Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Yesterday we celebrated Mothers in the USA and I know the day is celebrated on different days around the world.  I want to take this moment to wish everyone around the world a day to give a thought to and thank your mother whether here or beyond and all of us who mother our kids and/or our furry kids and those who need us.  Our day dawned cool and cloudy and improved over the day.  We didn't do anything "big" or spectacular - but it was a very good day.  I snapped this photo out of our bay window to show you all the green and flowers in our yard.

Our son Shawn brought his family over and the boys had a blast all afternoon zooming around the fields and into the forest on their dirt bikes and the little quad.  Dayle and I potted up all the flowers I bought the other day.  I put on some of our farm eggs and a bag of Yukon Gold potatoes to cook to make potato salad.

Two Lantana flowers and a different variety of Moss Roses that I'm going to try.

I also got a yellow Lantana this year.  As for the dirt everywhere.. I hosed it all off the deck after the potting session.  :-)

I potted up 3 orange Dahlia plants into one big pot.. it already looks wonderful!

I put 4 different plants in this big hanging pot, I hope it fills out nicely.

Dayle BBQed a lot of chicken thighs (that our son brought) on his pellet grill/smoker, I made a big potato salad, Kristi helped by chopping the celery and sweet pickles, Dayle also made the baked beans.  Here is my husband, the kids dad and the grandkids grandpa.  The wife, mother and grandmother is the picture taker.  :-)  We're all filling our plates and the kid's plates for our al fresco dinner on the deck.  I told honey that he should smile next time.  :-)

Our dinner -- I think it's interesting how different everyone makes their potato salad -- do you make it?  I cook my potatoes skin on and then let them cool before chopping - with Russet potatoes I peel them before chopping, with Yukon Golds I pretty much leave the skin on.  I boil and chop a dozen eggs, add thin sliced celery, chopped sweet pickles and dump in a lot of mayonnaise, a squirt of yellow mustard, some pickle juice and season with salt and pepper.  What do you do different?

My youngest son worked but got off early and showed up with two bouquets of flowers, one for his wife and one for me.. awwww.. we combined both in my new button pitcher.  I was inspired by Lucy at Attic24 and Pammy Sue at Scotty's Place to find one of these pitchers and order one. :-)  I have it sitting on my fun new hot pad that my friend Shirley gave me for my birthday.  :-)

I captured a peaceful moment after dinner, the 3 younger boys were off running around the farm and our 15 year old had curled up and dozed off in a deck chair.  :-)

And so we all came inside and visited for a while before Shawn's family headed on home.  A good day full of slow accomplishments and pleasant familial enjoyment.  I head off in a bit for my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, I've been asked to officiate at the swearing in of our new officers.  My sister Roberta will be the Treasurer.  I hope you have a good week ahead of you!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Great day for your family! We had cold rainy weather, but we enjoyed ourselves. Wish My daughter wasn't in Virginia. She sent me yarn though! The flowers you've potted are lovely. MY moss roses did very well last year by letting them get very dry.
    We had black bean burgers made by Fireman and watched the Bulls Basketball choice!

  2. What a lovely Mother's Day you enjoyed Teresa. Your al fresco meal looks delicious. Enjoy your week ahead x

  3. Hope you have a good evening officiating!! Makes you sound very important and knowledgeable!! I love all you pictures but especially the round the table gathering and the last one - such 'normal' moments but they are the really good bits we'll look back on. I tend to use a bit of salad cream in a potato salad - depends on the type of potato whether I leave the skin on or not! I like salad cream more than mayonaise but I think that's because I have a sweet tooth! Glad you had a wonderful mothers day surrounded by people you love, take care, J9 x

  4. A beautiful family day. I make potato salad without the dill pickle but add a little chopped onion and chives. Some lovely looking planters.

  5. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day! The flowers are beautiful - the bouquet and in your garden! xx

  6. It looks like you had such a nice Mother's Day, Teresa. I spent some of mine potting plants too. I only did a little bit, a few geraniums in my half-barrel planter on the back patio. I have to confess that I've never made potato salad! I do like the potato salads made with vinegar, I think it's German-style? The baked beans look delicious. I do make those sometimes! I hope you have a good week. :)

  7. That sounds like a lovely day, I'm glad, you deserve it. The top photo is gorgeous, all of those acid green leaves, pink blossoms and sun filtering through, wonderful. Your meal sounds delicious, and all the better for the company no doubt. I make very simple potato salad with mayonnaise and chives. Yours sounds much more exciting, I'm taking notes! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week Teresa. CJ xx

  8. Looks like you had a nice Mother's Day. In my potato salad, I put mayonnaise, a little mustard, onions, eggs, celery, and celery seed. I usually use white potatoes.

  9. You did have a lovely Mother's Day Teresa, everything looks so beautiful and welcoming at your home. You do such a nice job on everything. Good luck at your meeting, xoRobin

  10. What a tasty meal. I like macaroni salad very light on the dressing (mayo).
    Bakes beans are a favorite, but DH doesn't. So I fix a small amount of potato salad just for him - Yukon golds skin on for sure!
    Oh teenagers do need a lot of extra nap time. And why not after a nice meal.
    Why do husbands always look like deer caught in the headlights when they're photographed - too funny!
    Your farm looks so bright and cheerful this time of year.
    Enjoy your day!

  11. Happy Mothers Day to you American style. And as always I love your style !!!!!

  12. What a gorgeous property you have and a perfect Mother's Day Sunday. Just beautiful.

  13. Aw - bet he was mad at you taking his photo! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. What a perfect day! The photo of your older grandson, asleep on the chair just cracks me up!!!
    You have the perfect gathering spot there Teresa!!!
    xo Kris

  15. It looks as though you had a picture perfect Mother's Day Teresa. How wonderful! I make my potato salad by boiling with the skins on too, then peeling when cool. Mayo, (or Miracle Whip, we're not picky), onions, mustard, a little mild and a few spoons of sugar. My German grandma taught me that trick. Yum! Love the Grandson sleeping. He had enough of his younger cousins, huh? Have a lovely day my friend.

  16. Lantana is one of my favorites. The birds "planted" mine for me :) It's huge and has pink and yellow flowers on it. I love your orange one!

  17. It sounds like a wonderful day that everyone relaxed and enjoyed. Hugs to you,

  18. Looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day, Teresa. Love all your photos! The teenager sleeping cracks me up....I think teenage boys are good at zonking out any place, any time. lol :D Your button pitcher is awesome, and that hot pad makes the perfect "doily" for it!! Now I am wanting to get some lantana, after seeing your pics. Haven't had any in years.

  19. I add a 1/2 tsp of celery seed to my potato salad, giving it that little secret flavor. How funny that I just made potato salad yesterday, too. Great minds and all that. ;-)

  20. What a dreamy day you had... so nice and so beautiful there in your paradise. Love those Lantanas... I've planted those before and they spread well. my spud salad is similar... boil with skins on (mostly like white potatoes or gold), peel and chop when cold, add onions, celery (not usually pickles... my mom never did so I don't!).... a spoonful of real mayo, a dollup of mustard and my difference is that I like to add some olive oil to moisten it up, and also some milk to make it "gloppy" as my mom used to say. Ours is quite juicy and milky... oh and we always add apple cider vinegar, which I'm sure takes the place of your pickle juice. I just swoon over my mom's spud salad... she has passed now but me and my 3 sisters all make it the same way and love it! Glad you had such a nice family day. Marilyn

  21. What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day, and what a lovely family you have to share it with Teresa! Your photos are gorgeous...such wonderful flowers and masses of colour.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  22. Love the photos! It's always so nice to see the lovely things that are growing around you place. So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend.


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