Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekending on the Farm

Hello my friends!  How was your weekend?  Ours was spent right here, enjoying our own space and watching nature prancing down the runway in it's best finery.  Would you like to see what I found as I walked around our farmyard looking to see what was in bloom?  You do?  Well, come on then!  Let's begin with my white Lilac.. in bloom.. in March.. aMAYzing!  I planted this by my garden window and the edge of the deck, next to my white azalea.  I actually took this photo from the deck.

This special tulip bloomed in our big pot.. isn't it pretty?

I put this big chunk of rose quartz in the moss in Dayle's Bonsai tree pot.. I was hoping to capture the glow of the sun through the pink stone.. can you see it?  We got this stone at a rock shop near Mt. Rushmore when we visited there 5 years ago on our big RV/Caravan trip of 5,125 mile round trip to Oklahoma.  

Kristi gave me this wonderful white Hosta last year for my birthday - it sprouted up all full and pretty recently.  

We have a big pot of Rosemary on the deck and I was happy to see all the blue flowers on the stems.

I do so love my pond fish.. the 2 koi have gotten HUGE.  Thankfully they have managed to elude the raccoons and blue herons that have taken many of our fish over the years.  ::knock on wood::

I didn't think you'd mind another photo of the Bleeding Hearts.. I mean.. who doesn't love these adorable flowers?

Pretty pretty pink hearts.. love love.

The Creeping Myrtle is poufing up around the pond.. oh how I love the sunshine bouncing off the water.

There is a big bud on one of the Iris plants!

The little survivors who have eluded Dayle's mowing.. purple Ajuga and Star of Bethlehem.  :-)

The delicate little flower of the Star of Bethlehem.

And look.. the purple Lilac.. ready to cut for a bouquet!  Have you ever smelled these?  Simply divine!  Do they grow where you live?

Our first Rhododendron to bloom.  Unfortunately, we're having a leaf blight - of the lace bug.. we may lose all of them.  Very upsetting.  

I hiked down into the pasture to get a photo of the pear flowers.. we have a booming crop of dandelion.. I found out that you should leave them as they are the first meal of the honey bees.  :-)

I had never noticed the red stamens on the pear flowers!

Our trees are wild and un-pruned and un-sprayed.. and I love them.  We have 3 pear trees, several plum trees, one big old apple tree and lots of wild cherries and 3 walnuts.  

Heading back towards the farmhouse I pass our tallest magenta rhodie which is infiltrated with the yellow Japanese Rose.

I only cut two little lilac flowers as they aren't quite open enough... 

I have my little basket of crocheted eggs and the yellow crocheted chick sent to me by Lucy in England who used to blog at "Lucy in the Sky".. isn't it cute?

On Saturday I indulged myself with watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" and started my next project - a bag designed by Lucy at Attic24 - the pattern is on her sidebar.  I made the base using taupe before beginning the rainbow stripes.  Have you seen this movie?  It really is one of my all-time favorites and if you haven't seen it, you really need to find it and watch, even Dayle likes it!

I had to show you my amazing orchid that is blooming in my garden window.  Isn't this something?

I had to show you my new shoes for walking around New Orleans in a few weeks.  Keen sandals.  Raspberry color.  I love them!

Yesterday our older son Shawn and his boys came to visit and to wash up their fifth wheel "toy hauler" trailer and to take it home.. the boys also rode their dirt bikes while here.. this is Gabe on his and you can see the trailer half cleaned up.. a lot of scrubbing was done!  A "toy hauler" is like a regular living space in the front but the back opens where you can take your bikes and quads - our son and his friends camp on the beach and all ride in the sand.

And here it is all scrubbed up - and our 4 grandsons - Michael, Gabriel, Hayden and Caleb - who so enjoy each other's company.

I just had to show you the trailer in it's home.. when Shawn and his wife had their home designed and built, they had this huge RV garage made - it's got a huge commercial 16' door - and not to stop there - there is another 16' door at the back and an extended parking drive for his 2nd trailer that is just for quads/bikes.  Boys and their toys.  Note:  This mother is happy that he took his trailer HOME as we've had it parked here on the farm for 4-5 years.  I'm liking the extra space now that it's gone.  :-)

Well, time to pack my swim bag and head to the pool.  Poor Gracie has come down with a cold and won't be joining me.  I hope your week ahead is a great one.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love your lilacs. My neighbors spill into the alley and the fragrance is wonderful> Not about to see so much as a bud anytime soon here. You are way ahead. I am On my screened porch as it is 58 out and we have a new futon. I'll post about it tomorrow. Im comfortable on the porch onc e again. Winter may be leaving after all. The cats are overjoyed to be out in the fresh porch air.
    Keep those awesome pictures coming our way..your blog gives me hope!

  2. Oh I love seeing all the pretty things growing and blooming at your place. The sandals look very cool. I am looking forward to New Orleans photos, too. The bag looks like it will be very pretty with all those lovely colors. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend.

  3. You took us on a wonderful stroll to see the beautiful blooms. The sandals look really comfortable and perfect for walking. Impressive boys toys.

  4. The RV garage is genius. A place for everything! I love your white lilac. We do have them here, but everything with you is more advanced at the moment. We don't have lilac blossom or pear blossom out yet. It's blowing a gale at the moment, and quite cold for March. Hopefully things will change over the next two or three weeks though. CJ xx

  5. Wow your farm is looking so pretty these days Teresa. The koi have gotten just plain huge since I saw them! Love the lilacs and azalea especially. I don't have very many flowers in my yard at all.
    I'm sitting at the lake watching the sun sparkle on the water and enjoying myself immensely. I think I'll be all by myself here tonight.
    You're going to love those Keen sandals. I have two pair-a purple pair I've had for several years, and I just bought another teal green pair that were on sale for $34! I'm taking a pair of them on the cruise with me for walking around the ship. I hope you're having a wonderful day today Teresa.

  6. Hi dear Teresa, such a pretty post! I love the pear blossoms and the beautiful tulip. You have so much flowering, it must smell heavenly in your neck of the woods. I'm waiting patiently for some sign of life in the ground. I know it will come but really it's been a lonnnnggg winter here. I love the lilics and we have many bushes with white and purple : ) I never knew rosemary flowered, it's so pretty. Love seeing the koi pond again and the fish, lovely. Love your keens, I have green ones just like yours, they are great and so comfortable. (I wore them in Maui) BOY, boys will be Boys!!!! Love the toys.
    Happy swimming, xoRobin

  7. Just arrived back in canbyland.
    Quiet enough to hear a bazillion bees buzzing around my Kwanzan flowering cherry trees.
    Two weeks away bring full speed ahead spring here.

  8. That was a feast for the eyes! Good stuff. I have tried many times to get lilac bushes to grow here without any luck. My mom has tried too. They grew easily in Oklahoma where they used to live, and the climate is very similar. Yours are gorgeous. I love lilacs. You are smart to buy and break-in your shoes for walking on vacation. Love those.

  9. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful flower and fish photos. When I got to the pear blossom stamen shot I said *WOW* out loud :-) I have not watched the movie, but now it is on my list to watch. It's fun to see your pretty new shoes and your boys with their toys, too. Yay for starting your new Lucy bag! After I texted you I took the baby hat I'm knitting outside and knitted while baking in the sun trying to chase the last of my cold away! The kids are reworking the front flower beds and have planted hydrangea bushes and an assortment of flowers including a bleeding heart. <3 xxx

  10. Hi Teresa, I love your images and especially the easter basket, super cute. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your farm is beautiful. Lilacs in March that is pretty amazing. Mine are not blooming, but they are filled with buds starting to develop. Cute shoe :)

  12. Hello Teresa - such prettiness. Here in UK - well where I am things are only just starting to blossom. Nothing like in your part of world. It has been very windy during night and I could hear rain lashing down. :-( Today I am supposed to be shopping for a wedding outfit. For son of a friend of many years. Hope I find something! Love your new footwear - especially the colour! Hugs Anne x

  13. Pretty blossoms Teresa, looking gorgeous. Enjoy the spring sunshine x

  14. As always I love your garden pictures! I missed taking a photo of my orchid this year so it was lovely to see yours.

  15. Wow Teresa! You're full of the joys of spring. What a lovely uplifting post :-) I can smell the lilac, we had one in our old house, haven't got one here and I'm not sure why!!!! CN x

  16. Wow that white lilac is amazing - I didn't know lilac came in white but then, as you know, I'm no gardener although I love pretty flowers and always enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures. That sure is some trailer - HUGE !!! I imagine that would be a real home away from home. Look forward to seeing your Lucy bag. xox

  17. Gosh, your flowers are beautiful!!! My daffodils are about 3" high and no where near ready to bloom. Everything else has yet to wake up from winter. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!

  18. Good morning Teresa. What beauty around you! I love lilacs. They grew wild all over Big Bear! The aroma is heavenly.
    I know what you mean when you say you are glad your son has reclaimed in RV. We seem to have the holding space here too, and I prefer these items not be here on our land. Oh well.
    Poor Gracie. Hope she feels better soon.
    Happy Spring my friend!
    xo Kris

  19. It's always nice to see your lovely farm, Teresa. You have so much in bloom right now, it's really beautiful. Guess what, I found a secret volunteer lilac in my yard! It's growing out of a big juniper. It has one little cluster of buds on it just starting to open. It's not big enough to cut for inside the house, so I'll just be out in the yard sniffing it while it lasts. :)

  20. Wow what a perfect March in your farm this year my friend. Love the Easter baskets 💕

  21. I really enjoyed a stroll around your beautiful farm today, dear Teresa! How amazing all the flowers look in the sunshine and I really loved the shot of the pear blossom, with the red barn and blue sky...gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful week with your happy family and crafty crochet.
    Helen xox

  22. Thank you that lovely walk around your farm. The photos of all the beautiful flowers and blossoms are a feast for the eyes! You have such a beautiful farm. I'll be showing my fella that mega garage for inspiration for his much more modest campervan!

  23. I spy a vintage Mustang in the normal garage....

    What a flower-packed post! Yes, we have lilac here. I was so happy when we moved to Wisconsin to find that lilacs and violets grow here. After reading about them all my life it was such a treat to see and smell the real thing.

    So many lovely flowers and plants - thank you for sharing them with us. And yes, let the dandelions grow! They are good for many things. :)

    P.S. I love Keen sandals too.

  24. It's always lovely to go on a walk with you round your land, and everything looking so colourful :)

  25. Well, my friend, you never disappoint! Love, love, love all of the gorgeous flower pictures! But I must tell you that one in particular got my attention pronto! The Star of Bethlehem. Why, you ask? Because I have some of these at the edge of one of my flower beds, and didn't know what they were called!! I'm pretty sure we brought them from my grandma's place when she moved from the country to town. She had told us to come get any plants we might want. I had Rick digging things here and there...didn't know what all we got. lol I'm so excited to tell Rick the name of them! He had just pointed out last night that they were poking out of the ground. :D Also, that toy hauler has a very nice place to live...and I can imagine you're glad to not have it in your way any more. :) lol

  26. Your yard is so pretty. But I am most impressed and amazed that your rosemary blooms! I plant one every year and mine has never bloomed. I didn't even know they did.


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