Monday, May 4, 2015

Farm in Spring

Hello my friends, thanks for stopping in for a visit.  When we pulled in the driveway from our beach trip, I was so pleased to see how colorful the grounds looked.  The Pin Oak tree is leafing out, the Rosebud Azalea is in full bloom.  Irises are flowering.  Lovely!

We hung up my new banner and I just love it.

I grabbed my camera and did a walkabout to record the flowers.  This is my orange Honeysuckle.

I'm happy to see the pink azalea looks good despite the threat of the lace beetles.

These have been a favorite flower of mine since we moved into this 100 year old house 30 years ago.  I believe that we are the longest residents of this house in it's history.

We got this odd colored iris in a "mixed bag" of bulbs.  

While we were gone Kristi and Travis did a bit of plant shopping and got this lovely orange azalea.. I've always wanted one.  K planted it to the left of our deck, I hope it likes it there.

I planted two shades of purple Clematis on the right side of our shed.  Love these platter sized blooms.

The other purple.

I'm happy to see my "Beauty Bush" alive and well after it had been crushed and broken over by a fallen branch.  Isn't it pretty?

Each flower is like a tiny orchid.

Yesterday we went to my older son Shawn's house in Washington to help celebrate their son Michael's 15th birthday.  He's holding one of their German Shepherds, this one is named Meeka, isn't she pretty?  She's only around a year old.

Last night Kristi stepped out to get some fresh air and came back and told me the moon was full, so I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture this image.  I've been asked what kind of camera I use and so here it is:  Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 with a Leica lens.  It's small enough to carry in my purse and I'm super pleased with the zoom and the quality of it's photos.  They are just a bit over $400 on Amazon.  

Kristi put a new tablecloth on the table and picked a pretty mixed bouquet of yard flowers.  Isn't this pretty?

The kids bought this pretty Fuchsia, this color is a favorite of mine.

This is the sweet little dwarf lilac that the kids got for me for my birthday.

They also got this gorgeous purple Calla Lily.

Our Iris garden... I'm thinking of pulling out the beige ones and replacing them with something with more color.  What do you think?

A look at the farmhouse, deck, garden shed and our wild garden.

I wanted to show you the HUGE dark pink Rhododendron - it's about 25 feet tall!

The white Rhodie with dark purple throat.  

Do you have a Rhodie like this?

Looking back at the old house.. it's been added on to over the years.  The original house is in the center, the addition closest to you is our family room, then the main house where the living room and dining room are, there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, and the last addition is our master bedroom and en suite and an office at the farther end.  

Our garden shed.  I know I've said it in the past, but my desire is still to empty it of storage items, fix it back up and use it as a pretty garden shed.  It currently has "mini blinds" which I do not like in the windows.  I used to have some unbleached muslin curtains with ruffled edges in those windows.  When I work on this I want to add lace curtains and wicker furniture.  At least this is MY vision of the future of the shed.

The prettier bearded Iris.

These are the Siberian Iris.  There used to be a patch of them up by the apple tree.  I dug some up and put them in a pot on my houseboat years ago.  I brought them back to the farm and planted them at the top of the "creek" but they did not like it up there, too shady, and never bloomed.  Last year Dayle dug them up at my request and relocated them to our Iris garden by our back walk.  This year they bloomed prolifically!  Hurray for the longevity of iris bulbs!

I hope you've enjoyed my garden safari.  Time to cook some lunch for my husband and I.  I hope you're having a flower-ific Springtime!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The shepard, the moon and the flowers...gorgeous! I love the BLUE of your home.
    I love the colored cala lily! I've never seen one that wasn't white.
    Beautiful post.

  2. Teresa, your flowers are gorgeous! I have never had a green thumb and just feel so confused about what to plant and where to plant. The best I do is buy some annuals and plant some pots. I love the garden shed! Wicker furniture would be perfect.

  3. You have many of my favourite plants, but your soil and climate suits them much more than mine. Very pretty.

  4. Spring has sprung full force in your corner of the world. Deep purple Calla Lilies aren't something one sees everyday - just beautiful!
    I can just see that little garden shed being transformed into a lovely studio. At least if it were my shed that's what would happen.
    Now it's time for you to regroup and stay home for more than two days. But I'm sure you'll be out and about in no time.

  5. It's lovely to return home after a few days away and see all the progress in the garden isn't it, especially at this time of year. The clematis are gorgeous, and I really like the beige irises. Your shed is a thing of beauty, I'm very envious. One day I'll have me a shed like that... Wishing you both a very good week Teresa. CJ xx

  6. Your garden is beautiful Teresa - how lovely to return to all that gorgeousness. Hugs Anne x

  7. Wow!!! Your place is heaven on earth. Gorgeous!

  8. Thank you for the wonderful photo bouquet, Teresa. I was amazed at how much growing went on while we were gone, too :) xx

  9. It's all looking so gorgeous there, Teresa! Wow. I can't believe how many different plants and flowers you have flourishing there. What a beautiful place. Happy birthday to your grandson! He's looking so grown up now. I hope you're having a great week so far. :)

  10. What a beautiful post filled with gorgeous photos of your gorgeous garden. How lovely it is to see beautiful bright flowers in spring when we are having a very grey and rainy day here in Melbourne. Thank you so much for sharing, so good for my soul.
    Anne xx

  11. Love seeing your flowers. Such pretty rhodies!
    Life is too short to be hanging onto dull Iris's - Toss them and put in something you do like. Or plant them somewhere else. I've kept the rhizomes in a box in the garage for nearly two years before re-planting and they seem to do just fine.

    Love your vision of the garden shed. You'll make it happen.

  12. I honestly don't think I would ever leave if I had a home in the country surrounded by all of that beauty like you do. I think all of your flowers are gorgeous. So pretty. I'll see you tomorrow!

  13. What beautiful flowers! What a wonderful, colorful treat. Pretty moon shot. I just posted a collage of moon shots today on my new blog. I love taking moon shots! That is one beautiful dog! Happy 15th birthday to your grandson. I bet he had a wonderful day.

  14. It's looking beautiful at your's Teresa, what a pretty garden to come home to. So many gorgeous flowers. Enjoy your week x

  15. Love your garden safari Teresa! So many gorgeous flowers, I can remember them all! Love your banner so much, looks great hanging on the pole by your house. (great choice) Love the orange honeysuckle a lot, maybe my favorite, I love the good old fashion flowers and plants, calla lily too. I always say your home is so charming, really a treasure : )
    One more thing, Happy Birthday to Michael, he looks like such a nice grandson, and Meeka is a sweet beautiful dog!! Looks so gentle too.
    Happy day to you, xoRobin

  16. Such gorgeous flowers, your farm is looking beautiful Teresa! The garden shed is like a little house in pretty! Wishing you a great week!
    Helen xox

  17. You have certainly captured the beauty of the season with some stunning flowers. You are truly blessed with a beautiful garden and home. The shed is a real delight, it would make a lovely summer house.

  18. Your flowers are magnificent. Our garden isn't as far on as yours yet. Also, after a spell of nice weather, we've had at least a week of very heavy frosts followed by rain, rain, rain.

  19. Loved your entire post! What beauty surrounds you. I've had a HUGE rhodie like yours when I lived in Washougal years ago at a house my ex husband and I built. My mom gave it to me as a cutting from her yard in Portland, back in the early 80's probably, and though I don't live there anymore, my son does! and that rhodie is probably 20 feet tall....lovely purple one. Your flag adds such a bright pop of color. I study Feng Shui somewhat, and it says if you live in a wetter climate and have alot of water around you, that a bright red or orange pop is really good for the energy of the place.....and your flag is just perfect!

    I dream of having a little garden "cottage" that is all fixed up pretty with flower boxes at the windows, a little porch and bright flowers all around.... mine of course, would be a little craft and sewing studio! Pinterest has some wonderful garden cottages to dream about.

    Thank you also for your camera info. I was wondering what you use so have added it to my "wish list". I know two other people who have the small digital Lumix cameras and they take awesome photos.

    Have a wonderful day! Marilyn

  20. Beautiful photos, as always, Teresa. I so enjoy visiting your blog. :) And I thank you for the camera info. I have yet to find a point and shoot that suits me. My problem is I want the pics to look like I took them with my DSLR, but I want the convenience of a point and shoot. I don't ask for much, do I? lol I've been buying cheaper point and shoots, and am never happy with any of them. I am going to keep yours in mind if I ever decided to purchase another one. :)

  21. Lots and lots of gorgeous blooms! I love the banner flag!

  22. Such wonderful color all around your place! It makes me want to plant more flowers. I think you should fix up that garden shed and turn it into a little B and B cottage. Your place always looks so peaceful...a perfect little retreat.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of your farm. The flowers and gardens are so beautiful!

  24. The farm is looking spectacular in all of it's Spring glory. Happy birthday to your 15 year old grandson, I have one turning 18 this Friday! I would turn that shed into a space for myself, it looks so cute.

  25. Hello Friend. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Thank you for not giving up on me in my 2 month absence. I have really enjoyed your lovely stroll around your property to see what loveliness you are blessed with this spring. It does make one want to run right out and buy and plant more flowers. Like you, I love to walk around the yard and see what is happening, but alas, my pittance of flowering delights are not quite in the same league as yours. I do get all excited when the bulbs come up and bloom. I had some crocus and daffy dills, some hyacinths. They all need thinned out but my crisis is finding time to do all this. I have shrubs needing trimmed back these past 2 years. They are way out of control. When I say I'm going to hire someone to help me my one brother says no, that he will be here to help. I will not hold my breath on that since he and his wife own 40 properties and since retiring he is busier now than before he retired. Anyways, thank you for this post. I love all your flowering plants. I am sure the bees are loving it even more than we are. I worry for the bees, but God takes care of it all. He has sure blessed you with a bounty of rich colors.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  26. Beautiful flowers, you're very good with that camera!

    The shed could definitely make what are being described as feminine sheds at that moment - a beautiful place to craft, write, read and rest.


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