Friday, April 24, 2015

New Orleans Part Deux

OK, my friends, ready to join me for more of New Orleans?  OK, we just finished our delicious cafe au lait and beignets we crossed the street to walk through Jackson Square.  This park is magnificent.  An oasis in a busy city, the heart of the French Quarter.  There are many benches to rest, it's gardens are impeccable and beautiful, there is a statue of Andrew Jackson our 7th President of the United States who as a general won a decisive victory in the War of 1812 in New Orleans.  Behind you see the St. Louis Cathedral.

This wonderful church rang it's bells at certain times of the day which was just dreamy.

The beautiful bronze statue of Andrew Jackson atop his steed.  I was surprised to see the smoke stacks of the Steamboat Natchez on the Mississippi when I looked at this photo! :-)

The imposing church standing right in front.  I went in to the church and was dismayed to not be able to enter the sanctuary as a wedding was in progress.  But, it is a working church.

Standing in front of the church looking east at the Mississippi and looking over the plaza and Jackson Square.  This plaza is like the "living room" of the place, with many benches, jazz musicians playing at all hours of the day and the iron gates of the park hung with original paintings by local artists - you can even get your palm read here.  :-)

My sister Roberta and I enjoyed the plaza while my sister Denise and daughter Amy did some walking and shopping.  This guy was playing wonderful music on an electric violin!  To see how close our hotel was, you can see it on the right, the red brick with yellow trim, the taller yellow brick next to that is our hotel room!

This is the building across from our hotel, we tried to have breakfast at Stanley restaurant, but the lines were too long.  

One of the beloved mules that pull the carriages.  I saw a woman taking care of the mules and I asked her if she was in charge of them all and she said yes.  Mules pull the carriages as they are heartier than the horse and can endure the hot and humid climate better.

Next up was a streetcar ride through the Garden District.

Inside the well cared for streetcar, the seats are varnished wood.  The windows open, which I loved.

We trundled by blocks and blocks of the most wonderful historic homes, I had to take all these shots as we were rolling along, needless to say I had to do a lot of straightening and cropping of these photos as cars were parked in front of them all.  I will show you the best ones, but trust me, we were oohing and ahhing the whole way.

I can't really imagine the lucky people who live in these amazing homes.  But it's fun to try to think of who lives there and what their lives are like and hoping that they appreciate it.

Which is your favorite? 

I noticed that this one was in need of a little scrubbing and paint.

Almost every one has a gorgeous iron fence and a balcony.

What I found extraordinary is that all the trees along this street were dripping in Mardi Gras beads and I realized that it must be along the parade route and the beads must land in the trees when thrown from the floats.  At least that is my idea why all the trees have beads hanging down.

I love this house and the magnificent live oak tree and it's fern-laden branches gracefully hanging across the home's facade.

My daughter Amy captured this fabulous image of this fanciful house.  I just love this one!  

Back to the hotel to freshen up before our dinner reservations... this image enchanted me of the exposed brick and ferns growing out of the crevices.

We had some wild weather during our week here but we also had some sunshine and warmth and it was wonderful.  Here is a sunlit view of the pool courtyard.

I snapped this beautiful building on our walk to our dinner destination.

And here we are - the three sisters at the Court of Two Sisters.  My daughter Amy snapped the photos for us.  We'd dined here on our last visit and I wanted to go here again.

Here is a very old story board to tell you about this wonderful place.

It is famous for it's wonderful and large courtyard dining area.  There was a threat of rain so we could not dine outside, but rather in another enchanting part of the restaurant.

The beautiful fountain tinkling with falling water.

The lovely dining area next to the courtyard. 

My daughter getting served her seafood gumbo - part of our 4 course dinner.

The gumbo was just as I'd remembered and was perfect.

My dinner was chicken atop garlic mashed potatoes, mounded with lump crabmeat, drizzled with hollandaise with 4 perfectly cooked asparagus.

Vanilla Creme Brulee for dessert.

Darkness fell as we enjoyed our dinner and we bid a fond farewell to our evening with a last peak into the lighted courtyard.  

Our next evening's adventure was a dinner cruise on the Steamboat Natchez.  My sister Denise captured the next two photos - thanks for sharing, sis!

I love the bright red paddle wheel!  The Mississippi isn't nicknamed the "Big Muddy" for nothing!

A fantastic Jazz band played all through our dinner, so fun!

My sister Roberta at dinner - I love all the tin panels on the ceiling of this old historic steamboat.

After dinner we sat on the deck during the cruise up the river and I snapped some photos of the big ships at anchor, we waved at the crew on board.

Can you believe that I snapped this cityscape as we returned to dock with my iPhone?

I captured this image of the bridge over the Mississippi as we turned to arrive at the dock - the docking was pretty interesting in itself!

I took a pedi-cab ride back to the hotel which was an experience in itself!  OK, I must finish and pack my bags for our trip to the beach for my birthday!  :-)  Adventure living!  I hope you're making the most out of your days.. we only go around once!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love, love, love this post Teresa! There is so much to comment on that I will just say that I think New Orleans must be a fabulous place to visit. I adore the old houses and enjoyed the sight of the Mardi Gras beads hanging from the tree. Such fun and wonderful memories for you four girls. Now...I know you'll have a wonderful time at the coast. Enjoy!!!!

  2. You captured some great photos! I enjoyed looking at every one with your commentary. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm glad you got to enjoy it with your sisters and daughter. Everything looked really clean. I had always imagined it would be kind of dirty. I don't know why. The food looks extraordinary! Thanks for sharing everything. You do it so well. Welcome home and enjoy your beach time.

  3. What an amazing trip, a wonderful adventure. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and trip to the beach. Happy weekend.

  4. Had a fabulous time on second part of 'our trip' Teresa - thank you - it was wonderful. Have a wonderful trip to seaside and a wonderful birthday. Hugs Anne x

  5. What a lovely placeTeresa, here in the UK I thought New Orlean's was still ruined after hurricane Katrina! Great photos, hope you are all unpacked and settling back at home. Enjoy the weekend x

  6. It looks like you have had a great time in Nola!!! I have had the opportunity to go to Mass at the Cathedral. SO lovely. I have even taken my girls pictures by that same fountain in the courtyard. I'm pretty lucky in the fact that my sister lives about an hour away so we get to go quite often. I love the picture of you and your sisters. And you are exactly right about the beads in the trees! They just never come down :)

  7. Wow, such gorgeousness. That restaurant courtyard is divine. And all of those wrought iron balconies. And all of the fantastic houses. And the cathedral and park. And all the plants everywhere. Love it all! It's definitely somewhere I'd love to visit, having seen all of your amazing pictures. It looks like you had the most wonderful time, so glad. Hope you have a lovely weekend Teresa. CJ xx

  8. I love each house. I cannot pick just one!
    The pool was just dreamy!
    It looks like life is always to be celebrated there!

  9. Enjoyed your photos, as always, Teresa! Love all of those gorgeous houses...can't pick just one! I'm enjoying my armchair trip to New Orleans! :D

  10. All so beautiful.
    What a trip..and have the happiest of birthdays.

  11. I am a little behind on my blogging, so I just caught up with part 1 & 2. Wonderful times you are having! NOLA is such a fantastic city.

  12. Thanks to your great photos and narrative I really feel like I am along with you on the trip, Teresa :-) I can't pick a favorite house either, although I am especially drawn to Amy's. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you and Dayle and Buddy have a wonderful time at the beach! xx

  13. Looks an amazing place to visit!


  14. Oh Teresa, I love your photos and trip, so many good times and great food too! Love the magnificent houses and balconies. Love the photo of the fern growing out of the brick crevices. The 6th house is my favorite and I love the hotel you stayed in! Thanks for sharing your wonderful time. Now on to your next holiday, enjoy!!!! xoRobin

  15. Thank you for taking us along with you on this wonderful adventure. I love that you saw so much, ate wonderful food and had so much fun with the ladies in your life.
    Have a great time at the beach.

  16. Well, again, I felt like I was still there, walking the streets of New Orleans. Your photos are just remarkable, and truly capture the city life. We did very different things, and so seeing your posts are so fun for me! I walked those same streets, and sat in some of those same chairs. Your meal looked fabulous at Court Of Two Sisters!!!
    I have not even uploaded my photos yet! I will this weekend. You must be on your birthday trip to the beach. Enjoy! Happy Birthday!!! And I can't wait for more New Orleans photos!!!
    XO Kris

  17. What a beautiful and facinating city! Happy birthday.

  18. I have so enjoyed visiting New Orleans with you. It's wonderful to see that the city is thriving after all that it has been through. Thank you for sharing. xx

  19. What a beautiful pictorial you've done.
    As a reader of your blog - I can't wait for your next trip. It's so much fun and far less expensive and I still get to see and enjoy the sights.
    Really like the exposed brick with ferns - that is lovely.

  20. lovely photos for this post and the prior one. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good time. We got back last night from Lincoln City, spent one night out and had a good time. Post coming soon! Happy Birthday!

  21. Per the first few photos; I am so glad you had benches. Benches were in invisible supply at all the temples we visited in Japan. Very few in the temple gardens either.
    I didn't see anyone sitting on the ground enamored of the stunning vistas....

    Loving your last photos of the Mississippi at night.

  22. Incredible houses! Love, love, love them. Did I ever tell you that my great-grandfather supposedly was a gambler on a steamboat? It'd be fun to find out and then travel by steamboat where he went:) Have a great time on your birthday trip and a very blessed birthday!
    Blessings, Aimee

  23. I have thoroughly enjoyed your New Orleans trip and if I were ever to go to the US then that's a place I'd have to include on my itinerary !! Mind you, with a bit of a fear of airplanes, I don't think I'll ever leave Aussie shores. Your photos are brilliant - so crisp, clear and colourful. Love them all. I hope you have a very happy birthday - not sure if I'm in time due to the time differences. xox

  24. Wonderful pictures, I loved seeing all the beautiful old houses! Happy Birthday, Teresa! I hope you and Dayle have a wonderful time at the beach.
    Helen xox

  25. What wonderful pictures my friend. I feel like I went to visit New Orleans with you:)

  26. I really enjoyed both of the next installments in your posts about your trip. It looks like you did a little bit of everything. I especially liked seeing the paddle boat, I've always wanted to have a ride on one. I enjoyed the plantation houses too. I lived in Georgia when I was very young and I remember visiting plantation houses there. The foods you ate look incredible! I love fish and shellfish so I'm sure I'd enjoy everything you had a chance to eat. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your sisters and daughter. I hope your time at the beach with Dayle is fun! Happy birthday!

  27. Goodness, you certainly had a grand ol' time in New Orleans. I used to work downtown on Carondelet Street. We would walk to the French Quarter sometimes for special lunches, :) Best wishes, Tammy


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