Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Orleans Part Trois

Hello!  I separated my trip photos into 5 files so as not to overwhelm you - this is file 3.  :-)  These are our last days in New Orleans, we were there from Tuesday until Sunday morning when we checked out of our hotel and rented a car for more adventuring.  My next installment will show you two amazing Plantation homes.  The last one will show you our visit to Lafayette where we lived for 5 years and our first two children were born.  I wanted to show Amy the house where she was born.  :-)  We begin today by boarding a tour bus that picked us up right in front of our hotel.  We head out and passed by Jackson Square - all the carriages line up here awaiting customers.

One of my favorite things in the French Quarter are these carriages.

I'm snapping photos as we roll along.. here is Tujague's - next to Jackson Square, across from Cafe Du Monde.. 

The black tour bus driver regaled us with all kinds of stories and showed us a LOT of things most people never see or hear.  These are 3 brightly colored houses that I loved.

He took us to see the above ground tombs that are used in New Orleans as the water table is so high you can't bury people in the ground.  Whole families are buried in these and I will spare you the details he told us of how that is done.  :-)

He told us the families pay for upkeep of the crypts and if you fall down on the payments they are left to deteriorate.

Another tree dripping in Mardi Gras beads.  He took us to show us the worst devastation of Hurricane Katrina, an estimated 80% of New Orleans was underwater, up to 20 feet deep in places.  The hurricane didn't do the worst damage, the failure of the levies did it.  The levies were controlled by electric pumps, unfortunately the electricity was out and so the damage was done.

We came back through the garden district and then through the big city part of town and headed back to the French Quarter where I spotted this colorful building.   

Up next was to walk and walk to find a good Po Boy restaurant for lunch so we could cross that off our "to do" list.  The one we were heading to had a long line so we went back down the block to one with a shorter wait.  I just love the old brick arches and architecture here.  My daughter and sister Denise ordered a beer.  Cheers!

I had a shrimp po boy - not the easiest thing to eat!

We walked and enjoyed seeing the artists in Jackson Square.

It was the best weather while we were here and the artists were out in force.  

I took a rest on a cast iron bench and enjoyed the greenery through the wonderful iron fence.

To my left I admired the work of this artist, a woman.  I love the bright colors she used in her work.

My daughter bought one of her watercolor paintings, so I got one similar.  :-)

It shows all the wonderful things, the church, the square, the jazz musician and the restaurants.  :-)

I then strolled around the corner and found a small oil painting of the Natchez that I got a good price on.  Don't you love it?  These were my only two purchases and I do love to support the arts.

This is Muriel's where we had dinner on Saturday evening.  Our hotel actually surrounds this restaurant, the entrance is to the left of Muriel's and our room is in the yellow part to the right.. that was our balcony right next to Muriel's balcony.

While we waited for our table we had a drink - Denise and Amy had a "Honey Child" made with 2 blackberries and crushed basil leaves and Roberta and I had a "Pineapple Plantation" crushed mint Mojito style drink but made with pineapple juice, it was yummy!

I showed the girls the third and hidden courtyard at our hotel - Place d'Armes.

I was charmed by the Maidenhair Ferns that had taken up residence on the second tier of the fountain.

We walked through the square on our way to see a yarn shop I'd heard about.. the band was playing great jazz, I wish you could hear it.

The yarn shop - I thought the name was clever.

Wonderful yarn everywhere - but I didn't buy a thing.  My bags were already too full and let's face it, I have enough yarn at home. :-)

A clever idea for displaying yarn.. little cardboard barrels stacked up on top of each other.

Our last evening in our room and I snapped a photo of the windows out to the balcony to remember it by.

Our last dinner in New Orleans, Denise took us to Mulate's where they have a band playing every day - the wonderful Cajun music of the area and a dance floor where people go out and swing dance.  I loved it there!

It was a big fun place full of music and people enjoying themselves.. what a great place!

I ordered "stuffed shrimp" - which is funny as it's not stuffed at all - they press stuffing around a shrimp, then bread it and fry it.  It was yummy!

Lastly I wanted to share three photos that my daughter took when she and my sister Denise walked down to Bourbon Street in the evening on our last night.  It was hopping just like during Mardi Gras and people were up on the balconies throwing beads just like off the floats in the MG parades.  She had fun!

She also got this of Cafe du Monde in the dark walking back from the Steamship Natchez boat cruise.  Can you believe it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

And this shot of the shadow of a statue of Jesus onto the church.  Isn't that neat?

And so.. we spent our last night and checked out the next morning early to go to the airport and rent a car.  We then headed to "Plantation Alley" and toured two amazing plantation homes.  That will be my next post.. I think you'll like them.  My last post will show you more fun things.  We're on our 2nd full day at the beach and we're just relaxing and taking it easy.  I'll show you some fun beach photos soon - but here is just one from yesterday - our view from our caravan/trailer of the Pacific Ocean on a warm sunny day.

I hope you're having a super weekend!  Thanks for visiting!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. More amazing photos, what a wonderful trip you had. My favourites are the courtyards and all of that greenery - gorgeous. CJ xx

  2. What a great trip Teresa I love your paintings. ..what lovely choices to remember such a vibrant city x

  3. It looks like you had an amazing trip :) I visited New Orleans when I was a student. I loved it. Such a wonderful atmosphere. I'd love to go back some day :)

  4. I enjoyed this post. Such a wonderful city. Looking forward to seeing the plantation homes you chose to visit.

  5. I have had such a fun time following you around! You know how to enjoy a vacation!!!! I loved seeing the buildings and the BUSY streets

  6. I can't wait to see which plantations you visited!!! There are so many good ones to choose from :)

  7. The fun continues! You really had a nice trip. How fun! Did you go to the Myrtle Plantation...the haunted one? Can't wait to read and see.

  8. Nothing but fun!!! What a wonderful place to visit. I bet you could go there often and not see it all! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  9. It is so weird to be seeing your photos. We sat in some of the same places, took photos of the same things, ate at the same restaurants, etc. Your photos are outstanding. Mine were not good. I got only a few worth sharing.
    I am glad to hear you are enjoying your time at the sea.
    xo Kris

  10. Wow Teresa ...I'm so glad u had so much fun. New Orleans look a lot like Brazil during carnival. I'm glad you spent such a great time with your daughter and saw so many beautiful places ... You even had time to go visit a yarn shop. What a delight. Hoe you enjoy and have a great time at the beach ... I'm sure you will.

  11. What a wonderful trip, lots of memories shared and created with your daughter and sisters. Certainly on my to visit list if I ever get the chance. Looking forward to more.

  12. You saw some wonderful sights for sure, Teresa, and I enjoyed what you shared about them. The paintings you purchased are delightful! Let's learn how to paint like that :-) We arrived at Gearhart by the Sea during a rain shower a little after 4 this afternoon and are enjoying the condo and looking at the gray sea even though the sunset hid behind a gray wall of clouds with nary a peek at the sun. I made minestrone soup, salad and chocolate chip cookies, we played a game of Scrabble, had a fire in the wood stove and watched A.D. Tim plans to fish tomorrow and I have a long list of things I want to do :)
    Hope you and Dayle and Buddy continue to have a great time at the beach. I look forward to your next post! xx

  13. As I have been away I didn't comment on your last two posts, but have read them, you have had some great times and adventures in New Orleans and some delicious food and drinks too! I look forward to the remaining two parts of your adventures. Thank you for taking us along with you. I am so glad that you had such a great time!! xx

  14. Hello Teresa what a wonderful time you had . The photos are brilliant. I can almost taste the gummy food you had. Looks beautiful at the beach though - one of my favourite places to be. X

  15. What a fantastic trip. I love that yarn shop! We try to buy a painting when we're on holiday. It's a really nice way to remember the place.

  16. So enjoying your fantastic New Orleans posts - and more to come! You're spoiling us. I love it!! :) xx

    ESA TIENDA DE LANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lovely photos, as always! Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. Lovely to see New Orleans again, it hasn't changed since I visited really. Glad you all had a good time.

  20. Lovely to see all your posts about New Orleans, they remind me of a super holiday we had there. x

  21. I enjoyed this lively, colourful post very have given us a real flavour of this amazing place!
    I love the French style architecture and the colourful buildings, and all the unusual and interesting things you chose to photograph :)
    Your beach view looks heavenly.....enjoy your time there as well.
    Helen xox

  22. Again another beautiful post about your great adventure. How you could not buy vacation yarn will never know. Thank you for taking us along with you.

  23. All sites I remember well. The last time we were in the French Quarter was 2 years ago when we took my son to college in Colorado. Unfortunately, the day we were there it rained so we were just trying to figure out how to get back to the car. That yarn shop looks great. Best wishes, Tammy


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