would have loved exploring around it but didn't want to trespass on the property.  I love to think of the hardy folks that built this cabin so long ago and the family that lived in this small place.

We took a turn onto a country road and it rose and rose in elevation and then we saw Mt. Hood loom in the distance!

And then, on our descent on this road we saw Mt. Adams in Washington.. oh my dear Lumix camera... thank you for your lovely zoom.

We ended up in the historic little town of Mosier, where we rejoined civilization by getting on Interstate 84 and drove West and through Hood River.. we exited the freeway at Cascade Locks so we could get a snapshot from our "place" - and I saw this huge Rhododendron in full bloom.. ::screech:: turn around.. *snap*.. wow.. 

Zoom.. wow.. 

Then we pulled in at our little view park under the Bridge of the Gods - I snapped a few photos and got out of the car and walked and stretched before we headed on home.  

Oregon on the left, Washington on the right.  But you know that already, right?

I made a doubled hot pad with my stash of Premier Home cotton yarn.  These aren't the prettiest of hot-pads, but are the workhorses of hot-pads.  

Crocheted Cotton Hot Pad/Pot Holder - Diagonal Design

2 ounce ball worsted weight crochet cotton
size G crochet hook

Begin by working 37 chain stitches.
Work 3 single crochet (sc) in 2nd chain from hook.'

Sc in every chain until one chain remains.
3 sc in last chain.
Work 1 sc into the other side of each chain stitch.
Work 1 sc into first sc and continue working 1 sc into each stitch for 18 or 19 rounds, until the two ends of the top round meet when folded towards each other.
Stop crocheting at a point half way between two ends. Work 15 chain stitches for loop and join with slip stitch into same sc as last stitched worked. Cut yarn, leaving a tail about 1 yard long, and draw tail through loop. Using the long tail, whip stitch both sides of single crochet to each other forming a flat square. Secure end, weave into the inside of the hot pad, clip tail and enjoy!
My Hibiscus is doing so well, I put a stake in the pot using my black bamboo and tied all the droopy branches up with green garden twine and it's looking lovely.  I do hope you don't get tired of seeing my red hibiscus flowers.  :-)

One more.. :-)

OK.. Dayle and I are going to run some errands and you know that will involve lunch out.. right?  Gracie is not swimming today so that gives me the excuse to skip it too.. but I need to get some new shoes for my trip to New Orleans is 2.5 weeks!  So.. today is the day.  Plus, we need chicken food.  Busy, busy.  I hope you have a fun weekend planned!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You took us on a wonderful tour I really enjoyed the drive, such beauty. Loved the hot pad, you can never have too many I nearly always have one on the hook, that or a wash cloth. Have a great weekend.

  2. We had more snow last night. Ugh I cannot tell you how refreshing your blog photos are to these tired of grey and white eyes. We weren't even expecting snow. And yet I awoke and there it was.
    We say ONE forsythia bush in bloom on our little walk yesterday. WE WERE freezing on our walk with winter coats on. The wind here in Chicago is brutal!
    Another ccccccoooool weekend on tap for us . Then a promise, a promise of 50s.
    Keep those pictures coming my way please!

  3. Wow - those photographs are amazing - such beautiful scenery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Loved tour today Teresa. I've been by the sign for Rowena dozens of times but ever thought to stop and look for flowers. I so enjoy the trips you take us on. I hope that when Denis retires we'll do more exploring like you two do. I make those same potholders for my kitchen. I've never found anything to work better. I always tell people to use cotton as acrylic yarns are too flammable to use for potholders! No more kitchen fires, right???
    Have a wonderful weekend Teresa.

  5. Uh ohhh... I gave you an excuse, huh ? :-) Well I hope you had a good shopping trip. My knee was better this morning, but I woke up with a scratchy feeling throat after sleeping in late and I feel like I need a nap now... I guess I am fighting off the cold the rest of the household had and I thought I escaped :-( Wimpy me for sure! At any rate, thanks for the beautiful intro to Rowena Crest, the pattern, and sharing your pretty hibiscus blooms, all of which cheer me up! I was going to my art group, and church, this weekend, but now I am just focusing on feeling to drink some fruit juice and make some tea! I hope you and yours have a happy healthy weekend, Teresa!!! xx

  6. I LOVE that shot of the barn! So nice!

  7. your pictures are beutiful!!!I love this flower!!

  8. What a lovely outing. Such gorgeous views and surroundings. You are always busy. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  9. OH MY GOSH. Beautiful scenery! What a beautiful trip you took!

  10. What a lovely day out Teresa the scenery is gorgeous there. Thanks for taking us. Enjoy the weekend x

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  12. Such a wonderful outing! Gorgeous flowers and views. I loved seeing the old barns and the log cabin! The rhododendron is beautiful! Love your crochet too. Have fun getting ready for your trip, and have a happy weekend, Teresa.
    Helen xox

  13. What a lovely trip you had - loved that old barn and the old farmhouse. You should have gone in for a closer look - didn't appear to be occupied did it? Oh what I'd give for a rhododendron like that !! I had a beautiful one outside my ensuite window but my dear son-in-law decided to take half of it out and it looks rather sad now. I wasn't impressed because its been there for years and years and always had a beautiful show - till now :( Your potholder looks good - haven't made that pattern for ages but still have one in my bottom drawer which I made ages ago. Hope you're having a good weekend. xox

  14. What glorious countryside! and the Rhododendron ...... that must have been a wondrous sight to behold! Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Pat xxx

  15. What beautiful countryside Theresa, and the Rhododendron, I have never seen a bush that big, and it must have been a wondrous sight ... hope you are having a lovely weekend Pat xxx

  16. I love the adventures you go on because we can all go along too. Such a beautiful view, every where you look. Love every photo including your gorgeous hibiscus.
    Hugs to you,

  17. Love the pictures from Rowena Crest. The scenery reminds me of Ireland, just lovely.

  18. Rowena Crest is a gorgeous place, wow. I love the way it looks green and barren at the same time, that's really interesting. That rhododendron is a behemoth! My gosh. I don't think I've ever seen one like that before. It's funny that you were on I-84. I always forget that the interstates go all across the country. I grew up about twenty minutes north of 1-84 clear at the other end of the US. :)

  19. Beautiful country. We have flown over that area before.

  20. Fabulous photo's Teresa! I always love seeing your outings and must say you live in one of
    the most beautiful places.....can I come on over to live lol

  21. Your photos are lovely as always sweet friend. I would move your way in a heart beat...such a lovely place. Thanks for the pattern, too. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend. :)

  22. Hi Teresa. I know I say this all the time, but your photos are just so special! So clear. So bright. Filled with visual interest. Truly spectacular! What a beautiful little adventure. And your flowers at pretty too. I missed the previous post, and love the lapghan you made. Such pretty colors. I want a selfie stick too!

  23. Can ever have too many photos of your red hibiscus, it's stunning.
    Love all your scenery pics, I've just said to hubby that I think retirement looks so much fun!

  24. ps I hope you know that wasn't meant to be in any way offensive, I do appreciate my Little People, and am not wishing the time away, just that I will also enjoy a time where there aren't 5 school runs a day and a magically-constantly-full laundry basket !

    1. I loved raising my 3 kids - but retirement is great as you can go on outings without worrying about school next day.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  25. I have family in WA and to be honest have never thought of visiting Oregon while there, you are doing such a good job of promoting the state that the tourism board should give you a bonus!!!!!! I'm thinking it would be cool to see Mt Hood and go to see old abandoned log cabins, quaint wooden barns and wonder how many settlers came from here - England. See Teresa - you've done a good job! Xx

  26. Your photographs are so beautiful that it's like looking at postcards! I would love to travel the WA and Oregon coast someday. The land is so different (and flat!) living here in the Midwest. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. It's very nice to meet you! From your other posts and photographs that I looked at....your bedroom is so beautiful. And I have the same prosperity hens! They're hanging by my back kitchen door.


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