Monday, June 1, 2015

Betsy Ann, Flowers and Road Trip Map

Our friend Sally made the hard decision to sell her beloved car named Betsy Ann.  We offered to give it a good home, so here we are with a 1955 Chevy Bel Air 4-door classic car.  :-)  These first 3 photos are after we got it home and Dayle and our two sons Shawn and Travis  spent hours and hours working on the car and got it running.  We took it for a spin but the brakes grabbed when we got home, so no more driving until lots of work is done.  In the last light of day I got these photos before she was tucked away in the barn until all the parts are collected.  Kristi is in the passenger seat.

I asked Travis to park the car in the middle of our circular driveway so I could walk around and snap a few shots.

My favorite shot of Betsy Ann.

Earlier in the day when our son's friends Matt and Heidi brought their flatbed trailer out to transport the car from Sally's house in Bridal Veil to our farm in Corbett, 6.8 miles away.

All loaded up and ready to roll.

Sally's husband Ivan had purchased this car brand new in 1955!  It was originally painted salmon and they had it re-painted Sally's favorite color when he got it fixed up and gave it to Sally.  The car had been sitting for several years and was not running when we got her.  We have a long list of parts to buy to fix ol' Betsy up.  A complete brake set, a replacement radio, radiator, new windshield, headliner, gas cap, etc.  I'll surely keep you apprised as we bring her back to a reliable driving car.  

We've been buying some flowers and pots and planting some dahlias and other flowers and getting the deck cleaned up and ready for the summer.  Dayle over-wintered several geraniums and begonias.  He brought them out of the basement, watered and fertilized them and they are doing GREAT!

For the last few years I buy some Lantana for the deck pots, this year I got an all yellow variety.  Pretty!

We have a few Mock Orange bushes on the property, this one is to the right of the garden shed.  The flowers really are luscious.  And they smell wonderful!

Do you have Mock Orange where you live?

My 4th of July rose is blooming well, although the foliage is not doing well, I think it's black spot or something.  But the flowers are pretty.

I've been working on our road trip plans for July.  We've added a visit to Yosemite National Park.  I am using this neat website called "" and you just plug in the places you want to visit and it makes a map and gives you directions, mileages and drive times, plus hotels and places to visit.  Here is our map all the way to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri where we've rented a condo for 4 nights to share with our daughter Amy and two granddaughters, Jenna and Paige.  :-)

I have lots of volunteer business to do in June so I won't have to worry about it while we're gone.  And today I'm off to swim in a bit.  What are you doing on the first day of June?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a beautiful car. I'm a tad jealous. I love old cars. Your flowers are beautiful as always. The Mock Orange transports me back..many, many years ago when I was a small girl growing up in Honolulu, when Hawaii was still a territory. There was a very long hedge of it near our house on Heulu Street and I loved walking by it and running my hand over the blossoms. Oh, the scent was divine.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. Wow, that's quite a road trip. And that's quite a car, I bet it looked amazing in salmon as well. I love that you've listed "replacement radio" almost at the top of the list. Yes, we have mock orange here too, it's wonderful isn't it. On the first day of June I'm wearing exactly the same as I wore in the depths of winter, listening to the wind howling and the rain lashing against the windows. I'm contemplating a hot water bottle. There are weather warnings in force, and my little mini greenhouse has been blown over with all the plants and seedlings inside strewn all over the ground. Sigh. Summer is coming though, I'm sure it is. CJ xx

  3. What an amazing car, Teresa! I'm excited for you. It's going to be a lot of fun. On the first of June, I'm stalling before sitting in the sweltering backyard while my daughter uses her wading pool. We already spent much of the morning at a city pool for swimming lessons, so it's not exactly an emergency. :)

  4. Such a pretty, pretty car Teresa. How fun that it can be a family project for you. On this first day of June I'm grocery shopping, laundry washing, doctor visiting and packing for my trip to DC tomorrow. I was diagnosed with a sinus/ear infection on Saturday and it doesn't feel much better today. Hopefully I'll be given the all clear to fly! :-) Your trip sure looks like a fun one. I love car trips and grand daughters at the end of them are even better.

  5. My dad had that car:) There is a photo here somehwre but in black and white .
    You have a beautiful deck/pergola.

  6. Still at work all this week....*sigh* Betsy is a good looking car! She will be fun to drive when you get her working!

  7. Wow, a true classic car, and from the original owner too! What a find.

    Your flowers are as always gorgeous, and I spy some chives in one of your photos. Our chives are blooming like crazy this spring, much more profusely than usual - in fact they look like yours. :)

    We had Mock Orange in SoCal when I was growing up. For me it is one of the quintessential scents of my childhood.

    Have fun planning (and taking) your trip!

  8. Fantastic Teresa and look forward to hearing more about that wonderful car. That road trip will be fabulous!! I have been to LA and Las Vegas many years ago and would love to come back to USA
    one day ☺

  9. I am so impressed with the car and looking forward to the journey of its road to recovery. The first day of June has brought high winds and rain, we have just put the heating back on.

  10. I have a Mock Orange too.
    I spent the day working today.
    Yesterday I polished up my resume.

  11. I don't have any Mock Orange here. I was at work today, the first full day out after having a tooth extracted Thurs afternoon and did ok, once I got some lunch and caffeinated iced tea! It rained today and right now I'm wearing a sweatshirt! Sigh after all the warmth the past few days....back to rain through tomorrow. Rest of the week to be better. My roses are blooming lovely! New to you old car looks nice!!! Take care!

  12. Wow, Betsy Ann is a beauty - reminds me of the cars in the Disney film Cars!! You will have a lot of fun with her, so good to know she remains with loving owners. I am rather envious of your road trip, will you be doing any miles on Route 66? For us Brits that road sounds so amazing!

    My June 1st was spent at work, very hectic first day back after half term break.


  13. Love classic cars. What a GREAT find Teresa! Makes me wish, for the umpteenth time that we hadn't let our 1940s car go--foolish, foolish Aimee:):) It'll be fun watching you fix it up--and maybe you can even enter it in the annual parade that goes by your home. Ah--mock orange! Love it, but don't have any -- at least not right now...
    Yes, you can get some clan tartans as tablecloths. You can also buy just the tartan fabric to make your own. Good luck:) I know I would like to make or buy dinner napkins from ours to match the tartan runner I already have.
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. What a fun classic car, enjoy restoring her. Your road trip sounds great.....that's a lot of driving but then over in the States there's a lot of road! x

  15. What a wonderful car...I showed this to my hb who was very interested to read about it too! Well done to Dayle for successfully overwintering the geraniums and begonias! Mock orange blossom scent always reminds me of when my youngest daughter was born and we had vases of it in the house. Your trip sounds as if it will be amazing, and so great that you can plan your route so well.
    Happy week, Teresa!
    Helen xox

  16. Your car is a real beauty. Love those whitewalls! It may need work, but the body looks like it is in good condition, so that's nice.

    My aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania used to have a mock orange shrub. I remember it did smell divine. I haven't seen any around here in northern Illinois.

  17. OMG - That car is a beauty! Gorgeous! Your flowers and deck look so great! Your trip sounds like alot of fun. You'll be coming right thru Tulsa!!


    I love your deck ...It looks private and quiet and peaceful.
    Im still waiting for my roses to bloom. They are so very close.
    I spent the first day of June frogging a mitten and getting new glasses :)

  19. Betsy Ann found the right home! She is a beauty. Love that you are taking this terrific trip in July.
    Hugs to you,

  20. Betsy Ann is beuitful! I remember that salmon color. My Dad bought a brand new 1955 Chevy station wagon and it was salmon. I loved that car. I always rode in the back with pillows, blankets, comic books, crayons and art paper. When we would return home from and outing . . . if I pretended to be asleep, Daddy would always carry me into the house. He would say, "I don't know if she is asleep or playing possum". Then Momma would laugh and say, "I think you know" and then the giggling would begin.
    I wish that your new car was all fixed up and ready for your trip. Wouldn't that be fun!
    Have a great trip and take lots of photos.
    Connie :)

  21. Oh welcome to the world of car restoration. I call the Porsche the husband spends time and money on her ;) it's all good though. I'll reep the benefits when it's done

  22. Love that car! I used to have a 1955 Chevy back in 1971 and 1972... it was the Chevy blue of that era, and a 2 door hardtop. Oh I loved that car. By the way, if you need parts, and probably some will be original parts, check out Chevs of the 40's up in Vancouver, WA. I'm sure they have a website. Their brick and mortar store is right there in Vancouver. I knew the guy who owns it now when he started it up back in about 1987... and he goes around the US collecting original parts for Chevys. Bet you can find what you need there! I've never heard of a mock orange but if it smells as good as the name, then I want one! Oh... and that road trip looks like a blast and I'm going to take a look at that website so I can "dream" of my next trip.

  23. Love your new car - especially the colour. I suppose colour isn't the most important thing to look for when buying a car! Yes, we have mock orange here and I just love it. Your trip looks like a lot of drving is planned. Hope it goes well. Tomorrow - 4th June - we're heading out to a National Trust property called Mount Stewart.

  24. Maybe you can get Betsy Ann rolling so she can be in Corbett's next parade! Fun!!! I am so excited about your trip and am imagining you having a wonderful time!!! xxxx

  25. Oh goodness, Betsy Ann, I think I'm in love! If you wake up one morning and she's gone Teresa it might just be because I've snuck across the Atlantic in the dead of night and driven off into the dawn in her ;o)


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