Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flights of Fancy

We have a bird feeder and the best part of it are the Goldfinches that come to find sustenance here.  I adore their pretty yellow color and I'm happy that they visit here.  Our little creek and waterfall also attract the birds - even when it's been dry for a while, they can find food and water here.  Kristi got these two photos and shared them with me.

The males are the pretty yellow ones, the females are more brown.

My daughter Amy sent me 3 cans of coffee and some biscotti for Mother's Day - I had this for my morning coffee today and it's DELISH!  Amy had never been to New Orleans and one of her favorite parts of our trip was cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde.  Thank you, Amy!

Yesterday was a special day.  I'd shown my beige irises on my blog and fellow Northwest blogger, Kathy from Running With Rocket blog, offered to share some of her prettier colored irises with me!  So, plans were made and Dayle and I drove to her home in "Canbyland".  We pulled in to her driveway and she came out and we walked down her beautiful flowered border and she dug some plants for us.  Isn't this a beautiful purple?

Kathy and Dayle as she digs some plants.

A lighter purple Iris.

Looking back at their lovely home from the backyard.  Do you see the building on the right?  It's a hangar.. yes.. for their airplane!  They live on an air strip and keep a wonderful antique biplane there.

After loading a box of Iris in our car, she took us back to the hangar to show us their plane.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's a 1942 Stearman.  

It's a WW II flight trainer.

Can't you just imagine flying over the countryside in this?

I love the cockpits of the plane, the pilot sits in the back one.

We had such a nice time with Kathy!

After seeing the plane, Kathy took us inside and gave us some fresh baked gluten free peanut butter cookies and we visited for an hour or so.  I got to see her sewing room where she makes wonderful things and sells them in her Etsy shop.  She also has fabric and patterns and such there.  

We stopped and got a gift for Kathy before we visited her and I got a matching one for me.. it is a Celosia or "Cock's Comb".  It's a sentimental flower for me as when I was young and visited my maternal grandmother who lived in an old bank building in Fay, Oklahoma.. and I will never forget that she had a whole row of these planted against the brick of the building and I was fascinated by them.  

Kristi took this photo of the other flower I bought -- a very pretty Dahlia.  :-)

While I was out snapping the Cock's Comb I noticed how nicely perked up the plants were in the basket I planted.

Is there anything cuter than the face of a little Johnny Jump Up?

The other Dahlia I planted in a big pot.

I guess I was meant to take a photo of that plant as I noticed a baby bird had fallen out of it's nest in our eaves.  Kristi got a ladder, picked it up and placed it back in it's nest with it's brothers and sisters.  After we got a photo, of course.  :-)

I'm off soon to head back to the pool after being gone from it due to traveling and then my injured shoulder.  It's far from healed, but I guess I'll go give it some exercise.  Wish me luck!  Have you had any "flights of fancy" lately?  Do share!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. That biplane is in mint condition, how nice to visit and to go home with some purple iris. I like that cock's comb flower, I have not grown those.

  2. Everything about this post kept me glued to my computer screen. So interesting and such wonderful photographs. Thank you for taking your camera with you and for sharing this with us:)

  3. Lovely flower photos. Your gardening year is more advanced than ours. I had to laugh at the grumpy expression on the baby bird's face. I hope it was grateful for being rescued.

  4. Such fun to meet with Kathy at her home and to see that plane...well I know Brad would have been jealous for sure. It's in beautiful shape. I'm guessing Dayle enjoyed it too. Beautiful flowers. I don't know that I've ever seen cock's comb close up before. It's amazing! Thanks for sharing Teresa.

  5. Poor baby bird! Doesn't look too happy!

  6. I have a 40% off coupon for seeds at Fred Meyers. I'm going to see if I can find any seed for those cockscomb flowers. They are so fascinating - thank you for bringing me one.

    I enjoyed our quick visit and look forward to driving up your way someday soon. It is really fun to meet up with fellow bloggers and see what really goes on it their world.

    The gluten free peanut butter cookies are very quick to make.
    1 cup natural peanut butter (Not Jif, I use fresh peanuts ground at store)
    1/2 Cup white sugar
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp vanilla.

    Roll into small balls.
    Criss-cross with a fork.
    Bake at 350' for 8 -9 minutes.
    Leave on cookie sheet for a bit before removing.

    You should all invite Teresa to your places - she's the best guest to have over.

  7. What fun Teresa! Kathy sounds like a nice lady! What gorgeous flowers she has! And yours too. Wow!!!! That plane is so something!
    I love Goldfinch too! All birds. I hope the baby bird you rescued makes it!!
    I must go visit Kathy's blog!
    XO Kris

  8. You have such great adventures! My husband is gluten intolerant so I have made these cookies also.

  9. Teresa, a lovely post and beautiful photo's taken of everything ♥

  10. What a kind fellow blogger Kathy is and great to see her place. Your sweet birds are gorgeous and the baby made me really smile. Glad you are able to swim again take it easy x

  11. What a great visit and again meeting up with a fellow blogger must be great fun. Maybe one day...the dahlias are a real delight, my Grandad used to grow them years ago so they bring back some lovely memories. I have never come across a celosia before, fascinating.

  12. So glad you two could get together at Kathy's place. She is one of the most generous and friendly people I know, always happy to share her garden and good fortune with everyone. I can imagine what a lovely time you all could spend together.

  13. What beautiful birds. Our goldfinches are completely different, yours are much more exotic looking! It looks like you had a lovely visit to your new friend, the plane is amazing, in such beautiful condition. Gorgeous flowers as well, I've never heard the name Johnny Jump Up before, we call them violas or pansies (if they're the bigger ones). I've never seen a cock's comb before either, I learn so much when I come here! I hope your exercise went well and that your shoulder continues to heal. Wishing you and Dayle a good weekend. CJ xx

  14. We are so happy our goldfinches are back too. The males are gorgeous.
    we have some other birds going through as they fun to see them.
    Fireman rescued a bird last week on his bike ride too. >YOU are heroes.
    Thanks to the link to your pals ETSY shop. I love it.

  15. Your flowers look beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the goldfinch. We have them here too but I don't see them often, even with a thistle feeder. It's extra special when I do see one. How nice to visit Kathy. My husband's aunt, whom I've written about, flies a Stearman. They go to a Stearman fly-in every year in the midwest somewhere. She might even know your friend!

  16. Such pretty birds and flowers!! Speaking of which...Rick and I will be going for a little drive, and walk, this evening. We're going over to my son's land so Rick can cut some firewood. Yours truly hopes to get some pics of birds, flowers, just nature in general. It's one of my favorite things to do! :)

  17. The Goldfinches are so adorable... I love them. When I lived in Washougal, they would come visit just once a year, usually in June. My flights of fancy have been QUAILS in our yard here in central Oregon! They are prolific everywhere around here. I posted some darling pictures of them on my blog at if you want to see them.

    I bet it was so neat to visit with a fellow blogger.... that is on my bucket list! LOVED your dahlia photos, especially the orange and pink one.. the water droplets add so much to the picture. There's a place in Washougal about a mile up the Washougal River Road, called "Linda's Dahlias". She and her husband have about an acre of them in every color under the son. I would drive past it every day on my way home from work. You could go and put $5.00 in the jar for 10 gorgeous HUGE dahlias.. make your own bouquet.

    My mom used to grow those deep purple Iris in Portland.. and also really bright yellow ones which I always loved. And thank you Kathy for the gluten free cookies recipe! I have to eat totally gluten free so will try these out!

  18. Really love your goldfinch photos--especially that second one. Beautiful! Your new dahlia is quite lovely too--especially with the raindrops:) Love this time of the year with so much variety of blossoms!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Glad you had fun at your bloggie friend's home!

  19. Awww those bird photos are beautiful - love the second one from the top - so pretty and colourful. Great picture of the Cocks Comb - unusual looking plant aren't they. Fancy having your own private plane !!!! Have been a bit slack lately with blogging in general - lots happening in my family. Have a nice weekend. xox

  20. How fun and exciting to go visit a fellow blogger.. That flower garden was incredible . Loved her yard and oh my goodness that plane.....
    Gorgeous flowers like yours make me smile... pure happiness
    Xo Marissa

  21. So many neat photos and interesting flights of fancy stories, Teresa...thanks for posting! My flights of fancy down here are revolving around five little girlies buzzing around...bouncing in a little bouncy house and swinging and sliding on a swing set and playing in the sand. I am trying to crochet headbands for all the girls :) Lots of roses, and oleanders in bloom down here and I get awesome whiffs of star jasmine although I have yet to see what smells so heavenly :) How did your swimming go? xx

  22. What a fun trip. Those flowers your friend has are so amazing, so glad she shared some with you. And the beautiful flower you bought to share with her is amazing, I have never seen one like it. Hope the little birdie is doing okay.

  23. What a fun trip Teresa and how fun to see the airplane that close. Love your flowers and I'm so happy you found the poor little bird. Hope it survived. I hope your shoulder starts feeling better soon... I know how you feel. Feel better soon my dear friend.


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