Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Flowers, Birds, Snails and Fish

I converted a couple of my newer flower photos into watercolors using the app "Waterlogue".  The first one is my newest Dahlia.. I think it turned out so neat.

Second is my Calla Lily that bloomed for the first time after being planted years ago.  I like how the Japanese Painted Fern looks above the bloom and how the lily creates so much white space.  I love this app!

We're in a spell of grey rainy days, so this shot a few days ago of the sunshine on my Rose Campion patch makes me happy.

I know these are wildflowers and they spread quickly, but I still adore them.  The color of the blooms is a favorite of mine.  I also adore the fuzzy grey on the foliage.

The tippy top blooms of my Mock Orange.  

The three photos above were all taken from the comfort of my deck chair.  Gotta love a good zoom lens.

Kristi got a few more good photos of the Evening Grosbeak.  I like this shot as it has both the female (L) and male.

The male looks quite haughty, don't you think?  :-)

On Sunday Dayle and I met a man to buy 40 pond snails that we hope will eat the algae on the bottom of our pond and stream.  The boys enjoyed helping us put them in the pond when we got home.  


Helpful boys putting the snails on the bottom.

Grandpa helping the helpful boys.

Yesterday I had no appointments, meetings, swimming or anything -- and it was rainy, cool and grey.. so we watched "Castaway" with Tom Hanks and I crocheted on my Elise shawl.  :-)

Kristi has gotten several things to keep the boys learning over the summer.  She got this fish tank and this morning picked up the fish to populate the tank.  They are all neon kinds of fish in all colors.  They're really neat!

It's hard to get a shot of the fish together, but this was the best one I got.  I love the pink fish!

Pink fish.. :-)

The weather forecasts are promising!  The rain is to be banished later today and they are predicting sunshine and high temperatures this weekend, up to 91 degrees on Sunday!  Bring on Summer!  How is your weather doing?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Sounds like a fun day Teresa. Your grandson's certainly have a wonderful life living on the farm. Nothing like snails for boys is there ;0) The weather is supposed to be heating up here in England too and today has been lovely. Enjoy the sunshine x

  2. Goodness, those are big snails. I have some in my pond but they're only two or three millimetres long. Your snails would eat them for breakfast! Love the bird photos, beautifully captured. CJ xx

  3. Summer has not happened here we had a storm last night, very windy and lots of rain and actually quite cold so we have had to put the heating back on. You daughter in law is a whizz a capturing those stunning bird photos. Every time I pick up the camera the bird has disappeared.

  4. What a happy time you had yesterday. Would you believe it rained the entire plane trip? Clouds below us the entire time. Love the "haughty" male bird ne those snails are HUGE! Piper loved them and the neon fish. :-)

  5. Beautiful photos Teresa. Love that fish tank and contents. My camera has died! I am looking at one like yours! Let you know what I decide :-) x

  6. Freezing lol winter here.....but I do prefer the cold to the hot. Gorgeous fish and such fun for those boys.

  7. The watercolor app is really neat. Love those. Those are good sized snails!

  8. Love the watercolor app. Very nice! I adore your pond area. Nice to see the boys helping with the snails :)

  9. Weather here had been cooler than usual, and I hope to be gone by most of the hottest, dog days of summer. :) Your flowers are so pretty, even the wild ones.

  10. That photo of the "haughty" male bird is wonderful! Love it!! I have been enjoying our cooler, wetter weather but, yes, it looks like summer will soon be upon us...better stock up on frozen fruit juice bars:)
    Blessings, AImee

  11. I love the water colour picture effects of your flowers. Very pretty! We have rose campions in our garden too, I love their bright blooms! Your grandsons look like they had a fun time with the snails! We had rain today which was a godsend. It will be 35C by the weekend/ pretty darn hot!

  12. Our weather is hot, hot, hot and dusty. Lovely blooms. Boggles me what is considered a weed. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails ... that's what little boys are made of. When we were in India, I can remember going out in the morning and finding humongous snails all over the place after a rainy night. Happy crocheting!

  13. Snails...they are efficient cleaners!! Hope they work hard on the pond.
    Love your helpers.
    I think the boys would love my berry jello with swedish fish treat.
    Bring on the heat is right!
    We are forecast for an abrupt change minus 30 degrees by tomorrow. Then a quick rebound. I want heat and humidity. I want it all!

  14. I didn't know that was called rose campion and I also didn't know it was really a weed! I've always liked it. I would leave it to grow. :) The snails are cool; my kids love finding them. I really like the fish tank too. I noticed the Beetle decoration in it, how fun. Enjoy the warm weather this weekend!

  15. I love the photo of grandpa helping the helpful boys. Fish tanks are so fun and relaxing to watch. Your shawl is looking great, Hugs, Meredith

  16. Oh I love your little koi pond, and your water color edits are pretty. Have a lovely weekend!

  17. WOW!!! 40 snails!!! I love the photos of your menfolk corralling them :) The watercolor flowers and your photo flowers are so lovely, Teresa. I miss having a fish tank and love seeing yours! Your haughty bird makes me smile. And you are making good progress on your shawl...I crocheted headbands while camping and took my shawl to work on but did not ...sigh :) xx


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