Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch

Blogging has brought much joy and happiness to my life.  I've gotten to know people from around the world - other bloggers and non-bloggers who leave nice comments - and even have gotten to be good friends with other bloggers here in the Portland area.  We get together for lunch as often as we can with all our busy schedules.  Betsy on the left drove 6 hours from her home in Spokane to meet us!  Gracie is next to her, me with my shawl and Taci on the right.  She's the baby of the group.  :-)  I asked the waitress to take a photo of us toasting *YOU* - my readers, commenters and fellow bloggers.  So, my friends, here's to *YOU*!  Cheers!!

Some gifts were exchanged.. 

I brought cotton yarn in ecru for everyone and Taci gave us each some red, white and blue variegated cotton.  Gracie gave each of us a wonderful book - this one was mine, I was so excited to receive a "Molly Makes" book!  I LOVE it!  Betsy brought us a cute little metal bucket with some "I Love This Cotton", a gorgeous crocheted lace bookmark, some cute little magnets and a cute grasshopper figurine.  After a wonderful lunch and catching up with each other's lives, Taci headed back to work and the other 3 of us went to a fabric store to pick up a few things and I found some heavy cotton in colorful stripes to use as a liner for my rainbow Lucy bag I crocheted.  Thank you, my friends!

Today my 2 sisters, Roberta and Denise and my "best friend from 7th grade" Shirley met to celebrate my birthday for lunch and then to go to a plant nursery that Shirley found.  

The restaurant, Oswego Grill, treated me to a banana split for my birthday which I shared with the girls.

Shirley rode with me and was the navigator to show us the plant nursery called Margie's Farm and Garden.  My sisters followed us.  What a great place!  Here are several colorful pots of flowers on the floor.

The huge nursery was hung with hundreds of colorful flower baskets.

They were all different and so pretty.

What flower is your favorite in a hanging basket?

Shirley gave me the most interesting hot pad!  It's felted balls sewed together, made in Nepal.  Denise gave me a most interesting skein of yarn, she hauled it all the way from New Zealand from a recent trip.  And it's made of merino wool and... POSSUM!  Learn about it HERE.  Wouldn't a little shawlette look nice with this pretty and soft variegated yarn?  My sister Roberta gave me some $$ in a card which I planned to spend on plants at the nursery.

I wish you could feel this.

After the guys unloaded my plant purchases I took some photos.  Can you believe this huge and full purple Rhododendron was only $35?  I told my husband it only cost me $10 as the rest was a gift from my sister.  :-)

I've always wanted a purple Rhodie to add to our others here on the farm, now we have one!

I got 3 of these orange and yellow Dahlias to pot together.  Only $6 per plant!

I got 3 Lantana - 2 yellow, orange and yellow and one all yellow.

I love the way the colors change as these flowers open.

And a huge flowered Impatiens in my favorite color.

Now some planting needs to be done!  Have you gotten some fun new flowers to plant in your garden for the summer?  I'm off on a Portland Women's Forum tour tomorrow.. more about that later.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Looks like you have been having fun times. I was able to dine with Betsy at Elmers last eve. Good to see her again. My daughter brought cut purple
    rhodies in a vase home from a meeting today. Same color as ones I have out front. Hope to meet up with u all again dome time. Take care!!

  2. Lovely celebrations...friends, family, flowers, food, yarn, and other cool gifts :) Hope you have fun on the tour tomorrow and get to rest some, too! xx

  3. Girls who lunch indeed! I think it's the "girl" who lunches!!! I don't think I've ever met anyone with as busy a social calender as you have my dear. I'm so glad we all got together yesterday. I had a wonderful, wonderful time. Love your new flowers. So pretty. I would have wanted to buy them all. :-)

  4. How wonderful to meet up with fellow bloggers, maybe one day.... Great too to celebrate your birthday in such style with family and friends, you are truly blessed.

  5. A very happy birthday for yesterday Teresa. It sounds like you had a really good day, I'd be very happy to go to a plant nursery for my birthday. The weather here hasn't been great, so all of the planting I did back when it briefly felt like summer has been very battered. Several things will need replacing. The children's sunflowers are still in pots, but they don't look happy at all, we've had two days of very high winds. Enjoy the Portland Women's Forum tour, CJ xx

  6. Happy birthday - looks like you've been having some great days out, lunching and giving/receiving presents. Your flowers are gorgeous. We have got some new flowers for our garden but just a few small things.

  7. Hi Teresa,a belated Happy Birthday,you look like you had a lovely time with your friends and that's as it should be.Best💐.

  8. You're spending time in my neck of the woods again. Glad you liked Margies hanging baskets.
    I used to sub on her postal route when I first started working for the post office.
    You will have to keep on inviting me to your lunches - one of these days I might surprise you.
    Intrigued with wild imaginings of WHO had to scrape the hair off of possum get such pretty yarn.

  9. Hello girlfriend. I sat up in bed last night and caught up with your recent blog posts that I had missed! And there were several!!! I wanted to comment right away, but I had too much to say, and so, put it off until this morning. Oh dear friend, your posts ALL interest me, and evoke such emotions. Your tell such a story with your photos. First, the ladies lunch.....Oh yes, if I have said it once, I have said it a hundred I wish I could join you!! And one day, I will. It is on my bucket list. Such wonderful friends. I always love to see the gifts you give one another. The felted hot cool! I have that Mollie Makes book. It is good. Your trip to the nursery...such pretty blooms! LOVE the flag you put up at home! LOVE the flowers from the that you took them with you to the ocean. LOVE that Kristi honors you with the things she does. That cake looked amazing.
    Loved seeing your grandson with the pupper on his lap. Love the post on your home when you lived in NO. Loved seeing it and hearing your memories.
    Loved your tour of the blooms right there on the farm. Such glory. And Teresa....that shed, or cottage, or storage building.....PLEASE, take it over! Take it, and make it your special place. Oh how I would love to have that right here in my grove!!!!
    I love, love, love your trailer! It is so roomy! Is it a 5th wheel? What kind? And what a great spot to camp! Such comfort in hearing the ocean roll in and out, isn't it?
    I didn't know that Amy was your eldest? She looks so young!!!
    I know I am forgetting to comment on lots of things. But know that your posts are all read and enjoyed so very much!!!!
    Love ya,

  10. Blog pals are the BEST . Someday we'll meet and I!!!

    I love your gifts exchanged. Flowers.....ahhhh they are a wonder one and all

  11. How wonderful to meet some fellow bloggers! You DO have a very busy social calendar! wow.... I may not do that much in a 3 month period (or more!). I'm a stay at homer.... but do get out now and then... and can travel vicariously through you.. and reminisce about the places I've been where you are going now. I LOVE fuschia hanging baskets best... and second comes geraniums that trail down. Your purple rhoddie that you got is gorgeous and I love that crochet book......thank you so much for sharing your travels and life with us... I thoroughly enjoy you! Marilyn

  12. Sounds perfect to me . What a lot of birthday treats xxxx

  13. It looks like you've had some nice times with the ladies in your life. I'm so glad you bloggers could get together again. I love the look of that plant nursery, what beautiful potted plants they have hanging up. I plan to buy some annuals this weekend for my barrel in the backyard. I hope you have a great weekend, Teresa.

  14. You girls all look so happy together and love the little gifts you can all exchange, a big HELLO to
    you all and a hug to Gracie too. Lovely pictures Teresa....enjoyed while I lay in bed this morning keeping
    warm and trying to forget about the sore throat lol

  15. Teresa, I just love seeing you with all of those gorgeous, loving and caring women. Betsy, Gracie and Taci are so kind and generous, I am so glad you had a wonderful time with your visit. And then a great lunch with your sisters and Shirley, it sounds like a perfect week. I love the flowers you purchased, your gifted yarn and that very fun hot pad.

    Hugs to you,

  16. Just catching glad you had a lovely time with your dear blog friends and sisters! The nursery looks beautiful, such gorgeous baskets, and I love all your colourful new flowers!
    Enjoy your new yarn and crafty makes.
    Helen xox


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